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  1. Surely it depends on the ambient temperature of your home, how ripe the produce is when you procure it, how long you will store the item(s) and and what other storage options (wine fridge, cellar, etc,etc) you have. At a minimum. Some apples are good storage apples, some aren't. Some improve with storage.
  2. National Sanitation Foundation
  3. barolo

    Picnic Foods

    My Monday night beach picnic group is up and running. We meet at 7:00 pm on Monday nights and walk down to the beach for an informal picnic. We all just bring what we have on hand and share. The food has to fit in a large tote bag with the blanket, wine, and a few glasses and utensils. Ideally it is pre-portioned or is easy to portion on site. I usually make enough for 6-8 people. I have a day job so things that can be made ahead and don't involve elaborate preparations are ideal. I've looked at Anna N's "Meeting friendly snacks to bake" http://forums.egullet.org/topic/147440-meeting-friendly-snacks-to-bake/ for baking ideas. What can you suggest?
  4. The Guardian has a feature on "how to make the perfect malt loaf" : http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2014/may/08/how-to-make-perfect-malt-loaf-recipe Looking at the pictures, it looks to me like flat slab is pretty close to the perfect malt loaf.
  5. I found this link (http://roaminghunger.com/lv ) to a LV food truck site on 2014 eGullet chocolate and confectionary conference topic.
  6. barolo

    Steven Shaw

    I can only repeat what others have said: I'm stunned at this sad news and so sorry for the loss of sucha vibrant and generous person. My condolences to Ellen, PJ and the rest of his family.
  7. barolo


    As it happens there's a lot of cabbage recipes in today's NYT: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/health/series/recipes_for_health/cabbage/
  8. So sad that she died so young. I like this piece by Russ Parsons in the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-judy-rodgers-20131204,0,4416032.story#axzz2mTJs59Vp
  9. My condolences. Dave was a very generous contributor here and I'm so glad we able to share in his many interests and delights. I'm sorry to lose him and his voice.
  10. This is fun: http://popchartlab.c...-of-kitchenware The world's most thorough mapping of kitchenware now includes over 200 tools, machines, and manipulators, from mandolines to microwaves and ramekins to ravioli pins.
  11. A search engine for your cook books: http://www.eatyourbooks.com
  12. barolo

    Cooking for One

    The Skint Foodie might help: http://www.theskintfoodie.com/index.html
  13. ??? I interpret that as: 20 at a time, repeating batches of 20 over several hours.
  14. Thanks for your many contributions to eGullet Chris.
  15. Here's a link to an appreciation by Russ Parsons: http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fo-cunningham-20120714,0,2355871.story
  16. Marion Cunningham died today at 90. http://latimesblogs....ngham-dies.html
  17. Yes, there has been a shift away from fine dining in Vancouver too. Lots of restaurants recreated themselves in a more casual format - remove the tablecloths, simplify the menu, dress staff informally, etc.
  18. I agree with others that it is very easy to cook polenta so there's no value in buying the pre-cooked stuff. However you have a package of cooked polenta, so you may as well use it. It is good fried or grilled with something savory and saucy on it. Think of cornbread if that's something you are familiar with. To me pork, chilies and polenta sound like an excellent combination.
  19. “You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.” William S. Burroughs
  20. Longform has some pretty interesting food articles: Longform Culture - Food For example the most recent one, from New York Magazine, is called "When Did Young People Start Spending 25% of Their Paychecks on Pickled Lamb’s Tongues?" Opening paragraph:
  21. I've seen that attributed to Napoleon My favourite Champagne quote: "My only regret is that I did not drink more Champagne." Lord Maynard Keynes, on his deathbed One more food quote: "Show me another pleasure like dinner which comes every day and lasts an hour." Charles Maurice de Talleyrand OK this is the last one: "Eggs, I have found, have much in common with small boys. If they are hurried, overheated, or overbeaten in the beginning, they tend to turn on you, and no amount of future love and concern can right the wrong." Irene Chalmers, The Confident Cook
  22. After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relatives. Oscar Wilde There is no love sincerer than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
  23. A new favourite thanks to the Guardian: The Skint Foodie
  24. barolo

    Oscars Party

    Thanks janeer. I know nothing of southern cooking but luckily I discovered that epicurious has a whole section devoted to hosting an Oscars party including menus and recipes. Chocolate Cream Pie is there.
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