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  1. I definantley agree with all of Brads points and would like to add, from my own personal experiance; I have 3 children, 11, 7 & 2.5. When we do go out, I refuse to sit in a McDonalds or Burger King, the next step up is Applebee's (or some such place). The kids enjoy it (they get to color and recieve a balloon as they leave) they always find a meal on the menu they enjoy. I don't feel bad bringing my kids there (because they are noisey, but they blend in with the other kids). My husband and I can find something we can eat, I don't have to do the dishes, someone waits on us, and I can get a drink. The service is usually fast (needed with a 2.5 year old) and the price is right.

    FYI: when my husband and I dine out alone we support local chef owned establishments.

  2. Taboni,

    That's exactly how my dad made it (no real recipe, he just knew). He did grate the horeseradish on the back porch, this helped with the fumes. He always said don't forget the vinegar as this brings out the heat/flavor of the horseradish. He used jarred beets and would than store the horseradish in the empty beet jars.

    He would use the leftover beet juice to pickle hard cooked eggs (nothing was wasted).

  3. I like tuna a couple different ways.

    Usually use chunk lite packed in water drained. For the traditional sandwich it's tuna mixed with mayo on white bread (maybe top with potato chips) or when I'm more creative on whole wheat toast (or a roll) topped with hot pepper rings, tomato, lettuce and swiss cheese. Sometimes I mix with shredded carrots and celery and have on saltines. I also like a good tuna melt from the diner.

  4. hillvalley,

    It is a seperate service usually held in the church hall.

    As to the horseradish, my grandmothers villiage in Ukraine was a Jewish&Catholic mix, so it would stand to reason that the foods that they could aquire would be similar.

    The paska that my family makes is more bread like (similar to a babka or challah). My recipe is at home if I remeber I will post later today.

  5. Easter is my favorite holiday. I'm Ukrainian we get an Easter basket of the Easter food blessed at church on Holy Saturday. The basket usually consists of ham, kielbasa, hard boiled eggs, farmers cheese, horseradish w/beets, paska(sweet bread), butter, and decorated eggs (some people even get their chocolate bunnies blessed). We get to eat the food Easter Sunday served with various side dishes and desserts. I guess my favorites of the meal are the farmers cheese & freashly made horseradish piled on the paska with a slice of ham, yum yum.

  6. OK so I'm on a Atkins/South Beach sort of diet Good Carbs/Good Fats. I usually eat whole grain breads (too many carbs makes too much me) anyway, I want to thank the peolpe who mentioned Plugra. I read this thread and saw plugra in Shop Rite, I figured what the heck and purchased it, well now we are all addicted, thank you for my 2.99 habit. :)

  7. How do you open jars that are hard to open? I used to have a can/bottle opener you know the .25 cent kind and put the bottle opener end under the lip of the jar to pry it open and let some air in.

    OK so I could not find the can/bottle opener (my husband calls it a church key), and I try my alternative methods tap the back of a butter knife on the rim of the lid (usually works, but did not this time), used the free bank rubber round grip thing (did not work), brut strength (hah ha ha face turning red) and my final resort is asking my husband (which usually works) but he was working. So in the end I made something else for dinner because I could not open a jar.

    So do you have any fool proof jar opening techniques to share?

  8. While I was pregnant I craved chopped liver (chicken), chicken salad, mayo, spicey food (hot peppers, buffalo wings, chineese food) red meat, ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia). Although I like veggies I could not eat them during pregnancy, they tasted slimey and made me gag.

    While I was pregnant my favorite meal was to go to the diner and have a chicken salad club with french fries w/extra mayo (I dipped my fries in it).

  9. I like Ina. She makes food that is simple tastes good and my family will eat. She acts like someone you could party with. One thing that does get on my nerves is when she laughs and sucks in her breath. I love her house and kitchen.

  10. Hi,

    I am also renovating my kitchen and this website has been wonderful

    http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/ it has an appliance and kitchen area. Check it out. We were also on a budget and here is what we did- gut the kitchen - did all the plumbing, electic, drywall and subfloor. I stained the subfloor (plywood). We are using our old refrig and dishwasher. I purchased a new range. We got an big old wire rack from a store going out of business (our storage). We purchased the cheapest sink and faucet from home depot also bought 6 foot run of premade formica. This is our temp kitchen. Our next step will be the cabinets and floor and counters (probably in a year or two).

  11. My Mother-in-law was giving me "advice" during the preperation and cooking of Christmas dinner. I put the tenderloin roasts in the oven, set the timer (attached the timer to my blouse - so I would not forget) and walked to the bar for a much needed drink. With a minute to spare on the timer I walk into the kitchen to find my Brother-in-law on his hands a knees cleaning the kitchen floor and the roasts on the counter. Apparently my Mother-in-law thought they were done and wanted to take them out of the oven and dropped them (all three) on the floor. We rinsed them off and servered them with a nice horseradish sauce.

  12. I'm having 18 guests for dinner. One thing to ask yourself is what would the majority of your guests like. Make sure the menu is easy with some do ahead dishes so you are not spending all your time in the kitchen (unless you want to LOL).

    This is what I am serving:


    Antipasto platter (fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, olives, pickled mushrooms) & italian bread

    Shrimp cocktail

    Cheese and crackers (maybe baked brie)


    Salad (baby greens w/ red onion and walnuts and goat cheese & raspberry vinegrette)

    Beef Tenderloin w/ horseradish sauce

    roasted garlic potatoes

    I have not decided on the veggies yet (maybe green beans and/or spinach and/or glazed carrots).

    dinner rolls

    I have asked some people to bring dessert.

    Add some wine, beer and a few cocktails; there you go!

    Here is the recipe for the tenderloin I have had great success with it:

    Copyright, 2001, Barefoot Contessa Parties!, All rights reserved

    edited by col klink

    If anyone would like to see this recipe, please email lcdm.

  13. My husband and I have been to the Grapevine several times for lunch and once for dinner. We enjoy it, they have creative sandwiches, pizza and pasta dishes. They are also very accomodating, if you want any substitututions they are happy to oblige.

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