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Tom Raves About A One Of A Kind Experience!

Joe H

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Three years ago I wrote this on another board:


This Sunday Tom Sietsema has this:


Two stars and an absolute rave for the wondrous, one of a kind on earth setting of Patowmack Farm in Loudoun County. A more expensive experience, but one worth exploring-you won't find this in D. C. or any other city.

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I wonder if this review - regarding a place "less than 50 miles from downtown" - will evoke a response similar to his review of Pazo in B'more.

That was a Baltimore restaurant. This is a restaurant that, if it has any association, would be D. C. Similar to, say, Four and Twenty Blackbirds or the Inn at Easton I believe this is a restaurant/destination that is regarded as important enough for him to visit and to review. Were it not him then it might be the Frederick Post.

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Sounds like he enjoyed it, but I wouldn't call it a rave. Disappointing desserts, weak coffee, other imperfections. But I certainly think it's appropriate for him to review it, and let us know whether it's worth the trip.

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Sounds like he enjoyed it, but I wouldn't call it a rave. Disappointing desserts, weak coffee, other imperfections. But I certainly think it's appropriate for him to review it, and let us know whether it's worth the trip.

Between JoeH's wonderfully descriptive review and Sietsema's more staid lauds, this bucolic getaway sounds perfect as a weekend destination antedote for those sitting in airless offices in downtown DC all week. And you can bet that by the time Sunday's Post rolls off the presses the coffee will be exemplary, and the desserts, if anyone has room, will also be much improved. In fact, Sietsema seemed to enjoy the "cakey" carrot cake served at the beginning of his meal quite a bit - maybe it will show up on the dessert menu.
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Thanks, "Crackers," this was clearly a rave for the setting and the overall experience. Patowmack Farm is, indeed, a special place. It is a bit different today from three years ago when I wrote the earlier essay. They've built a real dining room of sorts and an actual kitchen. Three years earlier all 30 + dinners were prepared in the owners' kitchen which had only a second stove to facilitate this. On another level Beverly is a vegetarian (although the restaurant is much more than this) and obsessed with growing as much as she possibly can that shows up on her menu. Most of the meat and fowl is outsourced locally as well as featuing mostly Virginia wine.

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  • 3 months later...

I originally heard of Patowmack Farm from Joe's post on C*******d. Since then, it has become our favorite special occasion restaurant. It has the

fabulous food and atmosphere without any stuffy pretension. We went last night for hubbie's bday.

Here is the view from our table:


Beverly's husband Charles is now the sommelier. He was cool with me choosing the least expensive ($22) bottle of red on the wine list,

2001 Horton Norton...


They had zucchini bread and oregano bread w/butter. Awesome! Especially as the butter got all melty in the heat. We ate tons.


Last nights amouse bouche was lamb, but we were made a special one w/feta & onion and basil oil. Very refreshing.


Oven Roasted Summer Vegetable Soup w/Chevre cheese & basil oil was too die for...


Field Green Salad w/grilled zucchini and pesto roulade, shitake "bacon" and tomato herb vinaigrette...


Blackberry thyme panna cotta on grilled brioche w/raspberry compote & basil oil...


Blackberry sorbet...


If you squint really hard you'll see Creamy Tomato Basil Polenta w/exotic mushroom ragout, "ratatouille," and roasted garlic cream...


"Ice Cream Sandwich" w/whipped chocolate ganache and blackberry mascarpone ice cream...


A last little treat from Chef Christian w/fresh raspberries and cream in a chocolate cup...


Thank you Beverly, Charles & Christian. We cant wait to come back!

"Don't be afraid of flavor" -- Tyler Florence

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Nice pictures, Faboo. I took my gf there at the end of May (Sietsema blew the surprise-- I can't believe he picked two weeks before that to review the restaurant!), but your meal looks much better than the one we had. After being served a delicious carrot bread, things went downhill. Overcooking was the main problem (Beef tenderloin done well, a very dry omelet). The low point was the orange sorbet, which was clearly made from oj out of the carton. My gf didn't think it was that bad, but I thought it was a huge disappointment. The owners were very nice and the view is impressive, though.

Edited by cjsadler (log)

Chris Sadler

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