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  1. It looks as though the gailan above has been peeled. Is that a thing in HK?
  2. I am back on the marmalade trail again! A neighbor supplied me with a mess of key limes and 5 meyer lemons. Zest and "supremed" fruit yielded about 6 cups. They'll soak tonight and I'll finish tomorrow afternoon. I'm using the recipe and techniques found here....http://dogislandfarm.com/2010/06/key-lime-marmalade/. I'm hoping that the floral component of tree ripened key limes will show through.
  3. Saucier's Apprentice by Sokolov. Not so much a cookbook but a life of food.
  4. Thanks @Shelby, you are such a good sport. I'm looking forward to deer season. I have never killed a deer because I didn't want to clean it. Maybe some photos of the process will do me good.
  5. Oh man, that was a deep rabbit hole. Thanks, huiray.
  6. The daily grind in a kitchen will rob you of your hearing and mobility. Also your spirit if you allow it. If you desire a living wage, health insurance worth a damn, and some retirement savings you'll have to leave the line eventually. Granted there are few places to get the same high as running a busy service with a constantly chattering printer.......such a dying skill. There is a lot of joy and fulfillment to be found in shopping the outer aisles of the grocery store and feeding your family everyday. It's a different form of cooking but more essential to a good life. Then again I've seen a few broken down 60 year old chefs still bangin' it out shift after shift. Mark Peel of Campanile fame comes to mind. But even he shut it down and went into consulting. Cooking is a really hard thankless job you have to want to do. The best piece of advise I got in culinary school circa 1984 was to "do it all for yourself because no one's ever going to say thank you after those 6 straight doubles and brunch to boot".
  7. Looking forward to this blog. I'm wondering what the coffee scene is like there?
  8. Kerry, I'm wondering if you have a sheeter up your sleeve or a rolling pin and experienced hands to produce the Kouign Amann?
  9. Sunken cherries are mo' better than no cherries!
  10. Wonderful series of photos. I'm looking forward to the captions! In the meantime I'm curious about the white protein? a couple photos above the knives. It is next to some salmon roe and some fatty fish. Is it milt perhaps?
  11. The only time I would stop eating this is if my bowl was empty.
  12. Looking forward to this foodblog. Love all the market photos and also "notes on a professional bakery" in your past blogs. Party on Panaderia........
  13. Will you be eating the prairie chickens or just enjoying them in situ?
  14. Marmalade is finished. I ended up with 100% sugar because it tasted so sour during the cooking. It took a good 30min to cook down and it went up to 226 degrees. I jarred it in 1/2 pint jars but did not run it through a hot water bath. Nothing like hearing those lids pop after everything is cleaned up and the lights are off. It's been in the jars for 5 days now and is set up about half as much as I would like. The flavor is great though the sour far out weighs the bitter. Sweetness balances the sourness a bit and it may mellow a bit in the jars.
  15. OK after a couple interruptions I have begun my marmalade. In the interest of time I'm following a recipe most similar to Katie Meadows. In stead of all water i've used half orange juice from the valencias, which are less sweet than I thought they would be and half water. The Mexican limes turned out to be calamondin......greenish yellow on the outside with tart orange flesh. The total jus is about 75% lemon. I'm going to use 75% sugar by volume assuming simmered jus and zest is 100%. Might be a long night. Thanks for all the input I'll keep you posted.
  16. Hi, FrogPrincesse. I was considering trying a commercial pectin product that uses 4c of sugar to make 5 pints of finished product. Never made marmalade but I've had good results making berry jams with it. I'd love to hear about your or anyone else's experience with low sugar marmalade. I think the lemons are the Ponderosa variety, some of them the size of a softball. The folks who owned the tree didn't know what they were but Mr Google provided results.
  17. Thanks to all who have revealed their proven recipes in this thread! Just today I got some ripe Mexican limes, knobby lemons, and valencia oranges all organic. I'm going to make some marmalade and wonder if anyone has had success with a blend of all the above? I would like to use a low sugar recipe so I'm thinking that soaking the pips is essential. Any thoughts?
  18. There are a number of different kinds of mechanical "helpers" available to take weight out of the equation. They are used by solo dry wall hangers and solo cabinet hangers to name a few. Check a nearby place that rents construction equipment or even a big box store.
  19. Welcome. You'll find lots of people here to comment on your food. No subject is too narrow or too general. Love the handle.
  20. Isn't there a passage in "Kitchen Confidential" where Chef Tony uses a cook's fork to defend against a bully? I don't believe in violence in most situations but the whole "quick, quiet, and overwhelming show of force" does appeal in a sort of equal and opposite way. Bullies and sexual predators usually get what's coming to them.
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