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    Steven Shaw

    Aloha. Like so many of you I join you in saying I have not been posting for quite some time here. I'm not sure why. But what I do know is the shock of reading this terribly tragic news brought back all the years I did participate. It was so nice to see names from the past with their lovely tributes to Steven. God Bless him and blessings to his wife, son and family and many friends. I never met him personally but we had several emails back and forth about many things and one of them my good friend Alan Richman. He had posted about his dinner at Alan's home. The world is sadly missing a really wonderful, innovative, kind, knowledgeable pioneer and to his beloved credit so many of us were united in community then and now. RIP Steven, Mekealoha Pumehana.
  2. What a wonderful post! Epic night and day for you!
  3. I didn't watch this week. Did we lose Ippy? He has a picture in our paper today helping at a school and it said he is opening a restaurant called "The Dancing Pig" in Waimea on the Big Island where he's from.
  4. A friend of mine was able to raise a little over his goal of $11,000 via Indie-gogo for his smoker. His place is up and running and doing fabulously. He purchased some other really great equipment at the supply houses and some great used items.
  5. I really love my Le Creuset tagine everything comes out beautifully!
  6. I just got some beautiful fresh green peppercorns. They are easy to work with and amazingly flavorful. Tonight I am roasting a chicken with 2 lemons and will put crushed peppercorns along with ground black pepper and sea salt all over the skin and inside the cavity with the lemons. This is an old Marcella Hazan recipe that I love. There is a farmer Frankie Sekiya that grew them and sold them at the Kapiolani Community College farmer's market on Saturday.
  7. Zaratez is now only at the HFBF farmer's markets. Get in the car and drive to Heeia Pier Deli & General Store in Kaneohe, amazing food, if someone delivers a fish straight from the bay it's on the menu if not, not. Great ulu mac salad, guava chicken and lots of daily specials. Prima in Kailua is very good. Nico's reopened last month with a full sit down restaurant/bar same location at Pier 38. Town on Waialae is very good and kid friendly. I just had the most wonderful meal at Roy's Waikiki. The chef there has his own page of specials from starters to entree's that are inventive, full of flavor and magic. They like kids there too. I live in Kaneohe and can attest (although I hardly ever go) Haleiwa Joe's is a magnet for locals who want a place for birthday/anniversary on our side for dinner they are not open for lunch.
  8. We had the recent festival here on Oahu. Co-Chaired by Roy and Alan (Yamaguchi & Wong) it was a wonderful weekend full of education, food, wine & fun. Here are some pictures. The "Streets of Asia with Morimoto & Friends" Thursday night kicked off the events. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2260183836224.2122525.1597267225&l=9c31852fdf&type=1 I won tickets to the Morimoto event and had already purchased the "From Mauka to Makai" event which was the last one on Saturday night. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2263870248382.2122658.1597267225&l=0bbb598a67&type=1 Aloha & A hui hou!
  9. oneidaone

