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Better quality pancake mixes that won't break the bank?

Sid Post

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the nutritional balance of wheat flour and buckwheat flour is rather a bit even.

I don't put a lot of stock in the livestrong sites - they're selling too much stuff,,,  but they did tackle the subject with some factual information.



to me buckwheat pancakes are like wholewheat pancakes - same as refined white flour pancakes, just taste different.

I ate a lot of them while visiting/staying with my grandparents - which is a nostalgia issue indeed - my grandfather was diabetic and buckwheat products were, at the time, a dietary recommendation....

buckwheat pancakes and black strap molasses - the breakfast of pioneers . . .


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We used to spend time in a high Sierra village with one cafe that sufficed for breakfast m, lunch and dinner.   Their pancakes were superb.   I asked for their recipe and was shown a sack of Krusteze.    It’s been my secret weapon ever since.   Sure. I don’t eat or serve them 7/31, but their “just add water” formula certainly simplifies your short term need.   

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I made a batch of the BRM buckwheat pancakes.


I used melted butter then oil


my flap=jacling skills are seriously rusty.


the first 4 were undercooked.  the second 4 were better


but not picture worthy


tha PC's had good buckwheat flavor 


and I doubt they could be improved very much w a bespoke 




I used a fair amount of butter between the 4 PC, and they were tasty


but they needed syrup , of your favorite kind and more butter 


conclusion :  PC's are really about the butter and syrup , or preserves 


Ill make 1/2 bath from now on  ( 4 PC's ) 


and find some marmalade or something like that 


to help them slide right down.


I would say , you want buckwheat PC's


this mix will work for you as a starter.

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