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  1. Convenient? Not exactly. If I have to drive more than ten minutes to get groceries, I get grouchy. Dulles, from my 'hood, is about 30-35 miles, I think.
  2. I asked for castelmagno at the Glover Park branch and the counterperson looked at me like I had two heads. Cheesetique has this wonderful cheese listed on its web site so I may have to make the trek.
  3. I had a just-ok dinner at Ceiba this past weekend. More about that later, but first I wanted to throw this out at the group: Have any of you had Ceiba's current preparation of lobster, described as: Fresh Carribean Spiny Lobster Grilled and Deviled, Crispy Fried Callaloo [Note: the spelling error of Caribbean is theirs, not mine] My friend, who loves lobster, but utterly perplexed by the presentation and didn't like the taste (she said it was very fishy). I was curious to know if it was the deviled part she just didn't get or if this preparation is just a bad idea.
  4. Just one forlorn, neglected star. Sounds like it might have received two stars (or maybe one and a half? Does Tom give half stars? Maybe not.) if not for the major service issues.
  5. Does anyone know the hours of lunch at Palena on Saturdays? I assume it is not continuous service through dinner, and want to make sure I don't get there too late.
  6. So true. While I remember my one meal there (admittedly about 18 months ago) as "fine," I did feel like I was still in a hotel lobby. Pretty bland space.
  7. For me, nightlife is about much more than the venue. With the right friends, I can have a grand ol' time whether we're in a dive bar or somewhere with more attitude. That said, if you're going to Cloud with friends and don't really care about who else is there, you'll probably enjoy the place. The food I tried at their opening was pretty good (and I thought the prices on the printed menu were reasonable; everything was gratis at the opening). Some of the drinks on the menu sound gross and some are just too sweet, but I like the sweet/tart blood orange cosmo. One of my friends likes the rosemary drink...I think it's a martini variation.
  8. That was not my experience in NYC (that drinks were always included). Around the corner from where I lived in Greenwich Village, there was a strip of places on Bleecker that offered a free drink, however it was often because their food was, shall we say, bad. These places targeted NYU students, their visiting parents and tourists.
  9. Good options, nice range - thanks to all. My mother's coming to town on business and has a few hours to kill (with me!). Fortunately I'm going to be able to take the Wednesday and Thursday off in exchange for the time off I didn't get to use last week. Hoping for more sunny days (I think I'm out of luck on Thursday but anything will be better than more time at the office).
  10. I would appreciate any suggestions you might offer for a place to have breakfast on a weekday in Georgetown. Peacock Cafe doesn't open until 11:30 on weekdays.
  11. It was on the menu at Charlie Palmer Steak this week, as a part of an appetizer of roasted sea scallops and oxtail. Click here.
  12. Coincidentally, two reasonably long-term staffers are now working other places.
  13. Disagree completely, lackadaisi, and am trying to understand where you're coming from (literally and figuratively). Where do you live? Where do you typically focus your dining out attention? As for Tom, I think he does our area a great service. I may not always agree with his reviews, but I know my taste is strictly my own. Beyond his one review per week (personally I can't imagine churning a quality review out with such frequency), he does extensive research (e.g., eating in restaurants all over the area, talks to owners/chefs, etc.), writes the "Weekly Dish" column and then still finds energy to tell area dwellers where they might want to eat when they travel, even if that has to happen on his own dime.
  14. As I sit here at my desk eating "just OK" food from City Lights of China, I started to wonder "do any of the good Chinatown establishments deliver?"
  15. There was quite an intriguing comment re: Palena's service in Tom's chat yesterday. I am surprised no one has brought it up yet.
  16. Waah, did not get to go today (and that white bean soup sounds awesome). I got a call from my boss at 10 pm saying I could no longer take the day (or Friday) off. It's been a long day and it's not over yet. A City Lights delivery person is on his way over here now.
  17. I think it was about $150, but that included many glasses of wine also. We were there for a very long time. ← That was for a few appetizers, dessert and wine, but no entrees, right?
  18. Nah, Thursday's stuff sounds fine to me! And I'll be in NYC by lunchtime on Friday. Thanks for the info.
  19. I am really hoping to grab lunch at Breadline tomorrow. Just checked the web site and confirmed that it has not yet been shut down by blogspot.com. Hoping for something as tasty as the items on today's menu sound...if anyone will be in that vicinity around 12:15 and wants to meet up, feel free to PM me. Question: just in case the weather tomorrow isn't as good as today, what's the seating situation at Breadline?
  20. Some of the drinks on the cocktail menu gave me that same reaction. I was going to try to give examples, however the web site is still under construction.
  21. Our service definitely was not pushy, however something weird happened: We ordered dessert. Nothing labor-intensive (e.g., a souffle) or anything, and yet our formerly-attentive server disappeared for longer than expected. About ten minutes passed and he reappeared...toting two candle-bearing desserts. He said he had been told that it was one of our birthdays. Not knowing which, he figured he'd stick a birthday candle and "Happy Birthday" candy tag on both. It wasn't either of our birthdays. He had shown a lot of polish through this moment. Instead of laughing it off, though, he seemed pretty miffed. My friend and I were at a loss. I had made the reservation through OpenTable.com and didn't make any special notes when doing so. Half-jokingly, we turned to the older couple at the table adjacent to ours and said "is it YOUR birthday?" Turned out it was the man's birthday, however he immediately added that neither of them had notified the restaurant, preferring discretion to embarassment (they were English). Perhaps the wife was trying to make it a surprise. I'll never know.
  22. I'm heading to i Ricchi tonight. Given that it's been at least two years since my last visit, I thought I'd check in with you, the knowledgable folks of egullet for suggestions (other than "take stacks of $$") beforehand. I remember TORTELLONI AL BURRO E SALVIA (ricotta and spinach filled tortelloni with sage butter) very fondly from a past meal there. On the other hand, the presentation of LE SALSICCE COI’ FAGIOLI ALL’ UCCELLETTO (grilled homemade sausage with cannellini beans and tomato) looked like pork and beans out of a can even though it tasted good. Thoughts/suggestions?
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