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  1. It's called "Soup Tulang" the Asian version of Osso Bucco. You take a beef shank...well lots of shanks and boil them in a red hot gravy for god knows how long. You take it out, gnaw the meat off the bones and the knock the marrow out and eat that on bread. Here's a Link
  2. Shattered Spice Bottle (when I knock it off the counter and it lines my floor with glittering shards) Bleeding finger of pain! Burnt ingredients of inattention!
  3. depends on how you plan to eat it. In a sandwich i'd recommend Emmenthal If you're spreading it on bread, Gorgonzola..with a bit of honey By itself..maybe a nice Edam
  4. I agree! Singapore is one of the most interesting food cities in the world. Johor Bahru a little north of Singapore is excellent too. The main problem with Singapore is that the excessive hygiene standards have sorta washed out the true flavour of the food.
  5. actually i like abalone cuz it's a luxury *LOL* but seriously i much prefer geoduck. you gotta give that farmer credit for tenacity. If first you dont succeed you keep trying and trying and trying.
  6. Yet many have exactly this combination daily every morning ... ← ewwwww! are you serious?!!
  7. i'm willing to wager that bacon bits would go well on Kimchi
  8. Mmm Bacon it does go well with almost everything Lemmie think...it might almost go with Sashimi. Strangely I think it would clash with mutton curry. neither would it go well with breakfast cereal
  9. AzRaeL

    Grilled Cheese

    Gorgonzola nice and runny and spread over my toast. honey drizzed lightly on top. Is there anything finer?
  10. cuz Shrimp is Yummy and Bugs are Gross :)
  11. I hate Redwine, I dont like the taste of raw oysters, and durian is just too gross to me. I dont like Escargot and I am squeamish about frog's legs
  12. i hide my instant Ramen *LOL* it's behind the condiments in the tall cupboard.
  13. Normally, I do not like wine. It just tastes weird and unpleasant to me. However, I was at a party and the host said: try this - it's really good. It was rated 95/100 by some wine taster fella. I was like..oh Okay. and I took a glass of some 2001 Riesling Grand Cru by Marc Kreydenweiss. One sip and I was like "oh my god!" it was Good. It tasted how I fancied wines are supposed to taste like. It was sweet but not as cloyingly sweet as an ice wine. It tasted of sunshine and nectar. It felt like nectar of the gods. The tasting notes said something about mineral tasting and berries and cinnamon. I say - Whoa..it's good. this is the review of the 2000 http://www.uk.chateauonline.com/pages/gate...bprodid%3D12216
  14. and no calorie carbo :) I love eating Ice Cream and Pastry in the middle of the night.
  15. AzRaeL

    Cooking Turtle

    turtle soup i remember is the gelatinous herbal soup with the turtle meat being soft and tendon-like. I used to really enjoy eating turtle soup as a child...till i found out it actually was turtle and not some euphremism for Chicken.
  16. those are Quails and they're delicious
  17. cooking time machine. i make a mistake and my food is a tad overcooked or simply burnt. hit the button...whooomp i get another chance
  18. Raclette but i'm not sure if it's stinky enuff to qualify
  19. ermm Food Banks and Soup Kitchens. you're all set!
  20. *sigh* my ancestors have been eating soy products since time immemorial. trust the greedy American industry to come in and mess that up in a few decades.
  21. it was the Knife buying Blog and related threads that drew me here. Basically I'm a knife fan and cooking is a way of using up the stuff that i so happily disassembled.
  22. they're also called Chilli Padi my grandfather used to mince it into a paste and add lime juice.
  23. AzRaeL


    let's have some Truffle flavoured Tofu Troffu?
  24. Frog's Legs i thought they were chicken
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