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  1. I was going to merge this into a previous Babylon topic, but there doesn't seem to be one dedicated to it. Here are some of my previous posts about Babylon within other threads: River Edge, Oradell, Emerson, Hackensack, Any good restaurants in these areas Istanbul Restaurant--Ridgewood Bergen County area: cheap recommendations, please! I wish them the best of luck in finding a place to reopen.
  2. I believe those are caper berries. I have a jar of them in my pantry right now. They are an excellent alternative to an olive in a cocktail.
  3. Yes, that's seems to be the gist of it, the landlord didn't renew Babylon's lease because they are planning on tearing down the building.
  4. They were at the other end of a strip mall from the Huffman Koos. Actually, the Huffman Koos closed more than a year ago, it has since been at least two other furniture store incarnations, but Babylon and the pizza place (and a couple other storefronts) next door to it have remained throughout. Is it already closed?... I called myself, tonight is their last night, and they don't have a new location lined up, such a shame.
  5. So, you went at lunch time but seemed to order from the menu rather than partake of the dim sum & buffet. Next time you go on a Sunday at lunch time, order more dumplings from the one page list they give you, which is included in the all you can eat buffet price.
  6. Sorry, but this is the NJ forum, and restaurants in NY are to be discussed on the NY forum. As this place already has a thread on the NY forum (link in first post), I'm just going to close this thread. Please refrain from posting about restaurants in other states in the NJ forum, even if their proximity makes it tempting. Thank you.
  7. It's amazing to me that the yolk's membrane doesn't rupture when you apply the hot caramel.
  8. Days/Weeks. Technically you can reboil stock every few days to keep it from spoiling. But it is easier to just store it in small packages (1 or 1/2 cup in baggies or ice cube them) in the freezer.
  9. I have. If there are two of you and you want more than your per order limit, you just break up your purchases into two orders. You can use the same discount card for both orders.
  10. I guess I have to wait a bit then. Anyone else not getting any zucchini? I picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes to go with lunch, and even though they are more orange than red, with a tinge of green, they are still so fab just picked. Mmm.
  11. We have plenty of larger tomatoes that aren't ready yet, but the cherries are starting to ripen. Plenty of cucumbers, I've been picking them on the small side and started pickling. I only save one or two of the larger for fresh salads, as there will always be another of size for that in a day or two. The herbs are doing well: basil, mint, parsley, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, chives. The peppers are starting to come in: banana, jalapenos & other chilies. The mesclun mix lettuces I started from seed are giving us a continous supply. Now for the duds... the Brussels Sprouts are huge plants, with no sprouts on them. The cauliflower plants are getting big, no cauliflower buds yet. The zucchini plants are big, with flowers blooming every day and a million buds down there in the center, but no fruit yet. I had planted some potato sprout cuttings and those plants look good, how do I know when to dig up potatoes? I'm watering every morning for 30-60 minutes depending on the weather.
  12. A lot of the recipes in her book start that way, by taking 1/2 a cup of sofrito and frying it in the achiote oil before moving on to the rest of the ingredients. The sofrito and the achiote oil are both listed as part of 10 essential base recipes. She recommends making a large batch of the sofrito and freezing it in 1/2 cup portions, instead of having to make it for every recipe. But it isn't cooked until you begin the final recipe, not before freezing.
  13. Why do you list Shake Shack and Tabla as non-examples? Well, OK, Shake Shack is usually too busy to treat you like family, but Tabla? I've found it to be very welcoming, with great service and positive staff attitude, not to mention the killer food.
  14. Moderator Note: I have had to remove several posts from this thread because of personal arguments, sniping, and baiting. Please keep this thread on topic and civil or I will be forced to close it. Thank you.
  15. May I recommend mail ordering from Penzey's? Figure out all the spices you need and do a big order, it's more cost effective that way.
  16. I believe that's the one in the Livingston Mall parking lot (Fridays?).
  17. Link: Tasty Summertime Tradition Lives On in New Orleans
  18. Rachel Perlow


    JIC someone out there who wants to make pickles is scared by this story... The dangerous part was sealing the fermenting pickles container. It needs air to "breathe" and place for the resulting gases to go. Sealing them in glass??? Yikes! However, after they are done to your liking, it is safe to put them in the fridge in closed containers. I use plastic though, I wonder if the gas continues to build in glass?
  19. I only had two that night!
  20. For homemade and interesting sides, I'd do a twist on the traditional. Instead of boring potato salad, make one you couldn't buy at a deli. Same with macaroni salad and cole slaw. Roast corn on the cob, rub or serve with olive oil and sea salt instead of butter. Have some intesting toppings for the burgers -- green chilies, a decent swiss, cheddar or jack cheese, or peanut butter (goober burgers (melted peanut butter)) -- instead of jarred relish, American cheese, or ketchup & mustard. Then guage their reactions to these items. Do they notice that the sides are homemade? Does mom or dad ask for recipes? Do the kids complain about the cheese or make faces at corn? As for new neighbors, instead of cooking for them, I've delivered summer bounty from my garden. That is always appreciated. Although you need to put the note on the outside of the bag. One time a neighbor's grandkid answered the door and took the bag for them. He told them about it, but he didn't remember my name. They didn't find the note inside the bag until several days later, when she finally called to thank me for it.
  21. One of the theatres we go to is in this huge mall with a Target as one of the anchor stores, just down the hall from the movies. Since it's in the mall, they can hardly not allow you in with your other mall store purchases. Even if it's a Target bag with drinks and snacks inside -- don't even have to bother "sneaking" it in.
  22. The Daruma in Englewood doesn't have any Korean BBQ either.
  23. My PepperMills Supreme 2000 finally lost its charge last week. That's 7 months on 1 charge! It didn't slowly lose its charge the way some rechargeable appliances do. It pretty much went from full speed ahead to wimpy to dead in about one or two uses. I gave it another full charge so I'm probably good to go till 2007. For those who need one handed operation and/or want an electric pepper mill, I highly recommend this one. Link to their website above in quoted post.
  24. Rachel Perlow


    If you aren't growing Kirby cucumbers, just pick your regular cucumbers when they are the size you like for pickles (4-5 inches). As a guide, take your eventual pickle storage container out to the garden, I use quart sized soup/deli containers, so any longer than 5 inches are too big for the container. I use a tablespoon or so of generic* "pickling spice" in addition to the salt solution, and several peeled, slightly crushed, garlic cloves. Depending on the temp, they ferment into pickles in 5-14 days. Just check them every few days and refrigerate when they are just about where you like them. They continue to ripen, so don't let them go too long at room temp. *I'm out of the pickling spice that came with my spice rack, so I just ordred some from Penseys. I'll report back on how I like it, but I'm very optimistic. From the link: A high-quality blend for all pickling and canning, and packed with flavorful spices for traditional recipes. Use 2-3 tsp. per quart for bread and butter pickles, pickled eggs or onions, canned tomatoes and peppers. For dill pickles, add fresh dill sprigs and garlic cloves. Also nice for sauerbraten. We use less mustard seed than most pickling spice mixes, as mustard is the least expensive spice around. Penzeys pickling spice has the proper blend of spices, mustard and bay leaves. Hand-mixed from: yellow and brown Canadian mustard seeds, Jamaican allspice, cracked China cassia, cracked Turkish bay leaves, dill seed, Zanzibar cloves, cracked China ginger, Tellicherry peppercorns, star anise, Moroccan coriander, juniper berries, West Indies mace, cardamom and medium hot crushed red peppers.
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