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  1. Aloha David - what a fabulous report from your first post! And truly I enjoyed your tour of the Wynn, what fortune you had to be selected. I enjoyed reading about Alan Richman as well. I just had lunch with him and Alan Wong last week and as always he's a real delight. I hope you get to do a review with him - you will really enjoy it! Thanks again and take care! a hui hou
  2. I have Ming's Master Recipes and have made several. They work out well and have been very delicious. His focus on what you can do with the first sauce down the line is great as you have many dishes for a couple days.
  3. Ohhhhh, I'm so jealous! Great report and what a fun trip! We just came back from SF, we arrived Monday at 6:00 am and left Weds mid afternoon.....Only one full day and that was for a memorial for our cousin at the Columbarium with dinner after at Los Jarritos in the Mission dist. which had really good food and handled the huge crowd of friends and family well. We ate a huge lunch at Scoma's that first morning the minute they opened and the next day a small lunch there as well. We also had lunch at Capurro's right across from our hotel - The Argonaut which was very good too. I was surprised at how good those 2 places actually were. The hotel was great too, nice location for that sort of thing. They have a complimentary wine hour with some nice pours (I saw the bottles but we were not able to partake due to scheduling). You Californians have lost an amazing person in our cousin but your coastline is better preserved through all her efforts as head council for the Coastal Conservancy.
  4. I'm sure many would think it's the Mai Tai - however - at almost every local party and in bars and restaurants you hear people say "Bud LIght & a Bucket." While it is nothing I would drink apparently bud light in a large/short glass of ice is a favorite drink of choice. Sometimes it's Coor's LIght or just plain "Bud & a Bucket."
  5. http://starbulletin.com/2008/02/19/business/story01.html Check that out as well, soon in Waianae!
  6. All this aside I watched his show from Hawaii with Sam Choy last night, the mission was a luau for 150 in a ridiculous amount of time. Anyway to FN error and lack of editing or fact checking instead of shutome for swordfish they kept captioning it as "Shitome" which was kind of funny, how hard would that be to verify correctly?
  7. Try the Foodland store up there, they have a good pastry chef for their Coffee Bean & Tea leaf and most Foodland's have a bakery anyway. Or you could always get one at Costco there is one in Waipio.
  8. Aloha! We're going to stay at the Farmhouse for two nights in May. Any advice on what we should definitely see/do when in the area? Thanks!
  9. I had brunch at Michel's 2/3 and saw the banner across Leonard's. Glad you enjoyed it! A few years ago we went on this cool tour that started at 5 am with the fish auction at the old location and Leonard's was part of the itinerary. We got to go in the back and make malassadas and then fill them with whatever we wanted, it was so cool! I did make it to Hank's and tried to alligator andouille, it was really good, I had a cup of the horseradish cream on the side which was prudent because had it been on the dog it would have pushed it over the top for me, I have to say his tomato/onion relish on the alligator was outstanding. I also had a chicken dog with the mango salsa which I'd not had in all these months and it was so refreshing and delicious. Oh, I didn't eat both whole dogs, I had a bite of each and took the rest home for my husband to have for dinner, I instead devoured the whole order of fries which is huge and so delicious! Glad you had a good time here! A hui hou!
  10. During Christmas a large box appeared at our door. Inside with no way of knowing who sent it was a Hamilton Beach BrewStartion Deluxe. Turns out the MIL sent it as a "gift for you" when really she hates our coffee maker - a Cuisinart - and coincidentally we'd just bought a new Cusinart model that same day. In any case she hates all of our small appliances and really sent it for herself when she stays with us for THREE WEEKS upcoming. I just shoved it in the closet they use and she can deal with it when she comes and try to figure out room for it next to my coffee maker. I had read reviews of it and people talked about it malfunctioning and scalding their hands and all when it dispensed so that kind of made me leary. We'll see when she uses it. Love the eGullet mug! Good picture!
  11. Thanks for passing this on! Again, congratulations to you on a very good report sharing your experience and fun. A hui hou!
  12. Bravo! What an entertaining write-up! I immediately began to wish I had those pigs in a blanket and then wanted everything you described and photographed. I enjoyed minute details, the Rx bottle on the counter, I was guessing what it was for, the Guy Buffet placemats (my interview with Guy is in the Member's News section on page 2). The plaid robe was a highlight-good for Alan to greet you in such a relaxed mode I feel it must have set the tone in a way for the evening. And Corgi's who can resist a cute Corgi? He's at one with the Queen. Many years ago (circa 1988/89) I had the pleasure of hosting Alan as a guest in the bed & breakfast that I was the innkeeper of. He was a pleasant guest and we had some good chats during his stay. He was working for People at the time and needed a story on Hawaiian Barbeque - so I chauffered him around to various places with what was at the time considered "BBQ" which is not like the Southern or Midwestern type. We had a car full of pork & beef from several places. We spread it all out and anyone who happened to be there was welcome to taste and evaluate. I took lots of pictures and wanted to send them to him but good old Long's lost them, dang! I recoil now thinking that when we had our wine and cheese we served chardonnay and perish the thought......White Zinfandel...........! He never said anything nasty about that and I thoroughly enjoyed his stay. Thanks again for a great recap of what was surely a fun evening! A hui hou!
