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  1. Andrea, That's great news since I just rendered my first couple pounds of lard that I got from pastured hogs from our CSA. I can't wait to get ahold of your book as well.
  2. Great excerpt! Andrea, I've enjoyed your recipes in the San Jose Mercury News and elsewhere. Santa Clara is where I got addicted to pho. I would love to try the recipe for Bun Bo Hue in the October Saveur. I was wondering what is the traditional oil used in vietnamese cooking instead of canola oil? I try to stick with traditional fats. thanks! -- Kelly
  3. I started using it a few years ago and lost 5 stubborn post baby pounds, so it works for me! I only use EV coconut oil, EV olive oil, butter and lard now. -Kelly
  4. Before we left California, I'd always have Trader Joe's things in the freezer, especially the mini spanikopitas and the haricots verts. Now, for packaged items we'll usually have a box of Costco's El Monterey steak taquitos, Whole Foods tater tots, a couple bags of frozen veggies and maybe a couple frozen dinners for emergency lunches.
  5. I'm going to be vicariously following along too, wishing I was able to meet you all (and wishing I still lived in Ann Arbor!)
  6. I like El Tesoro, but my husband, having lived in Albuquerque for a few years, doesn't care for it. It's too "foofey and Santa Fe-ized" for him. I think it has a nice ambience and tasty, healthy food, but not terribly spicy and I've never seen any hispanic people in there. There are several little mom and pop Mexican restaurants in town but some of them go out of business before I can try them, and a few I've tried were just really greasy. All the green chile sauce I've found here is muddled and watered down BTW. If you want taqueria fast food type Mexican food, I'm a big fan of Taco Express (multiple locations). Here is an Article on them. The drive-thru is *very* handy when the kids are sleeping in the backseat and the weather is terrible, or I'm just too tired to cook. And they are open 24 hours. I've not had a bad thing on the menu. There are people from all walks of life eating there at lunchtime on the outdoor picnic tables or in the drive thru line. If you want a step up from the Bay Area taco trucks this is my pick. I actually eat there way too much (it's a large menu). -Kelly
  7. IMHO if you have had Mexican food in the Bay Area and New Mexico, you should just skip the Mexican food here. The only reason I have eaten at Salsa Brava is it's very close proximity to my house. It's very, very Americanized, though not bad food. It works for the little ones. That said, I do like La Casita- They have 3 or 4 locations in town. We are fond of the chicken enchiladas and those freshly made flour tortillas. Report back and let us know what you found, Mexican or otherwise, if you have a chance. -Kelly
  8. I just watched this on the DVR tonight. Yay, a food show in HD. Can't wait for more episodes. Three sheets and Beer Nuts were good too, especially the Belgium show. I watched the Costa Rica episode tonight and it was less informative, more watching people drink.
  9. I'm no expert, but for truffles I'm very fond of XOX Truffles in North Beach in San Francisco.
  10. Damn, I was in Ferndale last week and the week before and should have read this thread while I was visiting my mom. We were trying to think of somewhere to eat, having been kinda disappointed at Via Nove last summer and figuring Maria's Front Room would be too tiny for a table of 6. I'll pass on Christine's and Club Bart's to mom and sis though. (We ended up at Bastone in Royal Oak, kind of our fallback place.) -Kelly
  11. Yep, they're sweet and mellow.
  12. U.E., Do you actually remember these trying foods at age 4 and 5? Wow. Here's my list... Still a lot to try and I few I'm not sure I'll be sampling. 1st foie gras: Los Gatos, CA, 2004 1st caviar: 1997 or 98, department Russian Christmas party, S. San Francisco, CA 1st black truffle shavings: not yet! 1st white truffle shavings:not yet 1st alcohol of any amount: age 14, a half pint of sealed peppermint Schnapps friends and I found in a paper bag at the corner Detroit suburbs 1st raw oyster: Haarlem, Netherlands, 2001, age 30 1st eating something while it's still alive: n/a 1st escargot: Windsor, Canada restaurant, late 80's, with the high school french club 1st soft-shelled crab: Sono Sushi, Mountain View, CA, '95 or so 1st blood sausages: n/a 1st coconut (cracked open fresh): hmm, not sure... 1st avocado: early to mid 80's, Mexicantown, Detroit 1st sushi: see first soft shell crab above 1st sweetbreads: Los Gatos, CA, Manresa, 2005 1st beef tongue: n/a 1st jelly fish: n/a 1st pineapple fresh from the stalk: Hawaii, 1998 1st In-N-Out burger: 2000, California, currently dreaming of my next one 1st Gazelle meat: um, n/a ! -Kelly To add some of the others: 1st lamb: early 80's at my best friend's house near Detroit, stewed Iraqi style 1st real baguette and cafe au lait: 1988, Quebec City, french club trip
  13. Who thought a thread on the tiny Costco menu could run three pages? When I read the title I expected it to be all about the samples too. All the Costcos by us in the San Jose, CA had ttheir snack bars outside- yay for fresh air. I can't remember if our store here in CO (Litttleton/Lone Tree) has polish sausages and churros or not- I always get the Hebrew National and a Coke deal. I'm going to have to check next time we're up there...
