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KennethT's Sichuan style double cooked fish


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I titled this post this way because I've never been to Sichuan, nor do I have a Sichuan cookbook, but I've read/seen enough on the internet from people in Sichuan and a lot of them seem to have most things in common... but whatever you call it, it's really tasty!  I like to use mahi mahi but you can really use any firm fleshed not too oily of a fish.  The quantities below are for 2 people, served with white rice.


12 oz fish, cut into 1/2" thick slices

1/2 and 1/2 rice flour and either cornstarch or potato starch

fry oil - I typically use peanut oil but any high heat oil would work well


1 package mushrooms - I like a shimeji or maitake

stir fry oil - I use rice bran oil, but any high temp neutral oil is good




2" ginger, peeled and cut 1/2 into sticks and 1/2 into small dice

4-5 cloves garlic, smashed and chopped

3 Sichuan pickled chillis

about a small handful of dou chi (fermented black beans), chopped

1T Pixian doubanjiang


5 stalks celery, cut into 1/4" thick slices on bias

10 chinese chives (garlic chives) cut into 1" long pieces

*you can also use some leeks - they would go in at the same time as the celery and chives


1-2T sichuan knifed chilli - I actually stopped using the knifed chilli since my wife finds it makes things a bit too spicy, so I leave the dried chillis whole:

3 dried heaven facing chillis

1-1/2t sichuan peppercorns, ground (you can use more, but I'm very sensitive to it so I don't use that much)


2 t light soy sauce


1/2 to 3/4C chicken stock

1-1/2t sugar (add more or less to taste when almost finished)

1/2t salt

1/2t MSG




Add about 3/4 to an inch of fry oil to the wok and put on medium high heat.  It's hot enough to fry when a wood/bamboo chopstick bubbles when put in the oil

While the oil is heating, dredge the fish slices in the flour mixture, shake off the excess, then fry until browned - maybe 30s to a minute?  Remove and let drain on some paper towels

Remove the fry oil and clean the wok


Stir fry the mushrooms in about 1T stir fry oil until browned, remove from the wok and reserve

Clean the wok if necessary (it shouldn't be)


If not using the premade knifed chilli, add a couple tablespoons stir fry oil with the dried chilli and ground sichuan peppercorns and fry until fragrant and the peppers darken a bit


Add the aromatics and stir fry until the red oil comes out


If using the premade knifed chilli, add about 1-2T knifed chilli


Add celery/chives/leeks and stir fry for a minute or so


Sprinkle light soy sauce around the wok, stir around a bit then add chicken stock and seasoning, mix through, then add reserved mushrooms and fried fish


Stir around for a few minutes until the liquid has reduced a bit and the flavors come together.  Taste and adjust seasoning.

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