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Gadget Greatness

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Ever since I first saw an episode of Good Eats, you've been my favourite FoodTV personality. The perfect blend of food and science is great for a gadget-geek like me.

I own your first book and absolutely adore it. Of the hundreds of cookbooks I own, I struggle to come up with one that gets as much use as I'm Just Here for the Food. I haven't picked up your new book yet, but plan to in the very near future. I was just wondering if maybe you could provide us with something of a teaser. Maybe, your top five kitchen gadgets and a short blurb as to why they're so indispensable?

And quickly, how did you enjoy your time on Iron Chef: America? I realize what happened after the taping is something you'd rather forget, but how did you enjoy the actual taping itself?

PS -- Your website is phenomenal!

Much love, homie. Much love.


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All I'll say about "I'm Just Here For More Food" is that it's about "the wet works" that is: baking and that it centers around mixing methods much as IJHFTF centered on cooking methods.

Iron Chef was an amazing experience which I hope will be repeated...without the whole hospitalization thing of course.


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