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  1. I went to the Englewood Farmers Market on Friday. There are about 5 vendors. Two with produce, I got some very nice blueberries, cherries, zukes, tomatoes and romanesque broccoflower (?). There's a pickle guy (not Picklicious), the same bread baker as years past, fresh mozzarella (and frozen fish and meat entrees) vender.
  2. The rice Jason pictured is a Palow, not just a pilaf. It is made with brown basmati rice and has raisins, pistachios and candied carrot strips as garnish. We chatted with the woman who does the cooking and she was telling us how she washes then soaks the rice for 24 hours before cooking. Each day, after she cooks that day's batch of rice, she starts the next soaking. The kofta kabob was excellent as well. Strongly spiced with visible pieces of onion, not too finely ground. We'll definitely be returning.
  3. Marshmallows don't just melt & get gooey when heated, they expand. So your pancakes might get weirdly lumpy. Take pics for us!
  4. Each pitmaster offered one plate, it either just had one type of meat, or two, but you got just what they offered, not a choice. I.e. Ed Mitchel offered a whole hog pulled pork sandwich, and that is what you got. Elgin offered a combo of brisket and sausage. Orders were lined up by the prep people dozens of plates at a time, there was no time or capability for servers to customize orders. So, no, Chris Lilly did not offer chicken in white sauce, just the pulled pork sandwich pictured above.
  5. That does indeed sound like an excellent value. We usually picnic on the lawn in our town where the fireworks display happens. Perhaps this year it will be a BBQ picnic.
  6. Be sure to let us know where you went and how it was.
  7. We saw Danny Meyer on our way out today and he mentioned that the IT guys rewrote their software overnight and hopefully the FastPass transactions were faster today when compared to Saturday. I will say that several times when I used my card, the thing didn't ever want to read it on the first swipe. It took several swipes for it to recognize and process. Maybe they need to go back to tickets, like they had the 1st year. We hit two seminars today. The first was on making your own pork barbecue at home, the second was the film "Whole Hog" and panel including the filmmaker and Ricky Parker of Scott's BBQ in Lexington TN. Ricky wanted to cook here this year, but his style demands an open fire to burn wood down to embers before using in the pit, so permits for this was not obtainable. The movie and discussion afterwards made Tennessee hit the list for future vacation plans. Hmm, my favorite 'cue's? Southside Market's sausage, RUB's brisket, 17th St's baby back ribs, Bob Gibson's spicy coleslaw, Dinosaur's pulled pork, Blue Smoke's St. Louis ribs, Shake Shack's burger (had to see if you're paying attention). Oh, and the desserts were killer, that key lime is as good as a good one in Florida, and the blueberry pie was fab too. Edit: Shaw and I posted at the same time, glad to see similar thoughts about the 'cue.
  8. That's very cool. How did you get that angle?
  9. None in Bergenfield, but I did a quick search on yp.yahoo and there are a few within a 15 mile radius. If you go to the one in Blauvelt NY, you could stop by Bailey's for some of Fink's barbecue.
  10. sorry, joe and tess's has been closed for some time now. their key lime pie was great! iirc tess used to bring the limes back with her from florida. ← Sad.
  11. There's a link to the NY thread in my post above. Please post about Bailey's there.
  12. They don't even have a menu that includes the barbeque yet (the various 'cue are all "specials"). The place is locally known for their wings, bar pizza, burgers. It's a sports bar & hangout for local softball teams, etc. In fact, Fink suggested that we not go on Friday or Saturday night, the place is packed with locals who are just starting to learn how good they're getting it (but most of them order the wings, etc.). At lunch during the week? It's empty. Use mapquest or yahoo to get basic directions. Once you're on 303 N, just make a left at the first light after the Blauvelt sign. The street sign is highly visible, there's an HSBC bank on the corner. If you're heading south on 303 (like from the mall), make a right onto Erie, it's just down the road from Khan's Mongolian Barbeque. There's plenty of parking.
