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  1. I disagree also. I've shopped on line and at other stores, and I have not found the really good Balsamic vinegars for a better price than at Surfas. I have found them for twice the price, however. Please tell me where you can find 8 year old Fondo di Trebbiano Balsamic Vinegar for less than $55 - the price I last saw at Surfas. Also, at Surfas you can sample the vinegar before you buy it, which you certainly cannot do on line. I've also found lobster soup base for the best price at Surfas. You can match the price on line, but then you have to pay shipping, which costs quite a bit more than the sales tax. I have found chocolate that I liked cheaper at TJ's, however. ← ya try made in france aka village imports now?
  2. mark em, sheet em, finish em.
  3. i was looking at briskets yesterday-unfortunately all my stuff is in storage right now...
  4. Wussiness isn't the issue, its our sue happy blame someone else culture. FWIW I have taught students to shoot on our school camping trips and we have PE every day. I fail to see the joke... ← not refering to "you"(i've been told by staff that "you" is a bad word here-it may ruffle feathers and incite violent behavior). Yes it is the "not my fault, if there wasn't a knife around i wouldn't have done XXXXXX". Sorry, on topic> anything quick, easy, with minimal amt of prep, to hold interest. Things the kids can do at home(minus the micro . Salads, quick pastas, hot and cold sandwiches, egg dishes, quick baking desserts, doughs that can be formed prior or use store bought dough or breads(think pizza-kiddies go crazy) and bake the next day with their own toppings. I'm sure you know let customize to their hearts content.
  5. what a joke. I was taking home ec in 7th grade(with real knives), forced to run 2-3 miles a day for pe, a gun club, and more i don't recall-all in the Peoples Paradise of Kalifornia-not that many years ago.... The wussification of Amerika continues.
  6. Try Rytek Kutas "great sausagemaking and meat curing". My books in storage right now but iirc your meat is injected with 10% of its green weight with your cure. don't recall exact time frame-thinking about a week. Never had a prob with uncured parts...
  7. is it?.... edit: thought it was fiction writer.
  8. dano1

    frisee aux lardons

    don't forget a warm poached egg.
  9. dano1

    Steamed Lobster timing

    15-20 minutes? at the restaurnat we steam 1.5 lb lobsters for 8 minutes i do this everyday without fail. don't see how you can cook it for 15-20 minutes and not be over cooked ← you're using a pressure steamer....
  10. selling grilled cheese in diapers??? thats funny.
  11. very cool, dick! do you feel like a secret agent when you carry it? ← When I carry this, I feel like a Secret Agent: http://www.sigarms.com/Products/ShowCatalo...=8&productid=63 -Dick ← i'm a no frills m1911 man myself......
  12. dano1


    try Molinari Bros. in S.F.-good stuff.
  13. time of the year, just like oysters. yes, mussels are more perishable than clams-should hold for a day or 2, but depends on when they were bagged to begin with.
  14. don't do it. You'll get a nicer range of temps roasting as one piece. Sure it'll speed the cooking process but at a definite cost. BTW rib roasts come in a variety of sizes, just like anything else. The big boys ain't just "longer" .
  15. probably not much left. You can just go ahead and "rewet" em(remouillage) and use as basis for your next stock.
  16. so should i be pulling my r-mr roasts and steaks at 40 or 140......? Anyways, 300-325 would be fine imo. I wouldn't want to try to grill over charcoal/wood on equipment that i haven't used before. Then you can also reheat your appys in the same oven. And can turn the oven up or down as temp dictates. I'm sure you know you do want to hold it over, for at least a half hour on a full rib roast or you'll be wiping up juices/blood from the first cut. Brings me to another point, if carving on the line bring a cutting board, full sheet, side towels, carver and fork, and linen other than white-the "juices" when carving can look pretty unappealing to many folk. Also, if this is a home kitchen, remember to pan up on half sheets . Good luck, have fun, thats what it's all about(and a paycheck). hth
  17. huh??? a little knowledge is a dangerous thing....don't mean to be offensive . anyways, the higher the heat, the more the shrinkage, just something to keep in mind. I'd start it early and low, giving you time to adjust if necessary. It'll hold just fine for a few hours tented. Blast it before service if you need to. IIRC exports ran me about 4-5 hours in a sham at 325, yours will roast quicker in a conventional and give a wider range of doneness. hth
  18. only thing i'd be concerned about would be dogs and such "marking" their territory... . Fennel grows wild all over the area i grew up in.
  19. what else would you call em.....
  20. Thats funny, same thing my daughter tells people when they ask.
  21. have held for a couple of days. Cover with water then a side towel to keep em from oxidizing on top. After a few days ya need to change out the water.
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