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  1. It's gonna cost you ;). See Allied Kenco sales and/or Pleasant Hill Grain. Both are online. hth, danny
  2. I'm by no means adept at Mexican cooking so i definately defer to my cooks for this. They will parch the rice first in the fryer to get color-like sauteeing in fat when starting a pilaf. This "bursts" the rice. In a sauce pan add chopped onion, rice, tomato juice, chix stock-or water and base-ground cumin, cilantro stalks, s&p. Bring to boil and toss in the oven covered until well done. Rest and fluff. I try to make a pilaf, sweating out the aromatics, toasting rice, etc, but it just don't turn out the same. hth, danny
  3. FWIW i would score and roast the sucker to lose some amount of fat. High heat to start and then turn down-although it may take you 5-6 hours+. Spit roast would work very well. Unless you trim down it'll be too fatty for a braise, crockpot venture. If you want to pair with kraut, maybe smoke and cook, a couple of sausages, riesling-chacroute?. Or shred with slaw for pulled pork sammies. hth, danny
  4. scary, i was cookin those bk chix sandwiches when they first came out~1980?. Although i still got a thing for injected, breaded, deep fried "breasts?"-add the onion rings -to this day :). danny
  5. Every time i step into the kitchen. And i'm not kidding. Almost nothing seems to be "Just Perfect" for me(there are very, very, very rare occasions) which pushes me more. Cooking is full of compromises, just like life. Fortunately others eat, like, and will pay for for my fare ;). And tomorrow is another day to try to get it "perfect". danny
  6. [No way, dude! That's like buying garlic in a jar. The preservative aspect and loss of flavor would completely defeat the point. There is no substitute for fresh shallots and garlic.] Yeah, i used to think the same way but it sure doesn't bother me now :). Also i can buy a jar of peeled shallot for $6-7 or spend $2-3/lb for whole. Any leftover shallot i roast and freeze-they will keep a few months this way. And i definately buy peeled garlic if using in quantity, garlic "confit"etc...Like Suzanne said empty jars make great containers. hth, danny
  7. Rice wine vinegar-seasoned or unseasoned as you like-makes a great "base" for lowfat, nonfat, spa dressings. Mild enough not to be overpowering. add a little lemon juice and/or balsamic, a touch of evo or veg stock and ready to roll. Also puree w fresh herbs for herbal vins. For body try pureeing with tofu-sounds gross but works. Also look at bean pastes, you won't need much. Mock creme fraiche from buttermilk is another "low fat" alternative. Sounds like you/they want a creamy dressing with out the baggage :(no fun there. hth, danny
  8. buy them by the 5lb jar already peeled. hth, danny
  9. dano1


    A few months, oil will go rancid first-if not getting there already. Look for the salt packed-they will last you until theyor you are gone. hth, danny
  10. My basic ratio 1lg-egg-1oz cake flour-1oz sugar. Whip eggs and sugar to full volume, fold in flour(sifted 3x), bake. There are variations on this-ie. separating eggs-that will give different results. hth, danny
  11. Gary, Yeah thats the place-born and raised there. Very large Slav and Croat pop. too. Used to be home to one of the largest tuna fleets in the world, sadly not any more. And downtown ain't what it used to be when i was a kid ;). Anyways i can think of half a dozen delis and as many bakeries off the top of my head. Not to mention a few locals fermenting dago red. danny
  12. A simple winter salad(frisee, chickory, etc..) warm or cold, before or after as you prefer. A cheese flight would do fine for me. Possibly a small apple or pear tart on puff pastry with good vanilla ice cream to end. Bouillabaisse is a dish unto itself, requiring no other sides IMO. Simple Bistro fare with menu reflecting is the way to go. hth, danny
  13. 99 Ranch Markets are one of my favorites. There's one in Sepulveda&Victory? i think in the valley, another in Gardena. Not sure about S.M. area though... hth, danny
  14. Actually there is an Italian district in L.A. it's called Pedro-formally known as San Pedro. Matter of fact i'm heading down that way this weekend to do a little shopping :). danny
  15. dano1


    Toss it. I would not add vino to "most" stocks. exceptions being a fish/shellfish fumet. stock and saucemaking are 2 different animals. In any case i would reduce wine separately by 1/2-2/3s before adding to anything-Unless making a pan sauce where you would deglaze and reduce. hth, danny
  16. dano1

    Oil oil oil oil

    i guess a coupla lbs of iodized salt and calling the dishwasher over won't work....jk. At home? what kind of flooring? As said kitty liter works great-in the garage, under the car and so on. Follow w/degreaser. At least it wasn't the fryer...... hth, danny
  17. Scallops are a "standard carrier" for a seafood mousseline. Of course other fish and seafood may me used but they create an excellent emulsion. Whole bay or chopped larger shrimp add taste, textural, and visual components to the mousseline. As said a saffron sauce would be great too. I start shallot in whole butter-no coloring-lightly toast saffron threads, white wine and reduce, cream and reduce-skimming any scum/froth. Pass and season. A little chix stock will help to lighten the sauce if it's too rich. If you've got shells from the shrimp a quick shrimp stock will work as a base for your sauce also. You could cream this or mount with butter for a heart attack ;). Maybe sweated small dice of fennel, tomato, something to round out garnish & flavor. Sorry, rambling on now.... hth, danny
  18. mottmott, sorry-heavy cream or heavy whipping cream is fine. Difference is butterfat content and shelf stability. hth, danny
  19. I make a seafood mousseline. Puree 1lb seafood(raw), 1c cold manufacturing cream, 1 whole egg or 2 whites, s&p. Do. not overprocess. Fold in fresh herbs(italian parsley, etc,,,) maybe reserve some shimp-whole or chopped depending on size to fold in. I've used buerre noisette, truffle oil or tomato cream sauce to sauce in the past. BTW, what size scallops? fresh or frozen? Would be a waste to process u10 drypacks for a filling ;). Same with a nice jumbo shrimp, lol. hth, danny
  20. dano1

    Quail How to

    Saw a guy once on a tour of Goldberg & Solovy Purveyors in L.A. debone a quail in about 10 seconds. Of course that was his job....;). danny
  21. geez dude, at least they speak and understand english. I'd by happy if i were you. Yo quiero una hamberguesa con queso... danny
  22. dano1

    French Onion Soup

    Dave, yes i use regular spanish onions-anything else is a waste i think. I will usually delgaze with a fortified wine for a little more sweetness. Chix, veal, or both for the stock. And combination a of emmental and gruyere are, imo, the only way to top an onion soup. danny
  23. dano1

    cold buffet Menu Ideas

    Being a "dinner" party you will need cold and hot side. People will be making a meal of this and cold only ain't gonna work. That said to limit time in the kitchen try a poached salmon side or 2 with all garnishes for cold(may also be served hot). Bouches filled with shrimp, crab, chicken salad, etc... Assorted cheeses are a good thing-not just jack, cheddar-the good stuff. Hot side is easy to prep. Think maybe chix sates on a sheet pan-precooked. Brush with marinade/sauce, and reheat in oven. Chix thighs are great for buffets, they will remain moist for hours. a Hearty stew or daube can be made the day before and will be better the next day-just heat and serve with peasant bread or crouton. Is there a "theme" to the party? This helps me concentrate on the menu and attendant items. Spanish with asst. of cold olives, cheeses, hams, tapas. Eastern european-caviar, blini, smoked salmon, borscht, goulash. hth, danny
  24. unsalted, will taste fresher than the salted variety(unless its not fresh at all). Like busboy said salt is a preservative added to extend shelf life. hth, danny
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