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  1. After cackling over the last 15 pages, here's my input. I'll never again drop a bottle of tabasco sauce. I blistered in the pattern it splashed my legs. For two weeks. Needless to say I don't touch peppers of any sort other than green without both gloves AND a mask. I blister in direct contact with capsaicin. In foods it kills me for about 2 days, but who cares, its so worth that habanero burn. I will NEVER, EVER use a mixer without putting my long tresses up. I'm short. 4'8.5" to be exact. In a nice breezy kitchen, my hair drifts easily into the bowl of what is being mixed. Who knew. I was mixing up some cheesecake, and had my screen door open. My hair drifted into the bowl just about the time I realized the peril. I panicked and managed to turn the damn thing off. Then back on while trying to eject the beaters. I had to go ask my neighbors help to remove the beaters and for a drive to the ER. I had a bald strip one inch wide and 5 inches long in a crescent moon shape on the top right side of my scalp. Luckily no permanent damage was done other than making that little landing strip a bit curlier. That was 2 years ago. I put my hair up when I enter the kitchen. It made me realize also, how close my hair is to the open flame of the gas stove. Being short is not an asset in the kitchen!! Who knew beaters could do so much damage? Thank goodness it started growing back after a few months.
  2. I know they used to be tratitional because fruit was so hard to get. An orange then was like a truffle now. Sugar was hard to come by so an orange was a delicacy. To me its just boring. I had oranges every morning. My mom is of Scottish heritage. she put oranges and apples in there cause she is thrifty, and they are a cheap way to fill it up! I LOVE oysters. Just.... not in stuffing!!!
  3. And another thing. Oyster stuffing???? Truely revolting.
  4. So..... You go to a party/potluck/holiday gathering, and you take your prize dish. You know the one, its a crowd pleaser, and its a labor of love. Its also yours. You created it. Its intellectual property, right? How do you graciously decline giving out the recipe? I mean, I know how to phrase something politely, but is it still considered rude to bring something that you won't share the recipe of? Is it better left at home, or will the smirk and "If I told you I'd have to kill you " line work? What do you do when faced with this moral dilema :D
  5. Jello salad. I was scarred as a child. My mother made one with lime jello, cabage, green olives... need I say more? Anything peppermint. Bleh. As someone mentioned, those toblerone raspberry things. Granted I can't find Toblerone anymore, just Terry's. I love the chocolate oranges. Apples, Oranges and nuts. I used to HATE getting that crap in my stockings. Apples and oranges are mundane, not festive!!! I do like chesnuts in a Nestleroad pie. I like egg nog, heavy on the nog. Ixnay on the ruitcakefay. Though I do recall Grandmother's being flamable and kinda fun. But those brightly colored, formaldehyde impregnated fruit bits? Ew. Lebkuchen. Looks great. Tastes like hell. I'd rather some nice crisp gingersnaps, or gingerbread, not something inbetween. Christmas peeps?? Since when? That's new to me. I love turkey and ham. But my favorite for Christmas is lamb. Ok, so its my favorite year round. And favorite Christmas foods? Grandma's ice box cookies.
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