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  1. Thanks! you folks are the best. I have a passion for food that borders on obsession. FoodNetwork to me is what ESPN is to most guys.
  2. AzRaeL

    Favorite Mushrooms

    Just how easy is "very easy" for me it's a trip into the city and large amounts of money just for dried morels. ← Uh, sorry. But even the Loblaw's grocery chain here carries chanterelles. ← Oh i can get dried Chantrelles at most supermarkets here. Even the nearby Costco. It's the Morels that are a bugger to find. Are Hen of the Woods even BETTER than MORELS?
  3. AzRaeL

    Favorite Mushrooms

    Just how easy is "very easy" for me it's a trip into the city and large amounts of money just for dried morels.
  4. I'd say Morels. Is there anything finer than a deep fried or sauteed morel?
  5. I was given a large container of dried porcini. Sure i've searched the net and what i've got is mostly pasta and porcini recipes. Now I wonder what do you folks do with this little mushroom.
  6. I like them prepared thai style. Boneless, chopped in bits and in a salad. I have a fear of reptiles...and by itself, chicken feet look too reptilian for my liking.
  7. Oh man, is it that difficult? I dont wanna blow $30 worth of fat liver and screw up royally. The recipe seems easy enough. I was inspired by the Iron Chef foiegras challenge.
  8. You might be right. I shall endeavour to have them right from the water.
  9. many thanks y'all. I shall slowly induct her into the world of haute cuisine. currently, she's as Meat & Potatoes as you can get. Took me plenty of coaxing to get her to try raw fish.
  10. Rösle from Germany makes them, but they're horribly expensive. How about regular fruit fork?
  11. Top of my list of food that I am ashamed not to love. Oysters. I try to eat them to prove I'm cool and make like Cassanova but honestly, the taste is kinda icky. The texture..well i kinda swallow as fast as i can. The flavour is tolerable at best..makes me Gag usually. Oysters...they're alright in a chowder. Only really good when smoked and served on a pizza. What's it about Oysters that you people love so much? I wanna love it too. I just don't get it.
  12. I'm of Chinese descent and that was what I was told too. Finish your Rice or your future spouse will have bad complexion.
  13. Does anyone know where to get Foie Gras (raw) in the lowermainland and what's the damage? How much does it cost? I feel like preparing a special meal for my GF cuz she's never eaten Foie Gras before (and she better like it too haha).
  14. i adore condensed milk with cocoa powder sprinkled on top.
  15. It's fried rice and noodles that are served at the end...I was assuming the quiz meant the everyday white rice served with the side dishes. ← the fried rice and noodles served at the end are just plain yucky.
  16. Nutraceuticals. hyper-enhanced food with added nutrients. eg. HMS90/Immunocal whey extract. Non GMO Crap the public saying no to tasteless tomatoes and things that dont taste the way they used to.
  17. I went to Urban Fare for the first time yesterday. Whoa! that place has such cool stuff!
  18. Many thanks! i shall head down to Urban Fare and take a look. I live in Abbotsford, we have lots of cattle. hahah. Now my only decision is whether to give it to her for Christmas, a great big basket of her favourite fruit, or give it to her early cuz I just couldn't bear to wait that long to give it to her.
  19. someone told me that her favourite fruit was this thing that looked like a large grape (pinkish white or orange) covered in leaves. from her description, i've narrowed it down to the Physalis. Specifically the Cape Gooseberry or the Ground Cherry. Now, where in the GVRD would I be able to find that for her? I'm thinking of giving her a large basket of it for Christmas. She says that she loves that fruit very much but has only eaten it once and wishes she knew what it was and could have more of it.
  20. Which is your favourite Gyutou? I'm waiting for the day when I can buy a Masamono VG10 Gyutou..woooooweee! Right now I have a Global GF33 20cm dropforged Gyutou. I used to be so happy with Global, till a friend gave me a Misono Molybdenum Stainless Steel Sujihiki (slicer) Now I'm just itching for the next level.
  21. The little scallops you see are called a Granton edge. It prevents the food from sticking to the blade. You sharpen normally. I doubt you'd really take THAT much steel off the blade to make such difference. Wüsthof is generally accepted as the king of European knives. Having said that, You might, if you can afford it, consider some of the Japanese knife makers. Glestain makes gorgeous blades with the same antisticking effect. http://www.japanesechefsknife.com/GLESTAIN2.html Now we've opened a whole new can of worms. The latest trend in knives is to move towards Japanese blades which are harder and sharper than European blades. And to answer someone's Question. What is a Santoku good for? Not much I think *LOL* Santoku means 3 virtues. It was popular a few years ago cuz a couple of chefs in the Food Network started using them. It's a compromise between a Cleaver and a Chef's knife. It's popular in Asia because a sharp tip is considered either unlucky or dangerous (or both).
  22. Father: Riau Islands Mother: Singapore
  23. cheese curds and hot gravy... POUTINE all the way baby. Lacking that, it's Mayonaise for me.
  24. AzRaeL


    I was at a Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver, BC and I saw natto on the menu. Natto, the famed terror that Bourdain couldn't bring himself to eat. Being insatiably curious, I just had to try it. I asked the waitress if Natto is delicious. She wrinkled her cute little nose and said: I am Japanese and I myself find Natto disgusting. What a ringing endorsement! Undeterred, I had to have my Natto. They didn't serve it on rice as is the traditional way. They served it in a bowl with cubes of raw tuna and some sprouts and watercress. I tugged at the beans with my chopsticks...goooey. My companion looked on in amazement and disgust. It had a snotty kinda look to it. I put it in my mouth. Mmmm it was surprisingly good. I offered my companion some. After some coaxing she tried a bit. It wasn't as bad as everyone says it is. It looks slimy, smells like..well strong cheese but it really isn't that bad at all. My vote: Great! and it's good for you too.
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