    Dinner! 2011

    Sorry, no pictures. But, I had a local spaghetti squash (I'd roasted the whole thing 3 days ago) had the second half left, with 3 kinds of cherry tomatoes, regular tomato, sautee'd baby swiss chard (MA'O Farms), capers, feta cheese. Then I had some chicken breasts in panko fried in olive oil over the top it was really quite nice!
  10. I know this is late but I really enjoyed Dutch Henry and Steltzner.
  11. Mostly I steep it in an acrylic pitcher with water from my fridge line. Usually Celestial Seasons of some type, generally the fruit varieties. I slice lots of fruit in it to make it look pretty as I always have 2 pitchers at every party I host for the designated driver's and those who just like iced tea! It's always a hit.
  12. I too was wondering about Luna's. There is nothing like that here at all ;-( We do have one place "La Raza Mercado" but they do not carry fresh tortillas. I was drooling reading that post. Your meals have been making me very jealous! Keep up the good work and eating!
  13. i like that! I bake dozens and dozens of dog treats and give them to my favorite restaurants at the holidays. Everyone has been thrilled as they can take something home to their beloved pooch who often is without their owner much of the time. I've also made yarn lei for dogs that have been well received.
  14. Aloha! Been enjoying reading your posts! I just read all 3 pages at once as I am holed up in bed and hope to get out by Saturday! I've been making some great meals one handed as I had a nasty fall in the kitchen Sunday night. I look forward to your Chicago visit. I am from there and had a wonderful time last month. I hope your weather is better than mine was! But it's such a great city it doesn't matter what the weather - well maybe not horrendous blizzards or tornadoes! You probably will but I love the Hancock Tower Signature Lounge for a nice drink. We really enjoyed Sprout twice so far so maybe you might too. Looking forward to your further adventures! Aloha & A hui hou!
  15. I went for the first time and had a wonderful day. I could not go more than Saturday but got there at 10:00 (via a big bus from the stop at the Hancock Tower.) We were shocked at the line for Starbuck's when there was amazing coffee available from a few booths that was delicious. We immediately did the cheeses from WI and the wine booth. We enjoyed the America pavillion and met some great pork farmers and seafood purveyors. We went primarily for the food truck pavilion and were not disappointed in the displays and information. We had a seminar "The Road Ahead for Food Trucks" that day and it was of great interest and full of information. We enjoyed walking around seeing all of the food items, eating so much delicious things and meeting some amazing people as well. It was a great experience, I hope to go again next year. After all of the crowd at McCormick Place it was great to go up to the rooftop deck at our hotel which was "closed' but the concierge told us how to get up there rather than the normal way. Cocktails ensued and the NRA tote bag was a great vehicle to take up everything we needed!
  16. Aloha! Enjoy reading your posts! I am a big huge fan of Cavender's! Have a great week! Looking forward to more!
  17. I was at the NRA show myself on the 21st. Had a great time! Met Captain Sig Hansen from "Deadliest Catch" of FV Northwestern at the Trident Seafood booth. We went to the Purple Pig twice. For dinner and lunch on the 19th & 20th. Dinner: Pork Fried Almonds with rosemary & garlic Charred Cauliflower, Toasted Breadcrumbs, Cornichons & Parsley Peas & Bacon with Pecorino and Spearmint Deviled Eggs with Arugula & Caper Berries (Deep fried eggs!) available only at dinner Pig's Tails Braised in Balsamic Cheeses: Truffle Tremor, Amuse Gouda, Cabot Cheddar Lunch: Lardo Crostini Roasted Bone Marro with Herbs Pig's Ear with Crispy Kale, Pickled Cherry Peppers & Fried Egg Lingua Agradolce Cheeses: Frisan Farms Gouda, Capriole O'Banon, Prairie Breeze (I wanted cheeses specifically from the Midwest region) We also started with Christian Vodka Martini & Death's Door Vodka martini. Each meal we had a terrific wine. It is true they have a great wine list "50 under 40." I wish I could remember the names. One was a blend of 3 Spanish wines that was amazing with dinner the lunch bottle was a great Rose'. It is true the place is really really crowded! We were lucky to have seats at the end of a the tall tables near the door. Lunch we had a nice booth right in the back that kept the surrounding noise level down. Our servers each time were really wonderful, navigated the menu well for us and had good suggestions on wine. We were told to call ahead during lunchtime and they would hold a place for us which they did. We met Jimmy Bannos Jr. as he was on the line both times. At lunch he came over and chatted with us and apologized for the small (I didn't think so!) selection for lunch as half of their grill was broken. We enjoyed our talk with him and it was nice he remembered us from the night before. Our dinner server came on the night shift and we were pleased to see her again briefly. A suggestion I have for them is to have cheese description menus readily available - we had to ask for one and our waiter took it off the lamp where they are displayed. I was able to better guide my choice. I say this because due to the volume of patrons and the noise level it would be difficult (although they would) to describe each and every cheese as the list is quite long. I wanted to try the two in-house made cured meats but they were out of the Coppa. We enjoyed the Lingua Agradolce very much, it was like butter in texture and quite delicious. We also had the Sopressata which is something I like a lot. All in all I highly suggest this restaurant having had 2 great meals and wonderful service.
  18. I will be attending the show. I am going to the food truck seminar on Saturday. I have never been before does anyone have any advice about going? I know it is huge and full of many many exhibitors. I am really looking forward to that entire weekend staying near the Hancock Tower.
  19. I haven't posted in a while and miss reading things. So much apologies if this is a repeat comment but I was watching the reruns of TC DC and the baby food episode. Let me say, I thought Padma looked like she was wearing a Ninja turtle costume, what was that white vest with the black or whatever color it was panel on the front?
  20. I was just at the Strip Club in St. Paul, MN. Had two Manhattan's at lunch. The first featured bourbon and their homemade bitters very traditional. The second was a rye that had been infused with kabocha squash that was just awesome. It was the lunch of amazing proportions all around!
  21. Whatever I KNOW I will have a great time.
  22. That's too bad. Besides telling all of us about this disaster what did management at the restaurant say when you told them? I'm always interested in that aspect of an unsatisfactory experience. I'm going anyway.
  23. I agree with the Spago thought, I have a reservation there for early March. I also have a lunch reservation for Hailiimaile General Store which is more than worth the drive from wherever you might be staying. I think the name is Kincha in the Grand Wailea (if not it's similar) that is a really nice Japanese restaurant, I've eaten there a few times and like it very much. One time I was really sick (bummeroo on vacation but the staff babied me and took such good care of me it was outstanding! Joe's is also good (in the tennis center at Wailea) another Bev Gannon restaurant. They serve martini's over glasses filled with ice nice presentation. I'm going to try Mala in the Marriott as well during the trip over. For Spago I would just say "let the chef cook for me" and see what he does whatever it will be beautiful, flavorful and completely inspiring.
  24. I will be in MN for my birthday and are considering the Dakota Club for that night. What can anyone tell me? I'm also going to 112 Eatery and maybe Alma & Meritage. Aloha and thanks in advance!
  25. http://www.kapalua.com/recreation/events/kwff/ I just got back from this our 5th year in a row. It's like summer camp for adults! The wines were phenomenal and the food amazing. Every year we make new friends and it's always a blast to see old ones. It's downright decadent!
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