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Anyone with a good cream corn recipe?


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Any yet one more :biggrin:

3 Ears of Corn Stripped

2 Cups Onion finely chopped

1/4 Cup Green Pepper finely chopped

2 t Jalapeño finely chopped

2 Garlic Cloves minced

5 oz non fat half and half

2 T Canola

2 T Butter

Salt, Pepper

Hot Sauce Optional

Heat up the Fats

Sauté the all dry ingredients except the corn until soft

Add the Corn and sauté for about three minutes until it just starts to loosen

Add the Half & Half lower the heat and let it reduce by about 1/4

Remember to strip frequently to avoid burning

Never trust a skinny chef

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Tom Colicchio has a technique where he makes cream of corn without cream or milk of any sort. He uses the natural starch in the corn to make a 'cream' of sorts. Anyone tried this? I believe the recipe is in the Craft cookbook.

Chris Sadler

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Alton Brown's creamed corn recipe is quite excellent. But do leave out the turmeric, which doesn't add anything but a sort-of-unpleasant fluorescent yellow color. The key to this recipe is to scrape off just the tops of the kernels, then scrape out the corn "milk" from the kernels. You should end up with a very honeycombey looking ear of corn.

Don Moore

Nashville, TN

Peace on Earth

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