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  1. Here's the recipe (Washington Post).
  2. Yer man sounds like he'd enjoy Clyde's.
  3. Especially in the cafe. I typically wear nice jeans and a blazer or some sort of top. I wouldn't go there sloppy, but I wouldn't really go to many restaurants dressed any more casually than that.
  4. [ Colorado Kitchen = no reservations ]
  5. I'm very glad to find this as I travel (and will continue traveling) to Memphis every other month or so. I have had a decent, but not great, breakfast at Cafe Francisco. I think I hit Chef Wendell's World Grille on an off-night, but had a pretty good and fun dinner at Blues City. Oh those apple dumplings!!
  6. If you're really into the idea of dining at Central, keep calling. Don't rely strictly on OpenTable.com. Cancellations happen.
  7. Those are three great suggestions (although you're unlikely to get a table at Komi at this late date - it's muy popular). Corduroy is light on atmosphere in my opinion, but really tops in terms of food and service. I would add Central, new from Michel Richard. You can book via opentable.com or call and speak to a human.
  8. Open City is definitely worth a look. Extremely convenient to your hotel - just cross the street. Very popular for weekend brunch so go when they open or prepare to wait.
  9. Six pages of Citronelle discussion here.
  10. I second Otto and Bar Pitti, and add Lupa if no one has mentioned it thus far.
  11. Flattery will get you everywhere. <bats eyelashes> I do enjoy Rasika. If the teens aren't in the mood for ethnic eats, but you will be in Adams Morgan, try Bourbon. I had a great burger there Saturday (along with about a bucket of wine - urp). Just ask for your baked beans sans cheese. That is just weird. Rumba Cafe doesn't offer haute cuisine, but the setting is rather funky, particularly if they have live music set up for the night in question.
  12. After my last two or three meals there, I cannot recommend Jaleo. A shadow of its former self.
  13. I have been a fan of Matchbox since it opened, however my last visit was a disappointment (other than the miniburgers). The crust of my prosciutto white was flat and lifeless. Not flat like a crackery thin crust pizza. Simply flat and lacking in flavor. I'm with Busboy on Ella's. Garbage. Worse at happy hour. Vace in Cleveland Park. Delicious as a slice to go. Delicious as a par-baked, carry out tray. Just delicious.
  14. I will head to 22/P and see what's there. I hate paying T-mobile @ Starbucks, but that'll be the back-up plan.
  15. Bump! I have about two hours to kill midday today. Just west and south of Dupont. I'm looking for a place where I can snack (or have lunch) and drink decent-to-good coffee while enjoying free wireless. If nothing else, do the Cosi's in the vicinity (say 18/K or thereabouts) have wifi now?
  16. I have had my Correlle set for eleven years now. It holds up great. I also have a fun, colorful set from Crate and Barrell (it's blue on blue; I don't know the pattern's name), however it isn't chip-proof.
  17. Such a shame! Sounds like some really awful food overall. You were so close to Matchbox when you went to Tony Cheng's.
  18. Bump! Anything good to eat in Lisle? What about Chef Paul's Bavarian Lodge - is it worth a trip from my hotel or should I just get room service?
  19. I can't say that I agree with the suggestion to go all the way to Rockville. Yikes. If a salad bar type place is what you want (with some cooked items), there's a place at Veazey and Connecticut, across from CVS. If you are staying at the Days Inn nearby, it might be a decent option. If you order very carefully, you can get by at Alero in Cleveland Park. It's Mexican so if you're already going to Cactus Cantina you may want to skip it. Not my favorite spot, but not bad either. I have thought of other places I think are reasonable (e.g., Matchbox downtown, metro-accessible), however when you factor in "hungry young adults," that could be a budget-buster.
  20. Opentable.com is not the end all, be all. Call Citronelle as they may hold back tables. If not, others to call: Komi, Maestro, Restaurant Eve. I think Corduroy is closed for vacation at that time.
  21. I had one thoroughly pedestrian meal at Tony Cheng's which I detailed here.
  22. I concur. And think about it: most of what Bethesda has to offer is part of a chain (national or regional). Raku is duplicated in Dupont. Austin Grill is all over the place including Glover Park and downtown. Jaleo - multiple locations. Cosi - millions of locations.
  23. Raku? I have dined at the downtown Jaleo twice in the last two weeks. Everything but the service was better during the first visit, but I think my letdown on visit #2 was in my ordering: I didn't break any new ground, ordering things I'd had before and liked. The special Iberian pork is a must order, in my opinion.
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