  14. Classico used to be my fallback in the past, but it's been a few years. I'm not surprised to read that they changed the quality of their ingredients a bit- I just thought I was getting more picky. I do keep a few jars in the pantry though, especially the spicy red pepper version. I think Rao's and Mom's are both really good, although I've only sprung for them a few times. In fact Mom's garlic and basil was on sale at Whole Foods yesterday for $4 something. I love the big pieces of garlic and basil. Seeing they go for $6.00 on their website, maybe I should go back and buy a few more... -Kelly
  15. They were the best back on Fuji TV in California, not dubbed in english. Trying to figure out what they were cooking was the best part! Oh, and the totally hyperactive commentator. I've gone to watching Discovery Home, Fine Living and Travel Channels on cable... (and PBS of course!)
  16. It's not the heartland exactly, but I wish they'd open up one in Colorado Springs (or at least Denver). whine, whine. I'm in serious TJ's withdrawal after several years in California. serious.
  17. To me it means the different flavors of cream cheese available at Noah's Bagels...
  18. Here's my data from receipts from the stores I've shopped at recently, not including the many other places I go from time to time: Whole Foods Market (best quality local source of produce in winter) and online sources intermingled: beef (chuck) 4.00/lb grassfed, approx from lasatergrasslandsbeef.com bacon 4.69/pkg (1/2 lb?) nitrate free, "natural" chicken, whole salmon shrimp 13.99/lb wild, large, Key West cabbage 1.99/lb organic (highway robbery) carrots chiles corn garlic mushrooms 3.99/lb cremini olives 9.99/lb bulk onions potatoes 1.25/lb for a 2 lb bag of fingerlings squash apples bananas .89/lb organic coconuts lemons 1.19/lb limes mangoes .99 each on sale oranges tomatoes beans (dried) flour 3.49/5 lb bag King Arthur Bread Flour pasta/noodles (dried) 1.29/lb organic, whole wheat rice sugar cooking oil olive oil 36.00/2.5 L Spanish EVOO, latienda.com sesame oil soy sauce vinegar butter 4.00/lb organic cream 2.49/pt organic eggs 3.59/dz organic, large brown yogurt 2.99/qt organic milk 3.49/gal growth hormone free 4.99/gal organic cinnamon paprika pepper saffron vanilla beer bread .99/lb rustic round, sale coffee 12.49/lb intelligentsia.com juice 1.99/L single serve orange juice tea varies King Soopers grocery store (of the Kroger family chain) carrots 1.29/lb organic, sale, 2 lb bag apples 1.79/lb macintosh bananas .99/lb organic beer 6.99/6 pk Colorado microbrew bread 3.99 large country french, from local bakery Middle Eastern market: olives, bulk 3.99/lb HAR Mart, the largest asian grocer in Colorado: beef (chuck) bacon chicken, whole salmon shrimp cabbage .49/lb shanghai cabbage .99/lb choysum carrots chiles .99/lb serrano 2.99/lb thai bird corn garlic 1.99/lb peeled mushrooms 1.99/lb white button 3.99/lb organic oyster 4.99/lb shiitake olives onions .59/lb yellow, small potatoes squash apples bananas .79/lb organic coconuts lemons limes mangoes .99 each tomatoes .79/lb plum tomatoes beans (dried) flour pasta/noodles (dried) .59/lb rice vermicelli rice sugar cooking oil olive oil sesame oil soy sauce 1.99/L vinegar
  19. It was on early this afternoon in Colorado, so keep your eye on the schedule and it may air for you too eventually.
  20. Thanks to this mouthwatering thread I bought the book a few months ago and made my first braise from it Monday (chicken with olives and prunes). Yum! Restaurant quality flavor. I can't wait to try more... --Kelly
  21. ... a far cry from upscale dining (and certainly not one of my favorites) - but I believe that Zingerman's deserve's a mention. U.E. ← I was just going to mention Zingerman's as well.
  22. I was at the bank Halloween weekend and the teller and a customer were going on about a movie that was just being filmed here in Colorado Springs for a few days, at the teller's brother's fast food restaurant (Burger King I think she said) among other locations. (still with me?) She said it was about the fast food industry and called "Coyote" something. The guys says "Coyote Ugly?" and she said no. Then it's my turn at the window and I ask "is it Fast Food Nation" and she said "yes!". She said everyone was really excited to see Bruce Willis and Greg Kinnear and said the crew was really nice to them, according to her brother. They'd never heard of the book so I explained how Colorado Springs had a significant story line in there and that they should definitely read it. I'm really curious how it's going to play out in movie form and can't wait to see it. --Kelly
  23. [rant]I just wish I could put on a cartoon for my daughter without the endless parade of character licensed junk food (and junk toys, but that's another topic). Everyone is free to bring what they want or don't want into their homes, but marketing execs know that the kids are going to relentlessly beg for this crap just because it has Dora or Chicken Little on it. Kids at this age don't know the difference between truth and marketing. I just with they'd restrict the TV commercials for junk to the preteens and above shows. Is that too much to ask? [/rant] -Kelly
  24. For me lately it's a faux cappucino made with my Moka pot, freshly ground beans and whole milk frothed in 50/50 decaf/regular blend. I ordered some Intelligensia Black Cat decaf and regular beans which should be arriving tomorrow and I can't wait to try since I heard it's one of the best decafs around. Sometimes if I'm really tired I just have my husband save me 1/2 a cup of regular drip and I stumble downstairs to drink it. (not a morning person!) -Kelly
  25. Thankyou for the beautiful, beautiful photos. Although it's bittersweet as I sit her in the frozen tundra. I still wouldn't mind some gelato from Ciao Bella right now though. I wish I could run down and buy some of that produce right now (and spend way too much money in the Marketplace... sigh.) Your broccoli looks amazing and I love the looks of that veggie/grain salad a few pages back. Thanks for sharing! -Kelly
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