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  1. Can I get an address/url/etc. please?
  2. I'm heading to NYC on Friday and will arrive in time for lunch. Just suggested to my hostess that this where we start our weekend!
  3. Yum, more about dumplings. I had dumplings (meat, fried) on Saturday. They were from Chen's which has never been my favorite, but it was the ex's call (he's sick, he gets to pick). They were better than they've been in the past - not all huge and doughy. I liked the more compact size and shape, but the flavors just don't taste right to me. Tonight, after a workout at the gym that really kicked my a$$, I just ordered delivery from Spices including...fried meat dumplings of course. I wish these weren't as hard as they usually are, but the flavors taste right to me.
  4. I'm heading to Charlie Palmer Steak for dinner this week. Even better, I am not paying. Has anyone other than bilrus (great report, by the way!) been there lately?
  5. Something white and unspectacular...shoot, I can't even recall. ← Unfortunate. The list has some real gems, including the aforementioned sparkling aglianico and a very nice rose. ← There was quite a throng around the bar and I really didn't have any time to ponder my choice. I wish I had revisited this topic before going!
  6. Ditto all of that. My fat-thing isn't related to calories or anything. It's that texture...the way it kind of clings to the inside of my mouth. But bacon, crispy chicken skin (especially if it's from Palena here in DC! ), all of that is good with me.
  7. Something white and unspectacular...shoot, I can't even recall.
  8. In spite of last night's storm, 2 Amys was still packed last night. Still, in the end it was worth the wait. Although I had always "liked" the place, last night some of the food made my opinion creep past the like level a notch or two. My friend and I started with the aforementioned lamb meatballs with sauce served atop a fried pizzelle ($6.95). What a great dish. The pizzelle reminded me of a savory version of the pizza fritta I'd grown up eating at church picnics. Just a disk of fried dough, it's bent into a bowl-like shape and the meatballs and their sauce are cradled inside. The meatballs were nicely packed - not too firm - and there was a bit of spice in there. Everything about this appetizer was enjoyable. We also had some prosciutto di san daniele ($8) from the sliced meat menu. We'd seen people eating some at the "Serenity Now" bar as we waited (only about 20 minutes) for our table. Jamon di serrano, speck, bresaola, capicola, boar caciatorini are also offered ($8 per serving; you can also get a "grand piatto di salume" for $15). For our pizzas, I had a pizza margherita (love the mozzaarella di bufala!) with salami and pepperoni. The crust was the best I'd ever had at 2 Amys and I really love the salami (pepperoni was good, but probably overkill). My friend had the Santa Brigida which comes with tomato, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and what looks to me like a ridiculous amount of arugula. Even after removing about 2/3 of the stuff, the pizza still looks salad-topped. By my friend seemed to like it. I was sad that the ice cream flavors Joe H mentioned weren't offered (they had mint chocolate chip for sure; I think the others were chocolate and vanilla, but don't quote me). Instead we had a dessert special of vanilla bean panna cotta, garnished with honey and a sliver of awesome shortbread. We really enjoyed this. We also had two cannoli which I ate, but am not sure I loved. I found the lemony taste in the filling overpowering and found the pastry shell slightly sour. But like I said, we ate both of them. As for the service, it's pretty variable. There have been several other visits when the service lapses had me shaking my head. Last night, a Saturday, I guess I was feeling friendly and that seemed to come right back at me. Everyone from the harried hostess to the busy bartender was cheerful and responsive. All of our food and drinks arrived just as ordered, and our server never disappeared.
  9. Here's a little bit more about my visit to Colorado Kitchen on Friday night: Brightwood Park is much closer to where I live in upper NW than I originally thought, making a return visit (hopefully for brunch soon!) very likely. First impressions: cute little space (occupancy sign next to the luncheon counter says 50 persons max) with an "open kitchen" in the old fashioned sense. I arrived before my two friends and during those five minutes, I enjoyed little snippets of conversation with the busy wait staff and watched Chef work in her seemingly very small kitchen. The guys arrived and we were quickly seated. One of the two was already slightly buzzed (long story) and immediately wanted to hear about wines. Our pleasant server got a little flustered at this point - there's no printed wine list and her recitation sound a little like "Chardonnay...Merlot...red Zinfandel, from California." We're not a picky bunch; we were just seeking "wet" and "alcoholic" so we each picked a wine and dove in. Shortly afterward, we received three biscuits and some butter. I imagine the biscuits are pure magic when piping hot. Ours were room temperature and they still tasted pretty darn good to me. After a few laughs at the very amusing menu (discussing, among other things, the sin that is well-done and Chef's policy against making chicken nuggets or grilled cheese sandwiches), we were ready. What we ate: Avocado with lemon-dressed greens and sea salt ($6.25) It arrives looking completely unimpressive, basically your average avocado cut in half and served with greens. But man, what flavor! This simple presentation is a nice way to start a meal. Crispy nuggets of goat cheese with roasted red peppers and fava beans, served atop grilled fennel ($6.25) In a word, yum. I didn't get to taste the fennel, but everything else was delicious. Loved the half-dollar sized goat cheese [what's another word for] nuggets. My chosen dish from the "Small Food" section of the menu, Chicken Chow Mein ($6.95), was the favorite of the group. Described on the menu as "you dreamed Chef filled in for the lunch lady," I'm not really sure how to describe this because, to be honest, I had never had chicken chow mein. There was chicken, of course, but also stewed carrots and onions along with a sprinkle of white rice and crispy Chinese noodles. Enjoyably salty, somewhere between soup and stew. For entrees, my friends had pork chops with Muscavado caramel and vegetable cobbler ($16.50) and today’s catch (which was rockfish that day) with parsley sauce, rice pilaf and asparagus stir fry ($16.95). I tasted the pork chop which was nicely flavored, but probably a touch more "done" than I would have liked, but not the fish. My friend raved (really, really raved, but this is the drunk friend, mind you) about the fish, but we all had a prolonged laugh about the Exorcist sauce. After much talk of Linda Blair, my friend said - again - "SO GOOD." My own dish was meatloaf Bourguignon with hushpuppies and carrots ($12.95). For me, the portion was pretty hearty. I liked the meatloaf and the carrots better than the hushpuppies which had a tiny bit of a burnt/stale taste (I wondered why they arrived instead of the menu-advertised potatoes, but didn't ask). I love hushpuppies so that was a disappointment, but given the goodness of everything else (and the dessert that followed) AND the price, I was content. Ah, dessert...everyone has talked so much about pineapple upside down cake which is something I already love, but I felt compelled to try something different. So happy I did. My apple pandowdy with cinnamon brown sugar ice cream kicked a$$, I tell you (the dessert itself is $6.25 + $1.75 for a la mode). My friends liked their desserts (bundt-style carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; marble pound cake sundae a la mode), but said mine was the best. If anyone wants to go to CK soon so I can have this dessert again, PM me. **sidenote** In response to an earlier post, although the entrees are light on meatless/and fishless options, vegetarians could make a very enjoyable meal comprised of appetizers, salads and depending on the day, soup (the one we had as an amuse on Friday was lentil with pancetta - not vegetarian obviously).
