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Selmi plus ex trouble shooting


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Hello friends,


We recently got our selmi plus ex and have had a handful of successful runs. So far mostly with our enrobing line. 

Theres been 2 occasions now that I have noticed when tempering the machine is cooling past the target temp. When it does this it goes down into the 28c range and the screw pump has to shut off due to the temp and viscosity. 

I also noticed the manual is pretty light on operational procedures. 

The 2 things I can think of that might be causing this other then an equipment error is 

the chocolate used is to thick or there is a build up of chocolate around the temperature probe near the faucet. 

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue before. 

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I just had a Selmi training session with Tomric, lets see if I learned anything that might help...


What temp are you keeping the bowl heater?  It should be 45-50C, hot enough to re-melt the tempered chocolate pouring in from above. 


It works better full, if you can see the bottom grate, it's too low.  The chocolate is flowing directly back towards the screw and doesn't have a chance to melt out the stable crystals.  The heater is (mostly or all?) around the sides of the bowl.


When going out of temper mode, let the chocolate flow through the nozzle a few minutes until the nozzle warms up above the temper zone to avoid chocolate build-up.

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I spent a couple more days working with it and I think the chocolate we were using was just to thick for Selmi’s tempering process. I thinned it out with cacao butter and now it’s working flawlessly.
We purchased the machine directly from selmi since they were running a decent package deal.

They usually do classes and I would have loooved to use that as an excuse for a trip but covid being what it is we’re making do 


Thank you for your suggestions!

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