  13. I had a feeling you'd end up there for dinner.
  14. Yes. But the bar/restaurant is a couple miles from there.
  15. It's been almost 2 years since I last had a BarbeRueben, I've missed ya Dave! Love the new handlebar mustache too!
  16. Darn, we forgot to try the burger when we checked out Fink's new kitchen: Bailey's Blauvelt Inn and (soon to be) Smokehouse. Next time. Although I think several people in this thread will make it over there (in the next, hmm, 3 days? ) and let us know how it is.
  17. Since Stickey's has closed, Fink is now cooking at Bailey's Blauvelt Inn and Smokehouse. Blauvelt is in Rockland County, it is just off Rt 303, the Palisades Parkway, not far from the NJ Parkway, and NY Thruway. Jason just posted a whole bunch of pics on the new thread in the NY forum.
  18. Fink is now cooking at Bailey's Blauvelt Inn and Smokehouse. They are also doing outside catering.
  19. Fink is now cooking at Bailey's Blauvelt Inn and (soon to be) Smokehouse. Blauvelt is in Rockland County, it is just off Rt 303, the Palisades Parkway, not far from the NJ Parkway, and NY Thruway. Jason just posted a whole bunch of pics on the new thread in the NY forum.
  20. I don't know where you're located, but there's a good bubble tea place in Bergenfield, Fusion Ti; and in the Binghamton's strip mall, I think the cafe on the end closest to the boat also has bubble tea.
  21. I hadn't even read this thread before we went today, got a laugh from seeing what tommy posted, 2 days ago. We're so predictable! Anyway, I got home from work this afternoon, a cold rainy day, and told Jason I wanted a hot sandwich for lunch, thinking we'd go get a meatball parm sub or something. He says, "how's about an Italian Beef or a Chicago Dog?" and I knew he was referring to this thread (I had read the title at some point). I've seen Italian Beef sandwiches somewhere before, probably on one of those travel oriented food network shows. "Yes! Italian Beef sounds perfect!" The sandwich is dipped in its entirety, and is very drippy, eat it over the tray. The giardinara is served on the side, I put the peppers on Jason's side and I took the pickled carrots and cauliflower, as seen in the picture above. The Chicago Dog looked cool, and the frank itself is very good, but I'm with the "that's too much stuff on a hot dog" group. Pickles or relish, both is just too much, imo. The kielbasa is locally made, and is excellent with the brown mustard (I think that's also from Chicago), but I didn't like that the sourkraut is served cold. Jack says that's the way they do it in Chicago, but I like my sourkraut warmed. The fries are OK, but frozen and not handcut. An excellent drink selection, I think they serve every flavor of Boylan's.
  22. Our total bill that night was around $120 plus tip, we had a couple appetizers (spinach salad, tempura), the chirashi, the lobster sashim, and Jason ordered a specialty roll and a couple other more special, but regularly sized maki. Jason thought it was cheap, if you compared it to some of the places we've been to in NYC.
  23. There's a seafood place in Edgewater called Joe & Tess's, it's just up the street from La Vecchia Napoli, I've had good steamers there. (I can't find either on yp.yahoo, I know La Vecchia Napoli is still there, please correct me if I'm wrong about Joe & Tess's still being there.)
  24. There are two ways to order chirashi at Sakura Bana, Regular or Special (Chef's choice). I think the regular is around $20 and the special is $30+. I was going to get the regular, but Ken and Jason encouraged me to get the omakase, I believe we were charged around $34. My plate included toro, amberjack, salmon toro, giant clam, scallop, salmon roe, raw prawn (head was then deep fried to eat the body/head (except the hard carapice), octopus and a few other things I can't remember (those white fish pieces, there were two or three different ones). Chirashi is what I order when I want simple sushi, but can't decide what individual pieces I want. Sometimes nigiri sushi is too much to eat in one bite also. With Chirashi, you can take as much or as little rice/fish ratio as you like. Also, I request that the fish be cut in smaller pieces. Sometimes sashimi is cut quite large, and it is very awkward to take bites out of large pieces of raw fish, or worse, to try to cut them with chopsticks. So, it is much easier to have the sushi chef do this for you. Oh, and yes, the rice is on the bottom, then a layer of nori, then the fish.
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