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  1. Lisa, thanks. The Ampeau would have been a very nice match for the duck I think.

    Yes, it was my favorite wine of the night it would have crossed over nicely from starter to the main. The Pommard was a little tight/tanic for me (and I usually perfer reds). My husband and the chef (as I said we sent wine back to the kitchen) enjoyed the Pommard the most, all 3 were fabulous.

    Emily - You don't have to back down, that was your experience, and I'm glad you posted it. That's what makes this message board great!

  2. My mom just came back from Hungary and brought back paprika. I thought this was so cool, when I spoke with my sister today and mentioned, "Mommy brought us back some paprika", she just laughed, it took awhile to dawn on me that she was not excited (I think she expected a magnet or doll, LOL!). It's really funny because I was just speaking to my BIL about travel and he said instead of regular souvineirs he trys to bring back local spices/foodstuffs, and he shared my excitment about the paprika. Just a different mindset, I then thought of this thread.

  3. Lisa,

    Sounds good. What wines did you bring to match the menu?


    Starters: 1985 Robert Ampeau Meursault

    Dinner: 1998 Domaine Coste Caumartin Pommard les vignots

    Dessert: Keller Beerenauslese Cuvee Pius

    please forgive any spelling errors

  4. Emily - sorry the service was not up to your expectation, I know how this can weigh on a good meal. Service was pretty transparent for us - meaning to say I did not notice any hovering or lag, as Menton1 described - deliberate. We even asked to be given a little more time between dinner and dessert so that we could finish up our bottle of wine (which was not a problem). We sent some wine back to the kitchen and the chef came out at the end of our meal to thank us.

    Paul - I'll have to ask my husband, I can't remember exactly what we had.

  5. My husband and I dined at Passionne last night (Walnut Street in Montclair).

    We had a great meal. It’s a BYOB, and they had no problem with the request to decant two of the bottles of wine we brought.

    Amuse Bouche – Tapenade in mini phyllo cups. Very good


    My husband ordered Rillettes flavored with Pernod – very good

    I ordered Foie Gras – It was cooked perfectly it came with grilled pineapple and duck carpaccio w/peppercorn foam, everything was excellent but I didn’t think the carpaccio went with the foie gras.


    Husband: Veal chop with ramps and leaks, he enjoyed it immensely (as did I)

    Me: Pressed duck w/peppercorn sauce – also very good


    Husband: Crepe w/peaches and strawberries & Chantilly cream & strawberry sorbet & vanilla ice cream – very good

    Me: Plum Tart w/custard & goat cheese – OK a little too sweet for me

    The chef sent out another dessert when he heard it was anniversary darkchocolate soufflé & black current sorbet – we both decided this was the winning dessert.

    The check was presented with 2 mini madeleine’s.

    We will definitely go back!!!


  6. Ahh a great memory from my childhood, when they were on sale (Banquet or Swanson) my mom would stock up the freezer with beef and chicken pot pies. We would usually have them when my Dad was "cooking". I remember watching through the oven door as the little jets of steam would make the insides plop through the hole in the top.

    Now, I usually make my own or buy Mrs Budds.

  7. I would think an extra plate charge for split dinners would be OK; just note it on the menu. I would wait to serve the amuse until after they order - one complimentary (amuse/truffle) per dinner. Of course you could tailor this to the patron/party.

  8. I've potted my tomato plants!  I'm very excited, as this will be my first effort at growing tomatoes.

    Can anybody offer some useful advice or point me in the right direction as far as resources for more successful growing?


    I get a lot of good information on Garden Web there is a tomato forum.


    Tomatoes are pretty simple as long as they get enough sun and water you should be good to go. You may want to stake the tomatoes so they don't sprawl on the ground.

  9. I am also a messy cook, but don't use an apron because of the coverage. I usually put on my "cooking" clothes (previously stained clothing) when I make something messy. I was thinking of using a lab coat like the kind I used when I worked for a pharmacutical company. They even make flame resistant coats.

  10. Hi,

    Don't know if this is the proper place for this & I know it’s a long shot but I just hate letting them die.

    If anybody in the Nutley area needs some plants I have some extras (just pm me).

    As of this post, the extras are:


    4 Big Beef

    4 Prudens Purple

    1 Brandy Wine

    3 Orange Blossom

    2 Striped German

    2 Pink Beauty


    3 Straight 8

    3 Diamante

    Just let me know,


  11. I don't know maybe the soggy sandwich did ruin her day or maybe she's a nutjob, who knows. Since you promised her a refund, you should send it to her. I don't think you have to get the accountant involved (unless you don't have the authority to sign checks). I would call her, tell the accountant only comes in once a month and to expedite the matter you will be mailing her the check, sending it registered mail (so she can't complain that she did not receive it). In the future you should have a policy if this ever happens again, maybe a store credit or a replacement.

  12. I have the book, but have not used it much. Now that the weather is warming up I've pulled it out to see what I can make this weekend. I have made "The Renowned Mr. Brown" recipe with great success. Until I started looking at the book again I had forgotten how many non-BBQ recipes there were in the book (like for deserts, sides and drinks).

    Marlene those ribs look delicious!!


  13. I do perfer to make them myself (use half Italian flavored breadcrumbs and half panko), but we also use Tyson Crispy chicken strips. Whole chicken pieces, not ground up. They taste good and have a nice crunchy coating. I usually have a bag in the freezer, this way if I'm not home and the kids want a quick snack they can heat them up in the toaster oven (or sometimes in the microwave, but they are not as crunchy).

  14. I usually use pot holders, because with 4 other people in the house using dish towels to dry their hands I always pick the damp one to take stuff out of the oven.

    So I have been conditioned to use pot holders (no one uses them to dry their hands). I will use a dish towel and in a pinch a bathroom hand towel if I misplace the pot holders.


  15. I use a cast iron pan to make pizza, it comes out really great.

    I heat the pan on the stovetop to get it nice and hot, put in a little olive oil and than put in the dough. I let it come back up to heat and place it in a 425 degree oven for a few minutes. I take it out put on the topping and put it back in the oven until done.


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