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  1. I don't know, but I'm going there on thursday, the 4th. i will let you know!!!
  2. Mastori's is not only a mere diner, it's an institution!
  3. just some water, and unsalted almonds out of a bag. I seem boring to you-all culinary-ists!
  4. My chain faves are: Olive Garden (i KNOW, it's not REAL italian food, but good food just the same) Cracker Barrel (when i'm 'down' south) they have one of the best breakfasts , and for some reason, it just tastes good. maybe cause I'm not cooking, or cleaning up!
  5. my favorite beer is Yeungling. It's brewed in nearby Penn. Very good taste.
  6. i make my own version of Thincrust Bobili pizza. My husband says it's better than any he has had in a restaurant. I first brush the pizza base with olive oil... I next put a small amount of sauce... I always use more than one kind of cheese. 3 preferably. Mozzarella, cheddar, and sometimes monteray jack.. I usually do a 'veggie' kind since I'm not find of meat on pizza. I will use onions, mushrooms (which i chop up), and a red or orange pepper. After assembling, I also grate on some Percorino, and lastly, add parsley, basil, crushed red pepper for some kick, and oregeno.
  7. Thank you for all the great info. Shrewsbury is closest for me, altho I may try Manalapan. I will definitely let you know how it is!!!!
  8. I must add my 2cents and tell everyone that the American Diner in East Windsor makes the BEST omelettes!! A friend of mine took me there years ago, and when we pulled into the parking lot, I thought , "oh great a DINER...Guess I'll have a greasy burger".. Imagine my great surprise when my beautiful fluffy omelette was presented to me.. Apparently, after cooking on the stovetop, they finish them off in the oven. The Best. You MUST Try!
  9. I have seen some strange chip (or crisp) flavors in England. Prawn (shrimp) crackers, steak and onion, ketchup (Yeuuuuk) flavored, bacon, you name it, they make it. My favorite was the 'salt-your-own' kind, whereas in each small bag was a packet of salt, so you could make yours as salty as you wanted.
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can go in or around Monmouth County NJ for Peking Duck? None of the places I have investigated offer it... The last time I had it (and the first, now that I think about it) was while living in the UK, and I fell in love with it... That and the fried seaweed was my favorite meal. Short of going to NYC, I wish there was somewhere in my own backyard where I could enjoy it...
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