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    Poultry Meatloaf

    I would suggest skin-on chicken thighs to provide some fat (and economy).
  2. What is your strategy for the ham? Prosciutto, country, city or something else?
  3. And how is the hind quarter doing?
  4. catdaddy

    Methode Rotuts

    Sorry. My weak attempt at humor.
  5. catdaddy

    Methode Rotuts

    I think still white pinot noir is called chardonay.
  6. I agree. Love to have your recipe Cheffriis.
  7. I want to add my thanks, Soba, for this wonderful blog. A treat for the 4th of July......and beyond.
  8. catdaddy

    4th of July

    Big sloppy rack of spare ribs rubbed with ancho powder, sugar, and salt waiting for the smoker. Freebie hotdogs and hamburgers in town after the parade. A case of peaches needing attention. A full day of food and country ahead......
  9. A low tipping customer is part of "tipping curve". I'd be much more worried about the server who routinely under-performs because of expected tip amounts.
  10. Although I have no knowledge of the software you seek I think your idea is a good one. Interactive spreadsheets in a cookbook would be most useful. I would buy that book.
  11. When in Rome........ Maybe southern Chinese? Best Asian food in North America is in Vancouver. Try Phnom Penh over by Chinatown. Their pork ribs are better than any I've found in the south. And fried shrimp you cannot stop eating.
  12. I love the concept of "Low-End Vegas". Some of the most fun I have had there were in the corners and bottom floors of downtown casinos playing quarter video poker and chatting up the veteran cocktail waitresses......they have seen it all and if you get them at the right time (and tip them properly) they tell great stories. Haven't heard much about the food truck scene there but I would suggest looking for big construction sites of maybe near government buildings around lunch. Gotta be some good cheap tacos anyway. Love to hear how your trip turns out.
  13. It was like a rock ,so I didnt even try,The outside is skin and fat and its really hard,I am planning to get out serated knife tomorrow to see If I can clean it up,I may have to resort to the bandsaw,later on inthe project ,the pot I have it in will go on the stove ok ,so that will be planB, so thanks for the guidance,and I will report back... Bud It seems to me that by baking the whole ham without opening up the skin, it would keep more moisture, and therefore be more tender after the bake! I just received my FIRST Johnston County country ham, and I'm getting ready to "pull the trigger." I was going to scrub the skin clean, use an open roasting pan with that "V" shaped rack, and turn 'er loose. 17# at 15 minutes is 4 1/4 hours. Now, y'all, I'm gonna wait for about 10-15 minutes to see if any of you kind folks are on this board, and have any PERSONAL, from YOUR OWN experience, good advice you could share. I haven't seen a ham look like this since I was back in Texas in the mid 70's. I hope it comes out just like a baked ham should. BTW, AFTER it is cooked, I was going to skin it, and then use a rub mixture of a good ol' guy named Obie makes. The three flavors I'll be mixing and rubbing is "Sweet and Heat", "Yankee Blaster", and "Gator Breath." Wish me luck! "I'm Goin' In!" Hope it turned out like you want.
  14. I'm thinking steamed with piles of fresh ginger and rice wine and a hot oil bath just before service.
  15. Have to work service that night so maybe a braised tofu/eggplant thing a la Bittman for lunch. Collards and black-eyed peas at work. Very low carb diet at home.
  16. Think I read about this in some Farley Mowat books.
  17. This is excellent advice. Unless you are doing huge sales numbers stick with the smaller suppliers.....they are hustling as hard as you to be successful and would love to have your business.
  18. It's important that your kids see you go to work and know why. Earning money to pay for important things like food and shelter but also that you love what you do for work. And don't forget you are still on your own journey....it's far more complex than theirs but just as important.
  19. It would make a great stuffing for pasta, too.
  20. Paper coffee filters are a good alternative to paper towels.
  21. Those are interesting flavors. Tell us about the banana and how the sweetness worked with the duck. The sweetness of the bananas gets toned down with their caramelization and the earthiness of the lentils. The confit offers richness and depth. Creme fraiche pulls it all together and allows it to stand up on the plate. The slight bitterness of the arugula is a good foil. Pared with a French viognier it's an unexpected success.
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