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  1. I'm a cornbread lovin' fool! I like it just about any way I can get it. What I do at home is a basic recipe, with no flour, done in a cast iron skillet. My newest love, however, is hot water cornbread. Just take cornmeal, bacon drippings, and enough boiling hot water to make a thick paste that holds together. Make patty, fry in bacon grease. This is a lovely side for sopping up pot liquor.
  2. Our current house was built in '64. There is no pantry, but a deep closet in the laundry room, with wire shelves from TCS is barely sufficing for now. We moved in a year and a half ago. Last month we bought a table saw and wood to build a nice floor to ceiling pantry off of the breakfast nook. I really miss the walk in pantry we had in Chicago. It was perfect!!!
  3. Yes. It was super thin slices sourdough, thinly sliced black forest ham or maybe it was roast beast...... and havarti i think. I forget. I grilled it with butter, and it was blissful. The bread was soooooo crispy but not bulky, the cheese perfectly oozy.... I hoarded it behind my computer screen so the SO wouldn't look up and ask for a bite. It must have been roast beef cause I recall putting a smidge of horseradish on there. The key was the bread. I'd never had the deli slice it so thin before. I like bread but theres usually too much bread in a sandwich...... this was simple, and it was perfection.
  4. Thanks for the review, the Man has been curious about cuban and carribean food after we saw a little place at Web Chappel and Forest. That turned out to be more of a scarey pool hall than a restaurant..... but this sounds very promising and we will have to try it out soon!
  5. Yes, I love that they are a local family, and that the beans are fresh as can be. I also like the stuff CM carries from the Addison roasters, but I think that Drips has the potential to be more fresh. I really wish I had a neighborhood coffee shop where I could go and chill and have a nice cuppa.
  6. nessa

    Explosion of Oregano!

    Hmmm. The stems ARE fuzzy...... and it is low to the ground. Looks like I'll let it grow. My fear is that it will die and I'll not get my harvest, so I might harvest now and hope I'll harvest more later.
  7. nessa

    Explosion of Oregano!

    For the oil I was considering heating the oil on low heat to help the process along. I've heard the concern about oil and garlic because raw garlic can contain the orgranism that causes botilism. I've not heard that about oregano? When I make an infused garlic oil I basically use a garlic press and press the garlic through and then heat the oil until the garlic is golden brown and cooked all the way through. It takes a long time but sure is good. Would a similar process work for oregano?
  8. My newish house used to be owned by a gardner. This is a profession that I have discovered I sucketh mightily at. I can kill anything with surprising ease. Somehow this huge patch (2'x2') of Oregano has survived and thrived under the guidance of our wet spring. I'm guessing that I can harvest a bunch, cutting it back, and that it will replenish for a while. What do I do with it all? I was thinking of an infused olive oil, and maybe making a batch of spaghetti sauce. That will only use so much, and I'm guessing more is coming. Pretty please help me come up with ideas to use/store this nature's bounty. And then can someone tell me how NOT to kill rosemary and lavendar?
  9. My hairdresser turned me on to this place on Lovers, Drips. They apparently are a family owned business that has been roasting their own beans for 4 generations. I've bought coffee beans here twice and would like to know if anyone else has? I am very happy with their Estate Java, its luscious, smooth, and makes me very, very happy. The Yirgacheffe.... I'm not sure. I seem to taste an odd aftertaste/backtaste when I drink it that I have not noticed with other yirgacheffes. Those are the only two beans that I've tried. I like that everything is very fresh, and I like supporting small businesses. Its on the south side of Lovers just East of the Tollway. I really would love some more experienced coffee lover's opinions.
  10. I shop here about once every two weeks. I like its prepared foods, salad bar etc the most. Try their smoked salmon. Its really to die for. Their little sushi/fish stand is always a good place to stop. For me its a place to go when I don't feel like putting a lot of time and effort into a meal, but still want something healthy and tasty. Its fun just perusing the different food stations and I always spend too much time there. Having said that, I'm dissapointed with the new store. I thought it was going to be more like the big one in Austin. It pales by comparison. And the whole spa thing? Whatever. Its a bleeping grocery store, mmm kay? Why waste all that space...... I don't mind a small section for massages or whatever but.... what a let down! Its still the closest "good" grocery store for me that offers more variety than Sprouts. Sprout's prepared foods are abysmal so its worth a trip a few blocks east for me.
  11. The only thing set in stone is that the turkey will be smoked. I've become addicted to smoked giblet gravy. It looks like it will be just me, the SO and the critters so I doubt I'll do much more than mashed sweet potatos with chipotle, something green and something sweet. Oh yeah, and "stuffing" which I guess will really be dressing. Cornbread and biscuit, of course. I will prolly make chocolate mousse pie or maybe a pumpkin mousse. Christmas is when I'll go all out this year.
  12. *sigh* I made coffee yesterday. I ground it, I put water in, filter in, I remembered to put the top on the carafe and the carafe in place. I just forgot to add the coffee.
  13. Well, I bought it. It is 100% oil, and has a very lovely flavor. It is indeed very hot but not unbearable. At least not to me. It is every bit as hot as tabasco but with a totally different flavor profile. I think the base might be sesame oil, its kind of smokey but not overpowering. I bought the only size they had, a liter. It might take me quite some time to go through but I will enjoy experimenting with it. Once I find my camera cable I'll post a picture.
  14. Chocolate Mousse fell out of favor? I make it at LEAST twice a year. It is the food of the gods.
  15. Sigh. I was innocently surfing EG at work, minding my own business when this thread caught my eye at 9:45 AM. It is now 10:32 PM and my coworker and I just finished a pint of the Mayan Chocolate. We made a quick jaunt up to the Simon and David just north of the Uni and low and behold, they had Mayan Chocolate. We didn't figure they would. Almost hoped they would not. Pretty dang fabulous I must say.
  16. nessa


