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Hello from Ohio

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  Sunday was a birthday, so I made a cake.    Three layers of sponge filled with lemon curd and raspberries, frosted with an Italian meringue buttercream flavored with vanilla and lemon curd.   Decorated the top with a little pool of lemon curd surrounded by fresh raspberries, and some piping work on the sides and bottom edge.


It was a frustrating bake.  We are in the middle of moving, so my copy of the Cake Bible is packed, and the birthday person had found a specific cake recipe they wanted.   From the Wilton website.   I made it work, and the cake was loved by all.  My piping work is really bad right now - I haven't practiced in years, and all I had to work with was an awkward plastic bag and tip that was lurking in the cookie decor box left over from the gingerbread kit we do in December.


I am excited about the move though,  because we will have two kitchens!  I will no longer have to share, and will have room to build to my needs.  And I get the ground floor kitchen with door to the back porch so I'll have direct access to the garden and room for a brick oven, and and and...  And I'll be closer to Cleveland, and some decent shops for more specialty  shopping.  And a proper butcher - the last one in my community went out of business a few years ago and it's been really frustrating.  And hopefully a fishmonger, and cheese monger, and and and.





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