  10. I thought your boss might be out of his/her mind. Then I checked the forecast. Ten Day Forecast
  11. Now that I know how to get there, I'll gladly return. Given the rain and my suddenly lost interest in going to a post-dinner party, I drove. In short, wow, what a great place! We loved our meal, found the service friendly (and attentive until a long lull before dessert arrived, but no problem). Chef Gillian even waved while my friends and I walked toward the door. More details to come.
  12. I'm not sure why I never order the chicken because whenever a dining companion does, I make sad eyes until they share with me. Hmm...
  13. Are there any Korean barbecues worth checking out in DC or Arlington? One of my clients just returned from a few months in South Korea and she's dying for a good Korean meal.
  14. Definitely, definitely the minestrone. Who knows how much longer it will be on the menu! Get it while you can. The gnocchi is always good. Presently the dish is offered with a Tuscan meat ragu comprised of duck and rabbit and...something else. Jeff told me, but it was post- at least one Sidecar. The burger is a classic. So are all of the items on the fry plate. When I was in on Tuesday, there was a new penne dish on the cafe menu with lamb meatballs (I was very tempted, but stuck with the burger this time around).
  15. I think something is up with that link. Still, it could be worse. I sent two of our esteemed eg friends to a very, very different mouthfuls site. I'm still apologizing. [edited to add that the site might just be down period.]
  16. Thanks. I live in 3A (at least I think I do - must revisit this question) so I was trying to figure out if we were talking $10 or $30.
  17. Everybody's got a hungry heart.
  18. Does anyone know what cab zone CK is in? I'm trying to guesstimate how much it's going to cost me to cab there from the Cleveland Park/Van Ness vicinity.
  19. Oh, yes they would...you'd be surprised. I've been to Oya twice now. The first visit was a private event so I have no idea if the food was representative of what they are serving now, and the second visit was drinks only. Bottom line, I really can't comment on the food except to say "hold on to your wallet." Appetizers start around $10 and go deep into the teens. The least expensive entree is a vegetable plate for $20. At least two entrees are priced at $30+. Given my sorry budget, the food had better be good for the price. With that in mind, I'm going to let them settle in before ante-ing up for a meal. The decor is very striking and I've enjoyed the cocktails I've tried there (the drink menu is somewhat creative, I'll say). Again, though, price will turn some people off. I believe wines by the glass start at $9 and cocktails at $11. I like the crowd - a nice mix of ages and races. The presence of some dapper gentlemen aged 50+ surprised me a little in that I would have expected the hyper-stylishness of the place to turn some old guard Washingtonians off. Apparently not!
  20. Went, but didn't eat. We had the upstairs space which seemed weirdly furnished to me - why were there rocking chairs everywhere?? I felt like I was in someone's parents' rec room because almost all of the lights were out, except the ones over the bar and stairs. I really have nothing to say about the place. Didn't like it much.
  21. I've never escaped Cashion's for less than $60. And I'm not sure about the parking situation - can anyone comment?
  22. It happens. Lately I've been hooked on quiche Lorraine from...Lawson's deli. Yikes!
  23. Interesting quote from this week's Weekly Dish: "D.C. is lacking in neighborhood restaurants,"
  24. I think I'm back at square one. Some of the links didn't work (including the one for the intriguingly named Jailhouse Cafe) and Papa John's...well, no. Vestal is fine, but Thai-French would not be an option for this ethnic-averse group. Geographically speaking, where is Lost Dog (I don't know where Water Street is)? I know 81 to Riverside Drive. Can find my way to the mall. Beyond that, I'm a little clueless.
  25. Just curious, but when was the last time you were there? What did you have? It has been getting decent talk of late if I am remembering correctly. ← It was early in the basketball season (my boss occasionally picks it as a pre-game meal spot) so November. I typically stick with the hangar steak. It's not the food (which is OK, not great) that turns me off - it's the whole experience. Atmosphere, service, etc.
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