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  1. *sigh* I still have yet to make it. Looks like I might get to go the last weekend. Life has a strange way of happenin', ya'know? I hear they have a new "spicy" corndog? I'm really gunnin' for that!
  2. Oh for the love of chiles, SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!!
  3. nessa

    Wormy Fish

    You know, this is why I went vegetarian for three years after I took my physiology and zoology courses. GACK.
  4. I went last year and had a BLAST. My SO practically got one of everything, and I had a wee taste. What I REALLY wanted was a big ol' honkin' smoked turkey leg. I was too tired and hot to enjoy it when I did finally get to it, hours later. For whatever reason, I just get all excited about a crispy, smokey, tasty turkey leg, until I have it in my hand. Half the time it loses its appeal. This year, I'm rather looking forward to corndogs. Oh, and the Greek food. I want to see the dancing, and the art exhibits. I hope the chinese acrobats return, they were a delight to watch. I didn't see half of what I wanted to last year, so perhaps this year I'll go a couple of times. More oppurtunities to eat, also I can justify bein'g a little bad, with all the walking involved. I've never seen the food contest area, nor cooked any recipes from the winners. however, the cake in the aformentioned link looks promising!
  5. Inspired by this: And this: Recipes Who's going to the fair this year? Have you evern entered your cooking at the State Fair? What was the contest like? Would you do it again? Have you ever tried the recipes from the winners? What did you think? What is your favorite fair food, that you simply can not resist? What is the main reason you go to the fair?
  6. nessa


    It just depends on my mood, and what I might have in the pantry. Sometimes its with red beans, sometimes black, sometimes no beans at all. Must be thick. Very thick. Must be a very very very coarse grind of beef, or even centimeter cubes. I use a whole mess of onions, and cumin, freshly ground chiles of whatever variety I happen to have. Oh, well chipotle is always on hand, so it always goes in. Tomatos, tomato paste, garlic, lime, cayenne..... maybe some fresh mexican oregano. Hatch chiles if they are on hand, jalepenos, sometimes a dash of cinnamon, I am not sure that I've ever made it the exact same way twice. Its always morphing and evolving. Tomatillos can add a nice zing. Its gotta be cooked forever and a day! As for toppings, My SO likes saltines and cheddar cheese, I like raw onions, jalepenos and some queso fresco. If its not hot enough to make your nose run, eyes water, and dread tomorrow, keep working on it.
  7. nessa

    I only like dry wines.

