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  1. I guess I'm just not used to ppl complaining about my food, I suppose I need thicker skin.

    I think complaining was my grandmother's second nature, and if she wasn't complaining there was something wrong with her.

    Too hot, too cold, too tough, too mushy, not the right brand, not how she cooked it......

    When she went to visit my sister (my sister has 4 young children), my sister would ask what she wanted for breakfast, my grandmother would say, if it's not too much trouble an omlet would be nice. My sister said she would make an omlet for her every morning because that's what she asked for. When my grandmother returned home my Aunt asked how the visit went; my grandmother complained...all they did was feed me eggs and I don't even like eggs. :blink::laugh:

  2. I ordered pierogies from pierogies plus in PA for the holidays they were very good (almost like baba's) http://www.pierogiesplus.com One year I got the mini's and served them as appy's with sour cream (I also served cut up kielbasa w/mustard).

    Rethink about having food for the kids, parents have a much better time at a party if the kids are happy. I usually make a tray of mac and cheese for the kids, and have cookies or cupcakes for them.

  3. Is there any reason she said that, as a customer I would not think to ask that if the products were fresh?

    If you are sure your products taste exactly the same as just baked than I would lie. I found out that a local bakery froze some items and even though they tasted good I could not bring myself to purchase frozen/thawed items.

  4. The first I heard of Jezebel Suace was when I received it from a co-worker for Christmas, this is the recipe she gave me, it's too spicy for me so I cut down on the dry mustard:

    Jezebel Sauce

    1 ( 5 oz) jar horseradish

    1 ( 1.12 oz) can dry (ground) mustard

    1 ( 18 Oz. ) jar pineapple preserves

    1 (18 oz) jar apple jelly

    2 T. coarsely ground pepper, or LESS

    Mix the horseradish and dry mustard well. Combine with remaining ingredients. Good with pork, ham, over cream cheese. This make 4 cups


    I think of it more as a pepperjelly than a chutney, I think it would go really well w/BBQ.

  5. I just figured it was called Jezebel sauce because it was hot and spicy. The recipe that I have (off the top of my head) has apple jelly, pineapple jelly, mustard powder and horseradish. I'm sure there are many variations. It's very good with baked brie or pork chops.

  6. Thinking of the foods my grandmother ate -

    stuffed cabbage

    stuffered peppers


    pork cutlets (breaded & fried) - serve w/red cabbage

    Chicken croquettes

    beef barley soup/stew

    When I worked at a diner the most popular dish among the seniors was liver and onions.

    How about quiche or omelets?

  7. If the restaurant chooses to serve underage patrons think of it as a gift not a right. An establishment could suffer fines, have their business shut down for days or have their license taken away (and it would be very difficult to apply for a new one, if one was available). Tough luck for the owners and employees.

    If the underage patron causes or is in some sort of accident or has some sort of medical reaction the restaurant could be help liable.

    As a parent if I found out that my underage child was served I would be angry, I don't care how high end it was.

  8. Again, we are doing OK in Verona,except the last 2 days; slowest days we've ever had....

    Eric, I work at a deli just over the hill from you in Montclair, so I get a good sense of the traffic (car as well as foot) on Bloomfield Ave. , & I can tell you that it's dropped off ASTONISHINGLY this week. I am emphasizing this because it's so markedly different from what it usually is. I have no idea where everyone has gone, but we're seeing the same thing. I assume it's some weird seasonal thing & it will pass.

    Or is the W. Orange Whole Foods just sucking everyone in now?

    I would say 1. holiday shopping and 2. it's cold out.

  9. Everyone has great ideas. I could give you an example of things I did when we were straped for cash.

    Take bagged lunch to work.

    I would cut coupons - only for the things I would normally buy (some stores double or triple them).

    I would look at the supermarket sale flyer before shopping - try to buy only what was on special (stores usually rotate sales, one week chicken, the next pork and so on).

    I would make a list for my budget and meal plan and stick to it.

    Some meal ideas:

    roasted chicken legs (whole legs are usually on sale by me for .49lb)

    frozen veggie (store brands on sale .99)

    baked potato (5lb 1.99)

    beef stew-

    Chuck cut into cubes (sometimes the family size package precut is cheaper than the whole roast)




    potatoes - make enough so you can freeze

    Chili (sort of like hamburger helper)

    1 lb ground beef

    tomato sauce

    2 cans of beans

    onion (can also add leftover veggies)


    serve over elbow macaroni w/small amount of grated cheddar

    Good Luck :smile:

  10. Also, we have begun to sell our Mini Eggroll Dogs frozen in packs of 25 pieces...They come with Duck sauce or Spicy Brown Mustard and are 13.75 tax included.

    Glad to see the duck sauce is now included! :wink:

    Fwiw, I've now seen the effects of high school "open lunch" in two places...Montclair and Nutley. I really think you should target one of these towns--between students and families, you'd rake in the $$. Starting around 11am, kids who have lunch or a free period FLOCK (on foot) to the local inexpensive places to grab lunch.

    Want to see what I mean? Go to the small strip mall on Valley Road that houses a Krauser's along with a Chinese place and a bagel shop. You literally can't drive in to the parking lot because of the volume of kids--and yes, most of them are eating. It's like an invasion! I know I've mentioned to you that Nutley also has an open lunch policy, and I've seen the hoardes there as well. But know where they go there? For pizza or to the Burger King. Why not give them another option?!?


    Nutley would be wonderful (especially since I live there). If you were on Franklin Ave, during the school year you would be packed but it might die in the summer. Montclair might be a better year round location.

  11. b) not to have a rehearsal dinner, since, as my husband says, "You don't rehearse a show that's been open that long".

    Your husband has the right approach, and he made me laugh. Double points.

    I also agree with your husband, and if you do have the rehersal dinner have a small buffet or BBQ at home for just the wedding party.

    My parents gave my husband and me a certian amount toward the wedding, anything over was our responsibility. I would never think of asking my in-laws to pay for "their" guests, as they are now part of my family.

  12. Having it at our house again, about 15 people (last year we had 30), maybe a few dropins for dessert.


    Crab stuffed mushrooms

    Shrimp Cocktail

    Cheese plate


    2 Turkeys one roasted, one smoked

    2 Stuffings apple sausage & chestnut

    Corn w/bacon

    Sting Beans

    Peas (or maybe spinach)

    Sweet Potato casserole w/ pecan topping

    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Turnips (MIL will make these)

    Dinner rolls


    Cranberry sauce

    Dessert: Whatever people bring (but I think I’ll make some kind of chocolate cake/torte)

    And lots and lots of wine!!!!

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