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  1. Not to barge in on Panaderia but Nanaimo Bars are pretty widespread in Canada; here's a link to a recipe
  2. That's a very nice collection RRO. I love blue and white pottery too. I keep promising myself I won't buy more pottery but I fall off the wagon fairly often!
  3. OK, that made me delurk. Great blog. I'm going to keep reading, so your cheese consumption may spike this week.
  4. At work I have fruit at around 10:00 am and fruit or a handful of nuts at around 4:00 pm. I eat breakfast at 6:30 and it's a long slog to lunch without something mid-morning. In the late afternoon I have an energy lull so a small snack gets me through to the end of the work day. On weekends or otherwise when I'm not working I don't usually snack.
  5. I sniff in appreciation, especially ripe fruits like strawberries, raspberries, peaches, but I'm pretty subtle about it (I hope so anyway). Like some others, I have done a lot of sniffing of wine so it is part of appreciating what I am about to eat or drink. Sniffing is not to see if it is "off" in some way. Although I do sniff stuff from my fridge if I am unsure about it.
  6. I also think gifts aren't gifts if there are strings attached. But tomatoes are difficult to grow here, and I don't even have a balcony let alone a yard, so if someone offered me homegrown tomatoes with conditions, I would accept them gladly.
  7. All of the above but noise is probably the most frequent culprit these days. I like to have a conversation when I'm dining out, but facilitating conversation seems to be a low priority in a lot of restaurants these days.
  8. This peach blueberry cake is good: epicurious peach blueberry cake That's a great looking haul.
  9. barolo

    Warm Mayonnaise

    I doubt you have anything to worry about because commercial stuff is so processed - it sits on shelves for months so I doubt it is particularly temperature sensitive.
  10. Yes I believe the same is true here in BC. Also we do not have much of a day fishery here. Most boats are out for a few days and freeze fish on the boat as they are caught. Edited to add: Coincidentally this thread was revived today: Wormy Fish
  11. This sounds like Two Fat Ladies: link
  12. And here they are: Vancouver Restaurant Awards 2011
  13. I'll take a beef and onion pie with some of that tomato relish. The fish and chips look good too. Thanks for sharing some of your favourite pots with us. I prefer glass for my wine but I love the the pots. And I'm with Shelby on the healing wines.
  14. How about "Very Secure"? I like Man Enough to Drink Pink and Very Secure
  15. Yes I agree. Small, local hardware stores are lots of fun too.
  16. Love the pink drink, haresfur. I wouldn't add beets or turnips to the lamb shank braise. Keep it simple, a little white wine, some tomato, some aromatic vegetables, and "low and slow". White beans on the side.
  17. I'm looking forward to learning more about what is like to live in a smaller city in Australia and especially through the eyes of someone "FOB".
  18. Not a closing, but La Brasserie will no longer be open for lunch on weekdays. They are still doing Saturday and Sunday brunch.
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