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Holy Coconut, Batman!

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Ok, so like, today at work I made my 50 millionth batch of coconut macaroons. Thank you, thank you....but that's not the cool part. The cool part is that from this batch of macaroons, came the HOLY ONE. The Trinity. The one that made me flash back to my time in pastry school, where Master said, "Ahh.....Glasshopper...someday you will attain the ultimate knowledge of baking...and when that day comes.....you will KNOW. There will be a light...a bright light, and from that light....you will achieve, uh.....ultimate enlightenment".

THE LIGHT!!!! I saw the light!

I took a picture of it too.

Behold.....the Miracle of the Macaroon.......



Oh, allright. Here's what really happened.

Just a normal day at work, and I bake off some macaroons. I'm running around doing a million other things while I'm waiting for them to cool. Just happen to glance over at them because a bright light catches my eye......and there it is, a GLOWING macaroon. The nature of them is sort of translucent anyway....and this tiny little pinpoint of sunbeam caught it in exactly the right way.

I laughed and said to my co-worker, "Hey Hope, check this out!" She comes running over and she goes, "OHHHH! How cool!" So she runs out to the front where our other co-worker, Candace is helping customers. She says, "Candace, you gotta see this!" So Candace says to the customers waiting in line, "Let's all go see this!" So she brings all the customers back.....and we're all standing there going, "Ooooooooooh." It was so damn funny. One of customers said, "It's a miracle!" And another guy said, "My limp is gone! I'm healed!". At that point we were just out of control laughing. A fun day for sure.

Yet another reason why I love my job.

May you all have your own "Macaroon Miracles"!


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You just made my day! :laugh:

I'm still waiting to see the Virgin Mary in the bottom of a blind baked tart shell...

Me too! If that happens, there would be a pilgrimage to our little ol' kitchen by the believers

who want to witness the miracle. You know what that would do for business?! :raz:

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I'd be watching out for extra-special blessings in the next few days if I were you. :rolleyes: Hoping that some of those will rub off on me from association with you, Oh Blessed One!

okay...what is the secret of getting them all the same size!!??? Just gorgeous macaroons!

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Did you charge extra for the sacred relic?

Actually, the glowing macaroon sold immediately! One of the customers whom we marched back to witness the miracle, bought it on the spot.......and we charged regular price! D'oh! :laugh:

Oh yeah, and I don't think it is certified a relic til it's at least a week old! :raz:

okay...what is the secret of getting them all the same size!!??? Just gorgeous macaroons!

No secret really! After I cook the mixture on the stovetop, and it cools to room temp, I scoop them with a small ice cream scooper thingy. Then bake about 20 minutes.....voila!

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