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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Pimp Daddy Suede, I mean Coop.
  2. Sorry, one more question: any sort of attire requirements for this thing? I saw Jamie Maw on the Food Network last night and he looked quite dapper, I'm not sure I can compete with that. Maybe I can just dust off my I AB t-shirt?
  3. Any word on when the transition begins, and any philosophy changes that make take place? I was at Bacchus yesterday and would hate to see any drastic changes. I find it to be a pretty safe bet.
  4. Well I've been out of commission for a while, but this sounds absolutely brilliant. I hope there are still two spots left!!
  5. My only memory of this place is from several years ago. I was attending our companies annual Christmas party at the Hotel Vancouver and just moments before the inevitable drunken escapades and debauchery began (cursing at and calling our CEO names, passing out on the dance floor, smashing the ice sculpture on the ground, you know, the usual) I slipped away for the safe confines of 900 West for a dinner with my fiancee. I remember adequate food, average wine, great coffee, and spectacular company. The food never warranted a return visit, but after just celebrating our third wedding annivers
  6. I was very surprised to see it there when I walked by, having not heard a single thing about it. You're right, it is definitely not a dump and it is a "BC Lions Preferred Restaurant" so you know it must be good. And oh yeah, I'll take the under.
  7. Does anyone know if they do lunch, it's just a hop and a skip from the office so....
  8. I agree with Oakley, I've never heard that term before. Makes it sound like a pub for drunken frat boys.
  9. So, does the fact that the menu at Parkside now includes entrees above $20 (up to $27 I believe) diminish the feeling of value? The lamb rack at $19.50 was pretty damn satisfying, would it be the same at $23? It's purely a psychological difference I'm sure, but one of the great ways to sell this place to others who were skeptical was the whole 20 under 20 thing.
  10. Wow, that sounds brilliant! Thanks for posting. So are you saying you don't have to be a VIP or anything to have this option, or was Keller just feeling generous that night? We are going in August and would be amazed to having something as exquisite as that sounded.
  11. Jerry_A

    Per Se

    Man, that just killed me for some reason, I am still laughing...
  12. I doubt they'd have me. But now that I know Coop works there, maybe he could get me hired.....
  13. Right, take away the pretentiousness, small portions, overpricing, and cramped space of Cru, and voila, you have Parkside.
  14. We were at Victoria just last weekend and enjoyed pretty much everything, although one of our dining companions almost threw up her dessert on the table (we ordered steamed tapioca tarts, and they were definitely not what she/we expected). Overall though, I would have to vote for Kirin because it just feels a step above what Victoria is doing.
  15. Comparing Hapa to Gyoza King is like comparing Feenie's to Lumiere. They are two unique restaurants offering contrasting styles of cooking, presentation, and atmosphere. Gyoza King does feel a little more rustic, and offers, as Talent says below, "the same stuff you're used to eating at every other Japanese joint in the city, but it's good" while Hapa offers new (at least for me) and different dishes that I can't get at Gyoza King, Guu, or the million other Japanese restaurants in the neighbourhood. Overall I prefer Hapa because I feel they offer greater variety for my tastebuds, but if it
  16. Welcome rhodegirl! This is an interesting question for me, Lumiere or not to Lumiere. If you had asked me a year ago, I would not have hesitated and said Lumiere all the way, but we were there a little while back to celebrate and were left a little disappointed. Overall, the food was good, some dishes were spectacular (foie gras and boudin) while some were just ok and for the size of the bill, we expected spectacular throughout. The service was good, if not a little cold, but that is standard there. Overall it did not live up to the experiences of our previous meals there and left us wonder
  17. I ordered the French Laundry cookbook from Chapters.ca , and saved myself about $35 after the on-line discount and Chapters card discount. The service was very quick and the book was in perfect condition. There was also the added benefit of only having to deal with the guy in my mailroom and not the dopey Chapters counterperson who wouldn't know Thomas Keller from (gasp) Bobby Flay.
  18. Sounds like a blast! You can add 2 JerryA's to the group if this becomes a reality, any time except April 30th to May 5th.
  19. Jerry_A


    I believe it was a combination of our lofty expectations and the underwhelming atmosphere that did us in. That and the nagging feeling that we were being ignored due to our youthful appearance (we're cursed, I know), but that is just par for the course. I obviously must agree that it's hard to hold a candle to Parkside right now. We have been there several times and are never anything but completely satisfied. There is something to be said about the comfort level there that I just did not, and most likely could not, feel at Cru. Whether it is the staff, the space, or the food that does it
  20. Jerry_A


    For me there is a lot not to like about this place. We went there a little while back for an early dinner and had one of the most disappointing experiences I've had at a restaurant in a very long while. We went in with very high expectations, after reading all of the glowing reviews and seeing Cru on many, if not all, of the best new restaurant lists, which may have hindered us from the start. The space. Overall not that bad although much too narrow to be comfortable in my opinion. It is almost impossible to navigate through the tables, chairs, and servers to get to the washroom or back to
  21. Keith, it's too bad you didn't stay for the meal. I would love to have heard about the service that is so great that it made number three on a list that West could not even get on.
  22. Let's see..... Firstly, that sounds like a great plan...I think I will try that. I'm pretty sure that the cake at our wedding was just a thick white chocolate ganache over the cake and no buttercream. Of course this was over white cake (my personal favourite, not really a big chocolate cake guy) which obviously did not cause the problems I am facing here. You are right though, the temperature will be key. Second, I do not own Herme's book, although it seems that I should. My mousse recipe is as follows: 2 cups packed fresh blackberries 1 envelope unflavored gelatin 2 tablespoons cold wat
  23. Wendy, were you in my apartment, looking over my shoulder as I made some test cakes this weekend? What you described is exactly what happened, I stared in horror as the ganache slid off the cake like water off a ducks back. I tried to salvage some of the remaining ganache by mixing it in my mixer a little bit which worked, although it did not look that great. So after all of this I had one cake with just white-chocolate buttercream (pretty tasty), one with white chocolate slop puddled around the bottom of it, and one with some sort of whipped ganache hybrid. All in all it was a big disast
  24. I second Parkside! www.parksiderestaurant.ca
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