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Your favorite foods

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Chef Adria,

We all amaze at the imaginitive dishes you create, but what's your ideal comfort food? What foods bring a smile to your face? What do you eat when you're not in the kitchen?

Thanks so much for your time.

"Some people see a sheet of seaweed and want to be wrapped in it. I want to see it around a piece of fish."-- William Grimes

"People are bastard-coated bastards, with bastard filling." - Dr. Cox on Scrubs

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I set a clear separation between my work as a chef and my private life. In my private life, I try to eat well without going crazy. I couldn’t wake up every single day asking me whether I have the best milk, the best butter, if the croissant is just baked.

I just try to eat well. :smile:

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Ferran Adrià


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