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    Salty Snacks

    There was a time that I thought large Fritos with canned cheese was the best snack around. I still like Fritos on PB&Js but eat tortilla chips way more.
  2. The library where I work loans out cooking kits. Must are simple and contain a special pan and a recipe or cookbook. We're considering a "Sous Vide" kit with immersion circulator and beginner cookbook. I'm asking for suggestions on which circulator to include. The word "bulletproof" comes to mind. Cookbook suggestions are welcome too. If this is in the wrong forum please move to where it belongs.
  3. Like speaking louder and more slowly so someone who doesn't speak your language can then understand.
  4. I've been waiting for this opportunity. Thanks for the headsup!
  5. Welcome! Love the list of influences. I would also suggest Wolfgang Puck. He fits nicely in that list.
  6. Just use the whole egg. It's not going to make that much difference.
  7. That Modernist Bread link took me to amazon and a $448.85 price tag....good for about 6 more hours. Still too pricey for me.
  8. Not exactly culinary but we did purchase a Roomba yesterday to deal with the aftermath of a good meal.
  9. I'm enjoying this look at your Newfoundland travels. Thank you for taking the time to share. While reminding myself what toutans are I found this; https://regina.ctvnews.ca/wheatland-cafe-newfoundland-toutans-1.1726067 and thought others might enjoy.
  10. What is "hard margarine"?
  11. So sad. Everyone check on their loved ones and pay attention to them.
  12. Great selections at Bayona. If you ever go back you must try the smoked quail salad.....heaven on earth.
  13. Really enjoying this thread. Thanks, @liuzhou for taking the time to share!
  14. catdaddy

    DARTO pans

    I already have the old-style S-27. Just ordered S-20,25, and 27. Thanks to my egullet peeps for enabling.
  15. I really enjoyed my results from SV cooked (160 for 48hrs) corned beef except for the saltiness. Should have soaked that puppy before cooking it.
  16. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    That would be @Lisa Shock. There is roasted garlic involved, too. The next one.......after the holidays.
  17. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    There were four entries. Two were traditional Italian-American tomato ricotta dried noodle casseroles. The one that I voted for was vegetarian with no tomatoes and mostly mushroom based whose maker refused to tell me the provenance of her noodles, though they were fresh and yummy. I believe it had some bechamel in it but I can't remember as I had to hurry out during lunch break to let our dog out. Good depth of flavor and mouth feel. The whole thing was fun with a minimum of trash talking. It brought us all together for a few minutes during a busy day to break bread. 10/10 would do it again.
  18. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    Today the Lasagna Wars were fought at work. And.......I won! Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. I went with the LASAGNA al FORNO recipe and even made both kinds of pasta. It wasn't even close. First prize was this lovely pickle dish and spoon plus bragging rights. Happy holidays, everyone. RelishDish.pdf
  19. Yes! Hunting Season w/ Shelby. I'm just adding my words of encouragement for gritty details from the kitchen and the hearth.
  20. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    Ha! The judges are my co workers. Libarians one and all.
  21. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    Pork and beef are ground. Chicken is cooked whole then chopped. There's also a fine dice mirepoix, garlic, red wine, and chicken stock involved. And yes the paste is added to the meat.
  22. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    I was thinking maybe leaving more pasta to fold over then dust the finished top with roughly chopped parsley. The shear volume of holiday cooking is starting to really effect my planning.
  23. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    The recipe uses; a meat sauce containing pork, beef, and chicken and only a tablespoon of tomato paste, a thick bechamel, a half'n'half blend of mozz and parm, and fresh thinnly rolled pasta. The result is biggly flavored and easy to serve.
  24. catdaddy

    Lasagna Wars

    Yes, a topper would be excellent. It would however make serving it just a little bit messy. There is plenty of flavor already there and the ease of serving is a big plus.
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