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Meati a new meat substitute


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Reading a resturant review in Eater L.A. I was introigued by this new mushroom based propduct. Ogther than thelong available Soyrizo I've not had any of the met subs other than traditional Asian ones.  We shall see...



From Eater L.A. Feb 28:  "Ever since tasting Evan Funke’s take on a meatless chicken Parm sandwich at Felix using a product called Meati, which uses mycelium to provide protein, texture, and flavor, I was excited to see where other chefs would take the ingredient. Majordomo recently offered a carne asada ‘larb’ using Meati diced into flavorful chunks and packed with fresh herbs and ginger. The results were tangy, chewy, and balanced bites amplified by perfectly crisp lettuce greens and crudites, with an acidic punch of lime. I’ve mostly been a fan of alternative meats, but Meati could be my favorite for its ability to stand on its own instead of trying to resemble actual animal protein."




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