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  1. This thread inspired me. My mom used to can but I never did. I have so many tomatoes and peppers so I figured why not. This weekend - I put up 9 quarts of cold packed tomatoes and 6 pints of habanero jelly. More tomatoes still on the vine - oven drying, salsa or maybe tomato chutney.

  2. Cucumber dill salad: peel and slice cucumbers; dress with a mixture of mayo and apple cider vinegar; season with dill, salt and pepper.

    Or my kids favorite way: peeled cut into spears on a plate with ranch dressing on the side for dipping. :biggrin:

  3. Hmmm.... I never flour first, just egg wash and then bread crumbs. I have not had a problem with the coating falling off. Maybe next time I fry I'll try it both ways to test. If there is no difference why go through the extra step?

  4. Here’s my method:

    Progresso Italian flavored breadcrumbs mixed with a little seasoning salt (or Old Bay if I'm frying fish).

    1 egg about a ¼ cup of milk (I usually eyeball it) mixed together

    Dip the cutlet in the eggwash than in the breadcrumbs and fry.

    Sometimes I’ll use panko or a mix of panko and Italian flavored breadcrumbs. My kids prefer no panko.

  5. Mr Stripey was the big stripey guys. The others were a mix of Early Girls (very very sweet) and that well known variety "I forget" (and I lost the tag).  Mr Stripey was more classically 'tomatoe-y' than Early Girl, while still sweet. The flavor wasnt super intense. He was better in the Caprese Salad than Early Girl is. She's a bit too sweet for perfection in that application*. She rocks in a bacon sandwich tho, or for snarfing sun-warm straight from the shrub. (*someone asked us to show him where we were injecting the sugar. She's that sweet).

    Oh, I think I'd like Early Girl. A rocking bacon & tomato sandwich sounds right up my alley.

    From the garden this week:


    Very pretty lcdm... what varieties are those?

    Starting from the upper left in the bowl:

    Orange Blossom, Big Beef, Pink Beauty

    The one with the green shoulders is either Prudens Purple or Striped German (I really have to remember which plants I pick from :)

    I just had my first Brandywine last night - that is my favorite out of all.

  6. I have noticed this, no matter what industry you are; in be nice to the "little guys" - the bus boys, the prep people, the garbage people, waiteresses, bartenders, the delivery guys, the order takers, customer service..... throw a bone their way (even if you just call or tell someone's supervisor how much you appreciate their help); they are the ones that will save you when you get into a jam.

  7. What a fun topic!

    As kids it was a big thing for us to get the pu pu platter - usually for someones birthday. We always went to the Jade Fountian in Clifton NJ. It was served with much fanfare ; the waiter carrying it high and placing it in the middle of the table , than lighting it. The sterno gave off an erie reddish glow (it was always dark in the resturant no matter what time of day). There would be spare ribs, mini egg rolls, shrimp toast, foil chicken and rolled beef. My sisters and I would take our skewers and heat up the food over the flame sometimes setting the deep fried shrimp toast on fire. I used to love going there.

    When I got older and could drive, my friends and I went to Lee's Hawaiian Islander in Lyndhust NJ for the pupu platter (not because they would serve those killer drinks to just about anyone that would walk into the place :laugh: ).

    I did a search on Lee's and found a thread posted on another forum by Jason Perlow (includes pictures):


  8. Maybe you can make the drive through as a pickup option; some of the chains do it (like Chevy's or Applebees;no pickup window though). Order ahaead (fax/internet/phone) and have it ready for pickup at the window.

  9. Hi, I started my pickles on Saturday and have been checking everyday - there has been no scum that has floated to the top but the liquid has turned cloudy - it that OK, or should I worry?

  10. My cucumbers and garlic were ready, and my husband has been bugging me to make pickles, I used the brine recipe for the half sour pickles and added pickling spice, garlic, pepper corn, hot pepper flakes and dill:


  11. If you are seriously interested, get a lawyer and an accountant who specialize in business transactions. An account can go over the books and let you know how much the place is worth (with/without the farmers market and catering).

    I would think that the farmers market and catering would be included, but what's to stop the current owner from opening up a "new" business close to you, a lawyer can help you with a non-compete clause.

    Liquor license laws vary by state but I assume before you close the deal you would have to get approved by the state/town (fill out an application, maybe fingerprinted, police would look at your history......).

    Find out about the lease, you don't want to find out later that the building is going condo (or whatever) in 2 years and than have to scramble to find a new place.

    Good Luck

  12. I would encourage my child’s choice, but suggest that they work in a restaurant before deciding. Any job - bus boy, waiter, prep person; they will be able to get a general feeling for the job, plus even if they don’t go into the industry the work experience will look good on an application.

  13. I can't eat warm eggs. My egg salad must be cold. I grate the eggs in the food processor and than mix with mayo. I like it on white toast w/lettuce and tomato (only in season tomatoes). Sometimes I make open face sandwiches (eliminates the squishing out of the filling) or on crackers. My mom used to put the cold boiled eggs through the meat grind - the whites would come out like tiny pearls - yum.

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