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  1. Down here in 'southern' jersey, there is a plan to build a Wegman's in Ocean Twp - saves me driving to Manalapan, which i don't do as often as I would like... I await the opening with great anticipation.
  2. cbel964


    Hate their coffee, but the other day I ordered a cider drink, with some cinnamon stuff in it, and yummy cream on top.
  3. I'm a salty snack craver. any kind of chip put in front of me will be devoured in about 4 seconds.
  4. hey sounds like my kind of dinner. crispy duck and easy to make!! Thanks a bunch, when I try it I will report back.
  5. i have a small duck breast that i would like to cook (and soon) but have no idea how to, what to, or anything!!!
  6. BEST THIN CRUST: Pete & Elda's in Neptune. BY GOD, THEY DO IT RIGHT
  7. cbel964

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    wow; i had a can of ginger ale. not feeling great
  8. As being one of the ametuers still using the red and white books- for the life of me i cannot remember the name; Thank you for suggesting Mark Bittman and C. Trotter.
  9. I believe it's NAAN bread. supposedly Wegman's makes it, but i haven't tried
  10. I'll keep it short & sweet. Dirty rice with poor quality sausage.
  11. i have had it at Ground Round. It's fried inside a thin tortilla? to keep together. All i can say was it was delish.
  12. I think I have about 10 cookbooks. I have used about 5 of them. These include two of my husbands (Indian food). I can't get my head around them.
  13. cbel964


    Orange-ade, and Green Tea.
  14. cbel964


    i like Total Yogurt, altho i can only get it once in a while. I also like the Organic Stonyfield. The Yocrunch ones are good too, albeit very 'dessert-like'.
  15. OK: now my 2 cents. I LOVE duck. ok. that is out of the way. Now for my question: I found a small duck breast in my local shoprite (I snatched it up) ; now, however, it is in my freezer. I need to know how to cook it - i do not have a grill... And would prefer easier, as opposed to 'challenging'.
  16. I'm trying to 'poll' people to find out which knives they think are the best. German, american, asian..... I'd like to not spend a fortune, but hey, if they are worth it, I would... thanking you in advance
  17. ummm where shall I start. Pistachios (only the Turkish kind) spinach asparagus chicken wings and of course chocolate
  18. I'm a happy woman! i went to Trader Joe's! I got Total Yogurt! On the other hand, I haven't eaten it yet.. I drove in the pouring rain to get there! On a weird note, while in marlton , tried to get something to eat, and being a smoker, felt VERY discrimated against (two restaurants did NOT have smoking sections!)... Needless to say, we ended up at a diner........................
  19. WAIT! i just did some surfin', and there is one is Marlton. As it sooo happens, I am going to Marlton tomorrow! I WILL MAKE IT A POINT TO STOP AT TJ's.
  20. NO Trader Joe's near me. I'm in central/southern NJ... How about a health food store? Now you really have my interest piqued!!! I MUST try it!
  21. What is Total yogurt and where can I get some?????
  22. Let me tell you a little known secret. The Anchor Inn in Ocean Gate, NJ (south of Toms River) is a GREAT, fantastic, little neighborhood restaurant. They have the MOST delicious Delmonico steak, ever. Period... Also their Lobster tail is the only one I would eat... Service is friendly...but let me warn you, go early! I order mine Medium Rare, and ALWAYS bring half home....
  23. \It is hard to explain. Just try it; you may not like it, but you can say I have had it. I personall can't imagine ANYONE not liking it. It has all these great tastes: fried fatty duck, sweet/sour of the plum sauce, crunchy cucumber... Need I go on...Now i'm drooling......
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