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    NA beer

    I drink a Haake Beck occasionally when I'm pregnant. It seems to have more of a beer flavor than the other NA beers I've tried.
  2. You may want to eat a very light lunch if you go to La Fondue! If you love cheese and chocolate and get a full dinner with meat you'll find yourself eating more than you should for so many courses.
  3. I just remember lots of food- Meat, two veggies and a starch usually. But I liked when she'd make homemade spaghetti with meat sauce (kind of like a bolognese) from the back of the Mueller's spaghetti box. She was very insistent that I pick up the Contadina tomato paste and canned tomatoes, and the Mueller's spaghetti. She was very brand specific now that I think back. The only think she made boxed for us was the Kraft mac n cheese with the little can of cheese and rice a roni because she couldn't get rice right. She would often bake a dozen chicken wings or other chicken parts because they were cheap. She got us to love our vegetables early and I'm thankful for that. Acorn squash with butter and brown sugar, cauliflower with white sauce, yum. All on food stamps and ADC while the neighbor kids were eating tuna casseroles and strange cream-of-mushroom casseroles and hot dogs and stuff.
  4. I finally found the men's Pocky which I haven't tried yet and the green tea mousse Pocky- It has a definite hint of green tea, mostly in the scent. Not bad. My favorite is the Glico (doesn't say Pocky) chocolate Pocky I got in Paris a month ago. No artificial flavors it appears. Made in France. True chocolate flavor. I will have to upload an image. I wish I had bought more!
  5. When I do have cereal anymore it's Barbara's Bakery Shredded Spoonfuls or Frosted Mini Wheats, with Straus whole milk.
  6. Yeah, I don't mind Ted's when I'm at the mall in Colorado Springs where all the restaurants are chains. I like the small glass bottles of coke and some fresh fries and a bison burger. Not bad at all.
  7. I might be confusing some of last week's with this weeks since I have some carryover in the fridge but... My CSA is Two Small Farms in the bay area and I got between last week and this week: amazing strawberries, spring garlic, radishes, oranges, kale, salad mix, baby turnips, cauliflower, cilantro, dill, and fava beans. And I get a flower subscription too.
  8. I got a 12 pack of coke with lime about a month ago (at Target I think). I agree with the others that the lime is too subdued. I think a squeeze of real lime would be much better/ Jenny, I used to buy diet cherry coke as my alternative to diet coke but when all I drank for years was diet soda. I seem to remember that I could only find it in 2 liters though. It seems like I still see it from time to time on the shelves.
  9. I haven't finished reading all of the replies, but what strikes me is not that she doesn't like to cook (plenty agree and still cook balanced meals) but that she doesn't seem to enjoy food, even much of a range of restaurant meals. I sense control as being more important than experiencing the senses here. (diet soda, no sauces, etc)... It's nearly the opposite of my mindset. That's weird. I can't find a single quote where she boasts of her inability to cook. I think you're reading a Rorschach here. I don't get it. What's so hard to understand about someone who doesn't like to cook? Is it any harder to understand than, say, someone who doesn't like to do their own auto repair or plumbing or painting or sewing or grass-cutting? ←
  10. I have a smaller one, but it only leaks when I haven't tightened it enough too.
  11. oh, and root vegetable kimchi from Wild Fermentation is a great way to use turnips, radish and carrots. I have a batch going on the counter. I almost forgot the leeks- They are one of my all time favorite vegetables.
  12. Chardgirl, I thought what you listed sounds familiar- I belong to the CSA that your farm is involved with. Compared to the CSA's I've joined in the past, the offerings are very abundant for this early in the season. I'm loving all the greens and root vegetables and salad mix lately. And tasty strawberries the past few weeks.
  13. We're finally going for dinner next Friday- I can't wait!
  14. We usually get the 365 brand here- less scary ingredients. My husband likes to bake them and smash them into a breakfast burrito he makes with eggs, cheese and Hatch green chiles. Ore-Ida Crispy Crowns (same as tots, only flatter): potatoes, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean and/or canola), salt, precooked wheat flour, yellow corn flour, natural flavoring, dehydrated onions, maltodextrin, autolyzed yeast, dextrose, disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate (to retain natural color). This thread inspired me to buy tots for the first time in years. We had some the other night with roasted halibut. Tonight, on my own for dinner, I baked a pan of crispy crowns at 450. Tipped into a shallow bowl, topped with grated cheddar, back in the oven for a moment. Added salsa and sour cream. Tasted good... ←
  15. Gary, You're wife's diet sounds somewhat lacking in protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin C... not sure what else. Probably omega-3 fatty acids... Maybe she will like more things with the garlic and onions? They make everything taste better. :) re: Mercola- I think he may be a tad overzealous but I like his emphasis on raw milk cheese, free range meat, wild salmon and coconut oil. A lot of his ideas are shared by a growing number of people especially regarding the healthy fats.
