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  1. barolo

    Oscars Party

    Thanks baroness, that's got a few wheels turning.
  2. barolo

    Oscars Party

    I couldn't find a more recent thread so I decided to resurrect this one. Anyone with creative ideas? I will have a small group of a wide age range and would love suggestions - themed to this year's nominees or not.
  3. barolo

    Dry Aging Success

    Eternal, here's a link to an extensive eGullet thread on the topic of dry aging beef: dry aging beef at home
  4. It is pretty hard for me to imagine nakji with a fridge that empty but I don't have any other suggestions.
  5. Looks like bagels to me too. We need another image!
  6. It's got to be percyn. I'm sure he had that VT railway station pic in his last Mumbai blog.
  7. That Pad Thai looks great. I think sparkling wines are a good match with lots of Asian dishes. They are very versatile.
  8. Nigella's Chicken and Sausage Bake is good, easy recipe that is flexible: One Pan Sage and Onion Chicken and Sausage. It can be varied to suit your tastes (I'm not a big sage fan), works for no-carbers and you can offer a salad or whatever is handy in the vegetable department with it. And don't worry about marinating overnight, an hour or so is fine. As others have said, surely it is the company that is important, not the food. Having said that, a glass of wine and a small bowl of nuts will do a lot to mellow out your guests beforehand.
  9. NYT story on chefs using chicken skin: Chicken’s Attraction Is Truly Skin Deep. Looks like you are in good company.
  10. I think Edible Canada on Granville Island sells some Wendy Boys products.
  11. Sadly Yoo Choi committed suicide earlier this year. From the CBC website: "B.C. casinos need to do more to help addicted gamblers, says a man whose wife killed herself after running up more than a $100,000 in debt at a downtown Vancouver casino. Yoo Choi was a second-generation Korean-Canadian from Camrose, Alta., who made her mark in Vancouver as the fun-loving owner of the once-popular Velvet Café on Broadway."
  12. Well it is your list so do what you want but it seems to me that you mmay have a hard time judging what has strong regional appeal outside of your jurisdiction. Maybe you should spell out some more specific groundrules.
  13. It's all looking wonderful but mostly I wish I had a "580 farm" nearby. That's a happy looking chicken.
  14. Spot Prawn Festival, May, Vancouver, Canada
  15. Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France 198 E. 21st Ave., 604-566-1065. chocolaterienouvellefrance.ca
  16. There's a Hass store on Broadway, easy to access via transit.
  17. I haven't found anything equivalent to Wild Fire and Fol Epi here (haven't been to the Comox bakery) but if you find something please let the rest of us know. Good luck.
  18. Good. I'm sure Lior would prefer your recipe to a generic CL one. I can't remember the last time I had a Nanaimo Bar in Nanaimo (I go there often since my mom now lives in Nanaimo) but maybe, if you PM your recipe, I'll make some next time I'm there. Not to barge in on Panaderia but Nanaimo Bars are pretty widespread in Canada; here's a link to a recipe No worries! Nanaimo bars are, of course, one of the quintisentially Canadian desserts. Of course, being from Vancouver yourself you can actually go to Nanaimo and have the originals..... Incidentally, I PM'd Lior with the recipe I used for the pictured bars (and if anybody else wants it, just let me know) and probably I should have said something here as well.
  19. I live in Vancouver, Canada between the central business district and Stanley Park. I walk to and from work and shop every day on the way home. I have numerous shopping options ranging from a small Whole Foods to ethnic groceries and produce shops. On Saturdays from June to October there is a Farmers' Market in my neighbourhood and I walk there as well. I can't imagine shopping any other way in my circumstances, especially since I only need to cook for myself. I doubt that I save any money, it is just what makes sense and also happens to be the most pleasant approach for me.
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