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Ground Beef (Hamburger Meat?)

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Mr. Lobel, Sir,

Your preferences in the subject matter are most likely esteemed by many of our readers.

First, after answering Jason's question, please tell us what size 'grind' (millimeter blade) do you favor?

Second, what in your opinion is an acceptable patty weight for a 'decent' Hamburger, plus do you like a 'thicker' patty with less diameter or a thinner patty but a larger one?

Thank you.

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Hi Peter. I would recommend approx. 1/8”-1/4” or 3.175-6.35 millimeters for home grinding. As for size and thickness, for me a lot depends how I’m cooking the burgers. If I’m doing it on open fire, I’ll shape the burgers on the thinner side so I can cook them real fast. If I’m cooking in a cast iron skillet I’ll shape them a bit thicker so I can cook them a little longer it medium heat. My burgers usually weigh in at about 10-12 ounces.


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