    I love mead, port, marsala, muscats... don't GET me started on the ambrosia that is Chateau d' Yquem. So yeah, I'm horrid. Bad to the bone. Punish me!!! I love me some shugah, baby. I prefer sweet white wine over dry. I prefer red wines over white, however. I really like it all
  8. I hear you Kevin, though we might get an early winter here in Dallas this year... Lamb Stew!!!! I have 6 legs in the freezer, just waiting. Chicken and dumplings Chili fall veggie soups Hell, soups of all kinds. Stuffed cabbage truffles Pozole. Oh yeah that fits under soups. Roast leg of lamb Rockin' J Chicken Shortbread Cinnamon rolls Gulash Shiro wat Christmas cookies Thanksgiving pies I know there's more.......
  9. *Always the obediant one.... pressure cookers are good... pressure cookers are good... pressure cookers are good Honest, its on my kitchen wish list, right there at the very top. Hopefully I'll be making a trip to the restaurant supply store soon!
  10. I'm making chana dal, the yellow split cousin to chickpeas.
  11. Oh. So I've been doing tarkas the whole time and didn't know it. Who knew? I thought it only refered to something added at the end. Yes Monica, this is exactly what I wanted to know. So tarka at the end for dals.... Methinks my chana is gonna get a lil spicier! Thanks for clearing this up, guys!
  12. Yes, the split kind. I buy them at the Indian grocer, so one would assume they had a high throughput and that the dal weren't old. They aren't hard, just not as soft as I'd like them. Tasty, though. I *really* need a pressure cooker!
  13. I have seen the term Tadka used to discribe a mixture of onions and spices added at the end of a dish. I've also seen it called tempering. Is it the same? So..... what is it, what is the significance, are there some ingredients always included? Is it just a way to add more flavor at the end?
  14. This is the second time that I've cooked chana dal. Last time I gave up and ate them still a bit firm. Mind you, I cook all manner of legumes, but chana is still new to me. It is still firm after a 16 hour soak, and 8 hours of cooking on the stove. I don't have a pressure cooker. It tastes good, but the dal are still firmer than I think they should be. I'm not looking for mush, but these still seem a bit al dente, if you will. What might I be doing wrong? Or, is this the way they are supposed to be? Will 8 hours overnight in a slow cooker help, or should I just shut up and eat them already? What do you prefer with chana dal? Roti? Rice? Nothing but a spoon?
  15. Hmmm. I like my falafel as a platter, not a sandwich. I find it hard to get my mouth around it otherwise. That, and for whatever reason, I've tend to get it with nasty pita bread. Dry, crumbly, falls apart, gets all soggy... Ick. I like falafel with a yogurt/tahini/garlic/parsley sauce. I don't know the name of it. I like to dip the falafel into it, let it soak it up, then nibble contentedly. I love the turnips, and if I can find it, yummy chewey flatbread. Man, now I'm craving falafel. I'm so susceptible to the power of suggestion!
  16. Here is my cardamom question for the day: Am I supposed to hull them first? Or use the whole pod? I've been hulling the little $#%$#$^&ers then toasting and grinding. Gimme some pointers on perfect cardamom preparation, pretty please!
  17. You know, in Germany, there is a fast food called "currywurst" where they take a bratwurst , and cover it in ketchup then sprinkle with curry powder and paprika. Some places a little more upscale might make the sauce beforehand and let the curry powder simmer in tomato sauce. My ex LOVED curry wurst. I can't wait to read about all of your ethnic adventures! I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you are exposing your child to different foods at a young age. An epicurean in the making!
  18. How is THIS for serendipity? I *just* got an invite from an Indian coworker to come over to her house this afternoon and cook with her! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!! Now, where is my notebook....... It must be fate.
  19. I'm a huge fan of zucchini pakoras. Or yellow squash pakoras. Or eggplant pakoras, green tomato pakoras....... I do love me some fried vegetables!
  20. nessa


    Whooooohooooooo!! Congrats, Suvir! I can't wait to hear of the greatness that comes from your kitchen once again.
  21. @#$%^% it Elie......... Those look so gosh darn good. It must be time for me to make another batch. Its only 8:32 in the morning and you have me salivating all over my keyboard, yet again. My boss is going to think that I'm rabid! Thanks for the food porn!
  22. Sonya, welcome to the forum! I, as a paleface, really think that its neat that your friend is interested in cooking other cuisines. It is a passion of mine. If your friends are missing the mark, perhaps you could help them out? I would probably be lost if some friends had not taken me under their wings and into their kitchen. I also get such valuable advice here from everyone in the forum. You could gift your friends with some cookbooks that you personally like, or even a little book of your own recipes, and offer to teach them how you personally make them. Then, you could educate them in a positive manner, and eat food that you enjoy at their home!
  23. How interesting! Here are some parippu vada I made a few months ago. This was my first attempt after having them at one of the local mom and pop shops. I'll look at home and see if I kept records of the recipe. I think its time to try them again!
  24. *mumble* they really are delicious. I'm having a few with some butter and honey. Golly, I'll just have to keep practicing..........
  25. Sequim, I'm sorry you had trouble the first time! It does get confusing with different cultures calling the rolls different things. Spring rolls, summer rolls etc. Luckily the ingredients are cheap, and healthy, so keep on keeping on and find a method that works for you. I dip each wrapper just before I'm going to make them, let them drip, then lay them out on the counter. I'm not coordinated enough for much else. If you are using marinated veggies or noodles, then you have to blot the excess moisture. I have had great success wrapping each roll in saran wrap and taking them for lunch the next day. If you let them sit more than that, then excess moisture dissolves parts of the wrapper and other parts dry out. Ick!!! Rachel, those look SOOO dang good that I'm going to have to make some next week for sure. And with shrimp. I've not done that yet, believe it or not!
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