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  1. proof that Aliens live amongst us
  2. my Global Chef's Knife. does it count as a kitchen gizmo?
  3. I can't afford a MacroRing light just yet, so in dark restaurants, i use a minitripod and long exposure time.
  4. way too much flash and the pictures are overexposed, get a Macro ring light or a diffuser if you can afford it :)
  5. i tried everything i could think of. Still got a shelling from my editor for my lousy pictures. Finally gave up and got a Canon Powershot G5 (it's almost consumer level). It was worth it.
  6. i would say i added too little liquid and the stock was rather thick
  7. Some braising recipes can be adapted for Pressure Cooker, some can't. I tried making Guinness Beef Shanks in my pressure cooker. Dreadful! i had a thick layer of charred Something at the bottom and everything tasted... well... smoky. Ok...BURNT! What recipes can be adapted from the usual slow cooking method to Pressure Cooker? What is your favourite Pressure Cooker Recipe? Why pressure cooker? Fast fast fast!
  8. when i watched the movie "ALIVE" i was both squealing and roaring with laughter at the expressions on the faces of the suvivors when they had to eat the dead for food. My only question would have been: Breast or Thigh
  9. not really. coooking for ONE is expensive but what the heck. the day a restaurant can make as good a roast chicken as i, i'll eat there instead.
  10. AzRaeL

    Cooking Extravagantly

    i use REAL cheese, fancy cheese, instead of Cheese Spread or Processed Cheese, is that extravagant? I use fresh milk which costs twice that of UHT milk, am i wasteful? I use Heinz Ketchup instead of some generic brand, maybe i'm fussy.
  11. i usually hit the supermarket before going to the movies. I'll either carry a knapsack or wear jeans with huge pockets. Stuff I usually bring in: water, coke, lemonade chocolate bar, pretzels, jelly beans. why pay the scalping prices Cinemas usually charge?
  12. how does one develop an allergy to food one hasn't eaten yet?
  13. Lizards, Durian, Roquefort
  14. Technically no - it's not a cleaver and is not used as such. We almost need a new name, for these "hybrid" cutting tools as "vegetable knife" doesn't quite ring true either. It was labelled "Asian knife" but I am sure that is just a marketing choice. I think it very interesting that knives in the West take certain forms and perform certain functions while those in the East adopt different forms and functions and then there's the fusion thing in knives as well as food! well oddly enough, the Asians don't call it an Asian knife when they use it. They call it a vegetable knife *LOL*
  15. AzRaeL

    Pizza Sauce

    what kinda pizza? sounds like a Magerita. My first fav pizza is the Quattro Formaggi
  16. that's not a cleaver, that's a vegetable knife
  17. Hoooboy! Let me see... Fishtanks so that i can have my seafood fresh. I'll just buy them live and pull them out of the tank when i need to eat them, just like in Chinese restaurants. (no the lobster is not the pet) Knives that never go blunt. Magic antiviral antibacterial counters for food prep. walk in freezer big assed Viking stove AGA oven Big assed glass door freezer industrial strength dish washer floor that can be flooded and drained for clean up. super duper lighting so that i can see what i'm doing. mega powerful ventillation duct so the air is clear
  18. i like mine in a tataki charred out side, raw inside sliced thinly served with ice cold Soba
  19. wait! is Gluten good or bad?
  20. i have that too but it tends to cut up the lids as well
  21. but the paring knives are crap. I have one. it's very blunt from me trying to peel a burdock :) i want a knife i can thrash within reason, not a ultrasharp good for little toy. Saying that, I really love my Global knives. When I help at other kitchens, yup, i Bring my Chef & Paring knife along too. Can't stand blunt stamped blades.
  22. Okay, I gotta know... What's on the sandwich? Cole slaw and hot sauce, of course. What else do you put on a barbecue sandwich? what the hell? Okra should be GREEN not BROWN
  23. just remember this: it won't kill you. at least it isn't something like live madagascan hissing cockroaches.
  24. Okra is Delicious. I've always loved it. Try putting a pocket-slit length wise, stuffed with fish paste (I think it's finely blended fish, salt and a little starch). Then you Boil it in stock. DELICIOUS
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