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North African shopping, Madrid

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Can someone tell me the best place to buy Moroccan "supplies" (ie. olives, spices etc.) in Madrid? Believe it or not, I will be carrying them back to Mexico (along with everything else).

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There are lots of little Moroccan stores sprinkled around La Latina and Lavapies (note: metro is closed in Lavapies, right now). The one that I usually go to is on C/Calatrava. If you are going down C/Toledo frm the La Latina metro, you turn right on Calatrava and it is on the right side--a block or two down. I'll make a point of walking by it later this week to get the exact address and to better check out what they have and will update this thread.

In Lavapies, check out the halal meat markets and produce stores. Most usually have Moroccan items.

Also, one of the herbolarios in my neighborhood carries a lot of culinary spices--it's at Duque de Alba, 15--close to both the Tirso de Molina and La Latina metro stops.

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A little update... the Moroccan grocer that I go to moved to the other side of the street on Calatrava and is a block further down now. I believe there is a sign that says "carnicería" and has Arabic writing on the outside. It's a very small place, but they could surely point you in the right direction if you are looking for something that they do not carry.

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I'm curious about which Moroccan/North African ingredients you can't get in Mexico City.

I would suggest asking this question in the Mexico subforum, not here.

That's a great suggestion. I'm sure there is someone else in the Mexico forum who has looked for Moroccan produce in Spain.

I will rephrase the question.

What did you buy in Spain??? Clever way of figuring out what is not available in Mexico while keeping it on topic to Spain. :rolleyes:

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