  16. We have a Biaggi's near our place in Colorado and I think it's one of the best restaurants in town at that price period (Although there's not a heck of a lot of diversity non chain wise). It is my favorite Italian chain, and they have 'em all there. Biaggi has a nice ambience too. I hope they don't grow too large and lose their level of quality. We were most impressed with the value for the price. We have a toddler too so we are limited in dining options somewhat. They brought a little snack right away for my daughter- things like crackers and carrot sticks. It was thoughtful and pretty healthy too. Also, we had an hour's wait one day because they had a big party. They had said 30 minutes originally. It's right next to a PF Chang's and some other "lifestyle mall" places and they're all busy.... They saw our toddler and told us the meals were on the house and to order dessert if we'd like! I've never had that happen at a chain before, after much longer waits and erratic service. Needless to say we gave them a great tip! They said they wanted to make sure we were completely satisfied.
  17. ooh, I love the photos. Good thing my husband is out of town because we're almost out of the roasted hatch green chiles he brought back from Albuquerque last year. Flying Star was my favorite breakfast place. I love the ambience there.
  18. I just found your blog and look forward to more reading. My husband lived in Rio Rancho the whole time we were engaged. We visit ABQ about once a year. My husband has trained me well over the years- We went to Frontier for dinner a few years ago with friends and I didn't think the food was *that* spicy! Great photos! Now, I want some blue corn chicken enchiladas for dinner.
  19. Me too! Whenever my mom made steak, she would get out the soft white bread to soak up the drippings and encourage us to do the same, also with ample salt. My husband thinks this is the strangest thing he's ever heard. I had forgotten about that: The once-a-week London broil broiled (natch) in the under-the-stove broiler. My special treat was bread slices soaked in the juices from that.
  20. I believe 40 grams is the same as a 12 ounce Coke, but still... wow! The paper had a full page ad talking about free Chantico day last week and I missed it. Maybe I'm not too late for a sample though. I don't think I could drink a whole 6 oz. I like my chocolate semisweet.
  21. My contributions: SOUTH BAY: as in Palo Alto and southward Oakville Grocery - Stanford Shopping Center Schaub's Meat- Stanford Shopping Center Milk Pail Market - Mountain View Dittmer's Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus - Mtn. View Lunardi's Market - Los Gatos, San Jose Cosentino's Market San Jose,Santa Clara Gene's Fine Foods - Saratoga health food stores: Country Sun Natural Foods - Palo Alto The Ubiquitous Whole Foods - several locations Also, I second XOX Truffles for chocolate. When I lived in Colorado, I had them overnighted to me and it was one of the things that kept me going through what I like to call "The Dark Ages".
  22. Noone mentioned my favorite reason to go to a buffet: Get the littles ones in and out quickly without a long wait for food. Plus it's usually a reduced price for children. They can try a bunch of different tastes and keep busy long enough for the parents to eat something and it's certainly not too formal a place to bring children. I enjoy a good indian buffet too- I can have some raita, and sample the entrees and dessert for a great price. Amber India in San Jose, oh so tasty and quick (see children and need for speed above.)
  23. If they try to recreate the diet of Biblical times, I'd be interested in watching.
  24. Strangely, the thought of broccoli made me gag and I normally loved it. To this day I much prefer broccoli rabe or chinese broccoli. I was lucky and didn't have real morning sickness. I craved Thai and Indian food (like usual!) and red meat, strange because I'd hardly eaten it for over 10 years. My carnivorous leanings have stayed with me too. I'd read that eating a variety of food in the 3rd trimester and while nursing will help your baby get accustomed to different tastes and it seems to have worked. She's really versatile.
  25. another vote for Peet's when I want decaf or am pregnant, for those to whom it might apply.
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