    Damn you Jaymes. Somehow this thread came up on my radar again and I now have about 8 pounds of carnitas stewing in the oven. This time its tequila, mango-lime-orange juice, salt and cumin. I think I'll take them to a party tomorrow evening just to get them out of the house!
  17. Raw garlic or raw onions kill me. I still eat them, but I pay with bad indigestion and tummy upset for hours, if not days.
  18. Mangos. Lots and lots of cold, lucious, creamy, delicious mangos. That and POM cut with sparkling mineral water. Yogurt. This heat is doing wonders for my figure!
  19. You know..... Belladonna is natural. Botulinum toxin is natural. Just because its natural does not mean its healthy Its hard to know where to draw the line between natural and not.. is it the degree of processing? How its processed? I don't know, but it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that companies will go to promote their products.
  20. nessa

    Lima Beans, anyone?

    I just picked up my second batch of speckled butter beans/lima beans from the farmer's market. As its hitting the triple digets here, I'm opting for a lima bean salad. Last week I cooked them, chilled them, and dressed them with olive oil, S&P, chives and dill. Thats a new favorite for me, so this week I'm doing the same except adding some roasted asparagus and carrots to the salad.
  21. I have that reaction to uncured pork. Ham is ok, bacon is ok, but there is this...smell to most raw pork that just makes me want to hurl. Sometimes it remains after its cooked, and its ruined. I know a lot of chinese friends who feel the same way I do. Theres something special about the way it has to be prepped, or when its slaughtered maybe to keep that revolting slaughterhouse smell from infiltrating the meat. Raw lamb is almost as bad to me, but its a different stench. I love lamb, but pork.... eh, only for carnitas, thanks!
  22. I ALWAYS have this problem. My theory is that I'll make more now to save time and energy later. I made 200 or so dolmas when my parents came up last weekend. I figured I'd send them home with some, and then give a bunch to several friends, and have some for lunch for the week. My parents made off with a bunch but the rest are still sitting in my fridge with the stifry I made the week before that I was going to freeze and take for lunch/have for dinner. I've been making a conscious effort, the present examples excluded, to cook less, cook more often. I'm trying to get over this affliction. Its not healthy, its wasteful and I'm tired of it. The grocery store is at the end of the street, Its not like its any effort to run down and buy just enough for a day, maybe 2. But its such a hard habit to break. If I could just get around to freezing things like I mean to, it would help. Having pre-made meals that I have cooked really helps me control my weight. When I get really hungry and have to cook, I either don't, and eat something fast, tasty and not so healthy, or I cook too much, eat too much etc.
  23. Lori, My Mother gave me plates/dishes my grandmother had, that are identical to the white ones you have. She grew up around Allentown. It just warms my heart to see them . Is it a PA dutch thing? Coincidence?
  24. Ren Fair barbecued corn, and smoked turkey legs!!
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