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    Any recent visits to discuss? Probably not, but I figured I'd ask.
  2. Not necessarily a bad choice - just perhaps a risky one. How about this? Tell us exactly what you hope for with respect to food, location, price and atmosphere, and we'll talk about our favorites?
  3. I haven't been to this restaurant since Chef Jamie Leeds left (and even before she left, I never ate anything I was eager to return for - I thought it was OK and the space was so bland and boring). Is there a reason you chose 15 r.i.a. over all of our other wonderful D.C. restaurants? I don't have any reason to dissaude you, however I can't encourage you either.
  4. It's much easier to do the roommate thing versus a guarantor (I say this from experience). Craigslist is your friend. Good luck!
  5. Farewell Trattoria Liliana (apparently). We hardly knew ye.
  6. I made a trip back to NEPA for Easter (brunch at Patsel's) and to celebrate my father's birthday (14 of us dined at Amici for that). The real highlight, though, was Old Forge style pizza at Armetta's in Clarks Summit. Oh my...that was GOOD. Three of us had a half tray (six rectangular slices) and top to bottom, it was the best pizza I have had in a long time. The crust wasn't as doughy as some other Old Forge style pizzas I have had (and liked admittedly). Instead it was somewhat lighter and almost airy. Delicious tangy tomato sauce and a cheese blend I'd peg as part mozzarella, part provolone. Six slices for the grand sum of $6 and change.
  7. La-la-la...I'm not listening! Seriously, this makes me sad. I wonder if we ever crossed paths at Vans. To make this somewhat on topic, I miss Rodizio, about 50% for the food and 50% for the fun, festive atmosphere. I spent a few birthdays there, enjoying caipirinhas and meat on a skewer with friends.
  8. I think the interview has come and gone, no? Where'd you end up?
  9. I have only had bar snacks there. It would not be my choice as a dining destination. Corduroy, IMO, is a great suggestion. Komi is presently my favorite restaurant, however I believe it is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
  10. Bump! Heading to Ocho Rios in a week. Any restaurant suggestions for me?
  11. I hope one of the meals didnt include The Broadmoor Hotel? ← We had drinks at the beautiful Broadmoor, but not dinner. Our loss.Tonight's bad meal was pretty far up on my gross meals list: Sly Horse Tavern
  12. I wonder if that approach and pick up line has ever worked for him before? ← I'll never know. I cut him loose before we ever had a first date. I do know that when I responded with angry silence to that first msg, he sent a follow-up saying "your lips, I mean" and then "winked."
  13. Loved it, Ya-Roo! Great suspenseful build-up to, uh, non-climax. As I read it, I thought back to last year at this time when a guy I met two or three days prior (and decidedly did not go home with) e-mailed me to say "I really want to taste you."
  14. No buffet, but Rasika is close by. Also, I think Nirvana is near Chinatown (but I am not sure, and I haven't been). Vegetarian.
  15. DC Coast or some other representative of the Tunks empire?
  16. Generally speaking, though, Buck's offers one and only steak. It's a good one, but I don't think that makes it a steakhouse. ← Dude (ette?): Despite the butch name and the big steak, Buck's Fishing & Camping is way too sensitive male for a bachelor's party. Though, if Carole herself would burst out of a cake, sashay over to the table and....substitute both the sauce and the vegetable from one of her entrees, I'd be pretty excited. ← I think you are missing the gist of the request. I don't think he plans on having the party at the actual restaurant. Besides, if this was a restaurant appropriate for a bachelor party, could you really expect to have the best meal of your life there? So as far as a place for a steak, not too haute, I think buck's fits the bill. lap dances, football and male bonding, probably not so much. ←
  17. Nothing says "bachelor party" quite like a meal with Carole Greenwood.
  18. If they don't do mock meat, then what is tofu bacon?
  19. How was the service? How were the prices?
  20. Dino was out of guanciale last night. I poked my head in while they were prepping for dinner crowd. They said that it came to their kitchen directly from Italy. However, they also recommended the source in New York City...and the fact that Frank Ruta makes his own guanciale, a remark uttered with a respectful nod to the north. ←
  21. Their dumplings are pure heartburn. I can't even think about them without getting tears in my eyes (and I looooove dumplings).
  22. <green with envy> Here in DC, the loan rodizio I've been able to track down is way out in the 'burbs. Rockville, MD isn't really all that far, however based on reports, this restaurant is not worth the trip.
  23. Kathleen - when I next get up to NYC, I'm going to be begging you to let me replicate that night. Dumplings and drinks, two of my favorite things! I don't even need a place to stay.
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