  13. I'm probably going to Hank's myself this Tuesday, I am anxious to try the alligator. The onion rings are amazing and so is the hibiscus lemonade.
  14. I don't think Beard Papa would fit your bill. When my uncle was here in vain search of paczki and we looked everywhere - he was most pleased to substitute Leonard's Malassadas. They are on Kapahulu not far from Waikiki, for this S. Side of Milwaukee 63 year old dyed in the wool Polish uncle he thought them perfect. BTW, if you are here on a Tuesday beginning this week Hank's Haute Dogs will be serving alligator dogs in honor of Mardi Gras. Do try Leonard's everyone loves them and you can even get them filled if you like with haupia, chocolate and maybe even guava. A hui hou! Have a great trip!
  15. Hank's Haute Dogs will now be open on Mondays! Their one day off will now end with next Monday (1/21) being their first Monday open. Exciting also that he will serve his amazing Italian Beef sandwich as a Monday special! Monday is a holiday (Martin Luther King Day) so it's a great way to start the new hours in addition to his popular Friday and Saturday nights the only time to enjoy the killer 3 macaroni & cheese with Truffle oil from Piedmonte! Go Hank and Ohana!
  16. Well thanks to everyone who's replied! We'll be fine without the oven although it is an inconvenience. When we had the earthquake last year and no power for 16 hours (less than some of the islands) we were able to make coffee by using the side burner which was a godsend. We're ready to roll with the roast tomorrow and looking forward to the 4th!
  17. The Sears man came between his appointed "window" of time yesterday and the conclusion was my 2 year and 3 week old GE Profile has died from a death of a burned (literally melted) element fuse. The reasons were many and included possible over spill from cooking liquids on the stove top which is a flat top and was here before we moved here in 2001, the oven that we had when we moved here that was already here died the FRIDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING so we are at even par with appliance mayhem for the holidays. Here's the thing, we have a great gas grill and were/are going to do a 4 1/2 pound (approx.) Wasabi crusted bone-in prime rib roast. Does anybody have any tips for grilling such a roast? We read the grill manual and have a good idea but is there anything 'special' that you folks can add? Because of the "high end" (whatever) nature of the part it is not carried on the repair trucks nor in the Sears parts warehouse on the island - we should have it by 1/4/08 the next scheduled appointment. I had so many things planned for that damned oven. The 'good' news is that the situation could have been much worse, electrocution or fire was certain to ensue.....So anyway my dear eGullet Ohana if you have any advice/tips please share! Until then Melekalikimaka & A hui hou to each and every one of you and your families!
  18. I just devoured "Desserts by the Yard" by Sherry Yard. A really great entertaining read and stroll through her life and milestones, just lovely. THe pictures and recipes are great and now I can make that great flatbread they serve at Spago, I've always asked for some to take home and they give me a box. I really really enjoyed this book!
  19. Thanks for the laugh! I love your response - I was feeling kind of down for some unknown reason and I clicked on this thread and was thinking ebay myself and saw your response! A hui hou & Melekalikimaka!
  20. Oh the cheese is it hunter with stilton? I used to know these things.........Your party looks like so much fun! Makes me wish I worked still to have such things to go to and participate in......but then again, no.........I am sure you had fun and thanks so much for sharing! You folks look like a fun group! Melekalikimaka and a hui hou!
  21. I hope you also tell vendor this in addition to the whole world telling us will not solve your issues only your satisfaction to vent. I would tell them next week and let us know. I know that Big Wave the tomato farmer does sell products made by another chef at her booth so it's very likely it was not her product (the pizza is of course and is always delicious). So Aloha & a hui hou.
  22. Lucky dogs!! I thought I treated mine, too! ← When I am making the beef stock mixture for Manele & Koele's food I use a parmesan rind to spike up the flavor it gets nice and soggy and some it goes in the cusinart when I puree all the ingredients prior to adding the ground turkey and Happy Dog, I should try letting them chew on one!
  23. Then have the FS concierge do a little leg work - have them call around to various restaurants and ask what the plans are for NYE. Come back and write the list of what they find out and then others can give their opinions about the various places to help you with your quest. A hui hou!
  24. How nice of you! What part of the island is your boss staying in - that would help to narrow things down geographically unless they like to drive from one resort area to another. For example, Wailea is not close to Kaanapali or Kapalua, I can't imagine driving around on that night myself. A hui hou!
  25. Great photo! Lucky you! I wish she'd come out here! a hui hou!
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