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  1. Knives in the dishwasher Never.
  2. AzRaeL


    I bought some at PikeSt Market in Seattle. It sucked!!!! Tasted like Apple soaked in Koolaid
  3. Kumamoto are $9 a doz on the half shell.
  4. Whoa! I'm in... ← ain't it quite a drive all the way from Portland? here's the address anyway - http://www.taylorshellfishfarms.com I dunno why my friends are so squeamish about raw oysters. I admit I didn't think that highly of them but I wanted to try them at the farm where they are grown.
  5. This is the one time where smaller is DEFINITELY better!!! I like them straight up, sometimes with a squeeze of lemon and with ponzu sauce. The taste of raw oysters are so sweet, they are absolutely addictive. ← Ok who wants to organise a trip down to Sammish island and eat oysters at the farm freshly shucked with a glass of wine. They're USD 30 for 5 doz.
  6. I've been CONVERTED! After all my complaints about Oysters, it's just been that i've been trying to eat large Pacific Gigas. The size of a small mouse. Just Yesterday I was at Oyster Bar near Sammish Island in Washington along Chuckanut Road. I had 3 of the Finest Oysters ever. The OysterFarm was just down the road and they were fresh. They didn't have the dead fish scent and gross flavour I usually associate with Oysters. I had a Kumamoto (or something like that), Kusshi and another I can't remember. Holy COW they were good. They were about the size of the first joint of my thumb but they didn't reek of whatever shit it was. The worst Oyster I ever ate stank like a sewer and when i tried to send it back, they said that it smells that that. It took forever to wash that taste out of my mouth. That restaurant closed shortly, I wonder why.
  7. I think you are right about Indonesia (also konyal) but according to this website, it's called buah sus in Malaysia. I like to call it buah asmara, but nobody else knows what I'm talking about. (asmara = passion) ← I thought it's Buah Susu. It's like a passion fruit except it's yellow instead of purple. it's one of my fav fruits. It's not scary looking though.
  8. heh! i usually eat Asian food with chopsticks and western food with fork/knife. BUT...I like eating Nigiri Sushi with my hands. Oh..when eating with chopsticks..do not stick them vertically in the rice bown while eating.or even after eating.
  9. What's your favourite type of sushin? Mine is definitely "uni" (sea urchin roe)
  10. Hahah i refered to the Abalone as Omer and the Eggplant as Aubergine. I refered to the Cheese section as the Fromagerie too *LOL* Oh..the Deli was full of Charcuterie and the butcher gave me a funny look when i asked for saucisson.
  11. You'd drive 90mins to the next city and get there before 10am just because they have the best DimSum. You can name off Celebrity Chef, what's in their kit, and which restaurants they're from like most guys follow ESPN atheletes. You jump up and down on your seat during Iron Chef. When you go to a friend's place to help prepare a meal, you bring your own knives, skillet, olive oil. It actually costs more to cook at home than go to a mid-range restaurant.
  12. smokey on a bun with extra mayonaise and mustard at the school cafeteria
  13. For me... A sirloin burger layered with truffles stuffed with braised short ribs, foie gras and yet more black truffles. http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/studentwork/cn...4-04-05/659.asp
  14. i'm not a food professional per se, but i was a food writer. I also sold high end kitchens.
  15. Oooh Carté Blanche for my kitchen.... bulthaup b3 series kitchen furniture with silestone engineered quartz work surface 48" rangetop from Wolf with griddle and those french top circle thingies with different heat zones Exhaust hood from Wolf Subzero fridge, freezer Gaggenau combi oven Gaggenau deepfryer Gaggenau indoor grill Cuisinart Mixer Robocoupe blender Meat slicer like the ones in the deli Breadslicing machine too that machine whose name currently escapes me..that can heat and blend at the same time. 90" deep deeep sink with a mixer that includes a pre rinse attachment. in the backyard/outdoorkitchen the biggest most badassed Jet Wok burner with 3triple rings Wolf Barbeque Big Green Egg smoker I want my knives to be Masamoto (or Nenox, or Hattori) My pots are copper with stainless steel lining John Boos cutting board Oh and a soundsystem to play music while i work (from B&O or Linn) just dont ask how i'm gonna reconcile the elegant bulthaup b3 lines with the brutish Wolf appliances. Ideally Gaggenau looks more elegant with the bulthaup showcase kitchen but..hey this is my dream and i like bigger and badder and more power.
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