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  1. Yes, you simply "show up", and there should be seating available. You don't need to call ahead to reserve. There are a few separate seating areas (sofa with table) as well as a long communal table. I returned to Per Se two weeks ago for my birthday dinner, and noted people eating dinner at both the communal table and the individual sofas/tables. Dining at the Salon at Per Se was wonderful for a spontaneous dinner at one of the best restaurants in NYC. I've been noticing that Per Se posts their dinner menus (including the Salon menu) at about 5:30, and since it's about a 10 - 15 minute walk from my office, I think I'll be dining in the Salon more frequently as a spur of the moment treat. Excellent, appreciate the follow-up. I am definitely going to take advantage of this when I am in town in a couple of weeks. Sounds like the perfect way to get an amazing meal without having to stress about getting reservations. Thanks again.
  2. This is perfect ellenost, thanks so much for posting. So you just show up around dinner time? No calling ahead required? I will be in NYC next month and while I was able to secure Le Bernardin and EMP reservations, Per Se eluded me. Walking into the salon would be great and from your description it sounds like a lovely experience.
  3. No problems there, we will be a party of 2. Good to know though.
  4. Great stuff guys, thanks very much! I'm going to give that a shot.
  5. yes. though many of us eat at the bar at Babbo or at the walk-in tables rather than bother with reservations. (bar-dining is a big deal in NY) ← I see, I did not realize that was an option. Are there any sort of rules I need to know in order to get in at the bar/walk-in? I think Esca would be a much better (and more similar) replacement, though of course your meal would have a seafood bent. I haven't been in a few months, but Fiamma would also be a decent replacement. My meals at Lupa in recent years have been extremely uneven. If you decide to go, I'd suggest putting your name in early (waits are generally an hour to three hours) and then having some drinks at Pegu Club across the street. ← Great, thanks very much, I'll look into those. Cheers, Len
  6. I tried, but was unable to get a reservation at Babbo, so would Lupa be considered a somewhat respectable replacement? Thanks, Len
  7. Thanks very much for that, I had been assuming slices were available from any of them. Now I'll make sure I'm plenty hungry before going. Len
  8. As they say about pizza, on any given day...we've had great pizza at Luzzo's and then on a return trip, not so great pizza. Same with Una Pizza... Patsy's, et.al. Had 1 great pizza (plain cheese) the other night at Arturo's - the second pie, pepperoni and mushrooms - not so great. So, it's a toss-up, imo. And agree with sneakeater about the wait at Shake Shack - unless you go at really off-peak times (like 3 in the afternoon). ← Fair enough, so I guess I'll just pick a few and try them all (hardship). Looks like 3 in the afternoon it is then, I have no problem with that. I'll just eat a big breakfast and save room for a burger late in the day! Thanks! Len
  9. So I've gone and looked at the menus of all of the places you have recommended so far and I find Tailor and Momofuku Ssam Bar the most intriguing. I'm still not sure I really understand what is going on at Ssam Bar, even after reading the FAQ and 'about' pages, but it looks very interesting. Perry Street looks like a great place to get a JG fix without having to pay full JG prices. Good stuff, it's been a huge help so far, thanks again. Len
  10. Whoa, I got lost for a moment there, didn't realize things had been moved. Anyhow, to the posts. @ kathryn: Thanks for tips. For pizza would you pick any of those three as better than the others, or are they all comparable? As for burgers, I'm not a connoisseur by any stretch, but I would probably say my favourite burger is the Western Bacon Blue Ring (blue cheese, onion ring, bacon, etc...) from Taylor's Automatic Refresher in San Francisco, so I guess that means I like a lot of stuff on my burger, but it certainly does not have to be super fancy. @ Nathan: Thanks for the list. I have always wanted to go to Babbo and was just perusing the menu again; looks fantastic. I have not heard of the others, but will take a look. @ jm chen: Thanks for the rec, I'm sure I can squeeze in two burgers during my trip! Cheers, Len
  11. Thanks Nathan! It's funny, but Daniel and JG were two others on my short list for a fancier meal. I'll take a look at Eleven Madison Park. I'll also look into the other 3 you listed later as I have not heard of any of them. My taste is quite variable and am open to anything really, as long as it is good. I eat plenty of decent Japanese here in Vancouver, so I don't need any recommendations for that. The same goes for Indian and Chinese I guess. If I can provide further insight, please let me know. Len
  12. Hello all, I will be visiting NYC for the first time ever (staying in Midtown Manhattan) in May and am looking for a few recommendations in the general area, or really anywhere that is easily accesible. Specifically I am looking for ~3 places for a nice, moderately priced evening meal (not romantic because I will be with my Mother). Moderately priced means, in this case, a cocktail + starter + entree + glass of wine and a shared dessert for under $80/head. I also plan on hitting one place that is a litle fancier, but I'm not sure where that would be and I don't want to break the bank. I was leaning towards wd~50 since I have wanted to go there ever since I first read about it several years ago, but I'm not sure whether this is still a good choice these days. I have also received the following recommendations for cheaper stuff and would love to know (from those in the know, i.e. Egulleters) whether they are accurate and worth hitting: Best Pizza - Grimaldi's I've had 4 independent people recommend this place. Best BBQ - Dinosaur BBQ (I'll be in St. Louis the week after NYC, so I may skip this since I assume STL BBQ will be much better in general). Best Hamburger - Burger Joint at Le Park Meridian Seems odd, but I was told it's great. Best doughnut - The Doughnut Plant I do love a good doughnut. If anyone has any other recommendations on anything food related I should check out while in NYC, I would absolutely love to hear them. Thanks very much in advance. Len
  13. Great stuff, thanks all! B44 looks very cool, particularly becasue we were just in the Catalan area of Spain in the Summer! Len
  14. Great information Carloyn, thanks again! Cheers, Len
  15. The food sounds great, thanks. I have added it to my short, but quickly growing, list! Also, as a side note, our other dining plans are just to hit somewhere fun/relaxed for lunch on Monday. Everything else we will be playing by ear. Zuni may fit the lunch bill very nicely and I have always wanted to go there. Len
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