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  1. if only trader joes was near me. i have an hour car ride to Marlton
  2. cbel964


    Not a bad taste. I have used it with chicken, eggs.
  3. cbel964


    they say you can - and should - use it in your deep fryer. I only have a 20 ounce bottle, so I haven't yet.... so i would imagine it can tolerate a pretty high heat. My kitty is my darling baby - the child I never had
  4. cbel964


    I ordered my Enova a month or so ago; have been using it to saute/fry. It's from the Chicago area and you can't buy it in stores around me anyway.. Just wondered if anyone else has tried it, liked it, hated it, etc...
  5. then I go to the supermarket, get $1.00 worth of veggies at the salad bar, and I'm ready to go
  6. what are the round disc things you refer to? Ha! I found it! You can buy the disks at Bed, Bath & Beyond-type stores (at about half the price you see listed here): The green disk thingy I'm getting some tomorrow! I agree with the bagged people. I usually eat salad for lunch, and only if I eat a ton of it each day will it not go to waste. As a matter of fact, i just threw out about 1/4 of a bag (this is after eating it for 3 days in a row)...
  7. I've eaten in New Hope a few times, and always had a pretty good meal. Now, I've NEVER eaten in Lambertville. You certainly have my interest!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. usually a pleasure. to Wegman's - a DELIGHT.
  9. Pretty much all of them. It's been a few years since I threw all of that money at Nutrisystem, but I do remember at the end, right before I quit, that I couldn't stomach that food any longer I'm a much wiser (if poorer) person now.
  10. I only have one thing to say: nutri-system. Probably the most disgusting food on the planet. No wonder people who eat it - or don't as the case may be, lose weight!
  11. I keep seeing in various recipes to use a heavy-bottomed pot. All of mine are fairly lightweight, but before I go out and purchase something, which one(s) are the best?
  12. Well why did it take so long for these things to be invented and WHERE CAN I GET SOME? My toaster is now a $7 one, nor is it a $200 one. Mine cost a whopping $25
  13. just some bailey's...I'm a simple gal
  14. This year, I'm making a FRESH turkey. I'm very excited. I'm just wondering, is the prep anydifferent from cooking a frozen bird?
  15. Had a delightful trip to Wegman's yesterday. Got a gorgeous piece of talapia with hazelnuts which was utterly delicious. plus some other things i cannot find anywhere. The magazines alone are a treat to see. (they must have a magazine for EVERYTHING now...I saw one called Arthritis Today..)
  16. Reading these posts, You all have me convinced. I will NOT buy one of those cheaper, lightweight grill pans that I have been thinking about. I WILL buy a Lodge! Signed, the converted one
  17. cbel964

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    An egg/cheese/bacon croissant from Dunkin' donuts.
  18. OH MY GOD! QUISP was the best!!! Capt Crunch was up there too!
  19. Not true about English/Canadian bacon. English bacon is very thick and sooooooo unfatty like American bacon. When I first heard of a 'bacon sandwich' i was like (ewww) but with that bacon, it's VERY delish. You can buy Irish bacon at Shoprite, but it's a tad different. I can probably have it shipped from the UK for about 100 bucks! (if i were so inclined)....
  20. Am wondering if and where they are any good butchers in this area. Also, anyone know where you can buy "english" bacon???
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