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I was raised in a home where cooking in any form was minimal, and rigorously avoided. As a result of living in this culinarily deprived atmosphere, and having briefly run a small catering company, I developed a lifelong passion for all things culinary, and spent long years attempting to channel Brillat-Savarin, with some degree of success. Over the course of several years, I was able to earn several degrees in educational curriculum development, and pursued those areas as an educator for more than twenty years. Upon retiring, I joyously returned to my true lifelong loves: gastronomic adventures, food writing and restaurant reviewing, travel both at home and abroad, visiting art museums (having what must surely be the largest collection of Arcimboldo food prints and accessories!), and classical music. Thoroughly convinced that learning can take place apart from the classroom setting, I currently spend time enlightening and enriching the 'food education' of the members of eGullet, as humorously as legally permitted. I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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