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Carrot Top

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:smile: Fancy title there, wasn't it.

In this forum a lot of information has been posted on various ideas within the scope of "The Future of Dining".

Yet there is still a question that begs answer.

Oh. In the form of a list of sorts, I mean. A simplified list of major determinants.

What are the cultural and economic drives both in current existence and which are anticipated in the future that will define the future of "dining"?

We can hope all we want for what we each wish.

But finally, there have to be some major things that will shape what happens.

Theoretically, anyway.

For the most part here, we have been speaking of the future of dining on the North American continent, so I'll continue along with my ideas of what these drives might be.

*Lack of time - The situation as it exists where many people work ten hour days as a usual thing as opposed to the eight hour days is a massive influence.

*Economic environment - It seems we have a huge middle class that is moving itself into being a huge upper-middle class.

*Health concerns and obesity - Need I say more?

*Globalization - as discussed in several other threads.

*Education - of chefs in terms of formal education and of consumers (sorry could not think of a better word at the moment) who have been more exposed to a variety of options.

What do you think? Could these drives be of major influence in guessing which paths "dining" will follow? Which of these drives will be the strongest?

Are there other drives that could be vital to consider in trying to guess the outcome of it all?

Drives, now, not trends.

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