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  1. Pregnant Women are CRAZY and DANGEROUS. Stay away from them. that's my motto. Incidently, Singapore's total fertility rate is 1.24 and falling :)
  2. AzRaeL


    and isanely expensive. Like $60 for a crab the size of my fist. one chinese new year, i had like half a dozen of those critters. pure joy! YUM
  3. AzRaeL


    how do you upload a picture? i'll put the horseshoe crab dish up
  4. AzRaeL


    i dunno, maybe to preserve the flavour. both times i ate it, the crab was alive, just minutes before we ate it.
  5. Hops are flowers of the hop vine. They are grown in North America primarily in the Northwestern US and Southwestern Canada. A hop barn full of freshly cut hops is one of the most wonderful and aromatically pleasing places on the face of the earth. It is unbelievable what a couple of thousand tons of these things smell like. What's unbelievable is that hops smell sort of like my dad after a full day of mowing the lawn, six pack in lap. before or after he takes a shower?
  6. 120 packets of Ramen :) hahahah
  7. i use cheap wood, when it's warped or i get tired of it, i throw it away and get a new one. :)
  8. i realized the French Raclette tastes NOTHING like Swiss Raclette. I used to not like Raclette till i tried Swiss Raclette. French is like soft and stinky and weird tasting. Swiss is like perfectly salty, firm and absolutely delicious.
  9. no no no... have her in the "one night at McCool's " get up.
  10. that's cuz they taste weird and smell funny. a Mango is waaay yummier.
  11. a tie between the Passion Fruit and a Mango. heck i'll eat them both.
  12. oh man! how to choose? just for kicks: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Albert Einstein. I'd like the first 3 to sort out this religion mess thing.
  13. You could skip the wine and just order water :)
  14. AzRaeL

    Dutch Ovens

    if i could afford Le Creuset, believe me, I would. Unfortunately, I dont have that much money and Lodge usually costs about 1/8th what the equivalent Le Creuset piece would cost here. But the Lodge is no compromise by any means. Lodge cast iron skillets are ugly and cook so very well. I would be lost without mine. I use it to fry, to bake, and even roast in the oven. The Cast Iron provides very constant heating. I even use it to bring the oven up to heat quickly. I toss the lodge over the gas burner and then put the hot skillet in my oven to help it heat up faster. hahahah
  15. AzRaeL

    Dutch Ovens

    why get LeCrueset *heck if i could afford it i'd buy it too* why not just get Lodge instead? a heck of a lot cheaper i think.
  16. yum! that STUFF is Delicious. A salad with peel shrimp and basil leaves...*DROOL* i love that stuff. What was the question again?
  17. ermm a Pudendum is the female genitals
  18. the Australian KING crabs were about $200 :) http://www.hedge.net/fields/giantcrab.html
  19. that's not weird. Sharkfin soup with crab roe sounds DELICIOUS. yesterday, for a food review i had to eat Geoduck sashimi. It was FRESH. I saw them remove it from the tank and shortly after that, paper thin slices of the giant clam arrayed on the plate. Also had the option to dip it in simmering chicken stock. DELICIOUS. Had fresh Alaskan King Crab too. One minute they were sitting around in a big tank, next minute...it's steamed and dissected on my plate. FRESH! The place is called "Unique Seafood Market." it's really QUITE an experience. You see a whole display of live seafood. Some really exotic creatures too. You select your critter, and they'll prepare it the way you like it. So fresh that Charlie Trotter would die of envy. There was even the massive Australian King Crab which easily weighs in more than 10lbs. I saw a live TigerSharks too just waiting to appear on your table. Some of the stuff was surrealistically expensive. The Alaskan King Crab came up to about USD $100 per crab. The Turbot, airflown from France (live in the tanks) were about USD 30 /lb. http://www.uniqueseafood.com/corporate.html
  20. Seacucumber is YUMMY. Braised in Oyster Sauce and served with Shitake, and maybe some abalone.
  21. a 330m Sashimi Knife? that's Insane. One false swipe and you've beheaded the person next to you.
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