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  1. Some nice cheeses, salamis, liverwurst, smoked oysters, good bread and pickles etc with some nice beer or wine could be a wonderful feast... I'm sure there are lots of other wonderful treats to pick up in advance at the Naschmarkt, konditorei's or other food places as well... ← Very true and from past experience it is those types of meals that often end up being the best!
  2. That was what I suspected for Christmas Eve, we may just have to hole up in our room that night with whatever provisions our hotel can provide. Thanks again for doing this legwork Charley, your help, as always, is greatly appreciated! Cheers, Len
  3. Thanks! Even if they are not open on Christmas it looks to be worth a visit for dinner or lunch.
  4. Hello again everyone! So we have secured our Coburg reservation (thanks to Charley for the rec!) for the 23rd of December, but now comes the hard part; what to do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day It appears the city sort of shuts down so we are having some difficulty figuring out where to go/what to do. Our hotel recommended Korso and Hotel Sacher which are both doing set Christmas menus. Korso seems great and we may end up going with that, but we were also thinking we may want something a little more low-key. Can anyone recommend a decent, casual, moderately priced place for Christmas
  5. Well, for your survey: My request was sent Oct 14, 2006 3:56 PM (Pacific) No response of any kind yet...
  6. I've actually wondered this same thing and I would actually pay for a list like this, while I would never pay for a Zagat.
  7. I'm in the same boat, no word whatsoever. Makes me nervous
  8. Len, My wife and I enjoyed a special occasion meal at Palais Coburg in September. It was fantastic and certainly the most polished and cutting-edge meal of the trip. We opted for the "Menu Surprise" with wine pairings (all Austrian) selected by the sommelier. I happen to have asked our waiter for a copy of the menu; he obliged with the English version. Here it is.... Wow David, that looks absolutely amazing, thank you so much. I have gone ahead and requested a night there later in the week and it seems they will be willing to accomodate special requests if need be. I am very excited to
  9. Here's a quick-'n-dirty sampler translation. Someone who actually speaks German, please feel free to correct it. My other half (who does speak it) could only laugh hysterically at my pronunciation. Ei mit Ei--egg with egg. Champignon--mushrooms. Geflügelleberaufstrich--goose liver pate. Gervais mit Zwiebel--cheese (?) with onion. Matjes mit Zwiebel--smoked fish with onion. Matjes ohne Zwiebel--smoked fish without onion. Speck mit Ei--better-than-salami with egg. Zwiebeln mit Ei--onion with egg. Ei mit zwiebeln--egg with onion. (Just kidding!) Räucherlachs--smoked salmon. Ah, you little gut
  10. My pleasure. We were in a similar bind; it was a three way tie between Sydney, Lisbon, and Vienna and, well, you can guess how it turned out
  11. Ok, I am very intrigued by Trzesniewski Sandwiches now. What is it about them that is so special? Question #2: has anyone tried Stomach? Terrible name, but I have read some interesting things about it. Looks like Cafe Braunerhof is the place we will go for Sacher torte, you are the second person to recommend it to me. Thanks again for all of the information and links (I loved that Chubby Hubby one). Cheers, Len Edit: just found the Trzesniewski website Link, those sandwiches look very interesting. Too bad I can't read what they are made of
  12. Thanks for the recommendations Cronenberg. The pictures are fantastic! I had actually been looking at the MAK for a visit, I'll definitely keep it on my list now. Unfrtunately I just received a response from Restaurant Coburg and they are closed on the night of my special event (it's a Sunday) so I am just going to book it for another night. I'll need to find another great place for the Sunday night, if that is even possible. Edit: maybe Steirereck would be a good choice?
  13. Was there for dinner a few weeks back. The steak was good, very, very good. Perfectly cooked and tender as can be! Everything else was average at best. May be my own fault for ordering tuna sashimi at a steak place, but it looked like it had been hacked at by serial killer and it did not taste the freshest. I'd go back for the steak alone though.
  14. We had Trafalgar's Sweet Obsessions: SO Link do our cake and it was beautiful and delicious (whte chocolate raspberry mousse is what we had)! They actually used to have pictures of it on their website, but I guess they got tossed out in the latest redesign
  15. aka: Pigs in a Blanket, albeit pretty fancy ones. SB (maybe Pigs in a Silk Purse? ) ← Pigs in cashmere? I used to sautee mushrooms in butter with shallots, a little sherry & s&p then throw it in small puff pastry parcels usually mixed with cream cheese. Very easy and tasted great!
  16. Thanks again Charley, this is all extremely helpful! Unfortunately my dining companion just read about Restaurant Coburg in her guidebook and it mentioned pigeon and tripe dishes, so now I am going to have to use my massive powers of persuasion to get her there I have tried to find an English sample menu from them on the web to try and assuage her fears, but I have come up empty so far. Oh well, I like a challenge Any recommendations for hole-in-the-wall type places that your average tourist may not know about? I do a lot of walking around when I travel and love to just stumble upon li
  17. Thanks for the reply Charley, it is greatly appreciated. I had actually been looking at Restaurant Coburg for my special event dinner. I figured the Michelin guide was as good a place as any to start and that was the first restaurant that popped up! Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable meal there! Is this a jacket and tie type place? Just need to know whether to pack for that! Does anyone have an opinion on RieGi?: RieGiLink it looks really cool, but can not tell what the food is like. I was also looking at Meinl's restaurant: Meinl Link Thanks again, Len
  18. Hey everyone, I know it has been about a year since this thread was last replied to, but I just planned a vacation to Vienna for this winter and was wondering if most of the recommendations here still hold true? In a nutshell, I am trying to find the following: 1. One or two fine dining experiences (one for a special occasion). I saw a couple of recommendations in this thread, but a lot can change in a year. Price is not an issue for these places, but I do not want to spend just for the sake of spending. 2. Any local "must-eat-at" places or any particular local specialties that must be enjo
  19. From this thread: Thread, it looks as if the "no" replys started coming out at the end of October last year. My fingers and toes will remain permanently crossed until I hear from them.
  20. Jerry_A

    Gargantuan Egg

    OMG I am so in love with that site, thank you very much!
  21. Ok, I have to recommend this place in case you get any special cravings while you are here: La Casa Gelato I know you did not ask for an ice cream place, but I couldn't resist. Happy eating!! Cheers, Len.
  22. Wow, that is just wrong on so many levels. At the same time I am strangely intrigued...wth is wrong with me?
  23. Yes it is the same place as the photos above, and it is really good. Just remember that it is kaiseki based on tofu dishes, so if you are not a huge tofu fan.... EDIT at lunch most meals are in the $20 to $30 range and so it is an excellent value. ← No worries there, I absolutely love tofu, used to live off the stuff back in my young (and dumb) vegan days. Sounds like a fantastic value, I can hardly wait!
  24. That's great, thank you. Looks like the same place that the pictures in an above post are from and that food looks fabulous. Really looking forward to this.
  25. Definitely my El Bulli cookbook. I fear I do not have the patience, nor the talent, to attempt even the simplest of dishes in it. The pictures, however, do keep me warm on a long winter's night.
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